Thursday, June 22, 2017

Life with Benny: Father's Day

This past weekend we celebrated all our favorite dads...

Benny and I are pretty lucky to have all these great guys in our life. 

Since it was AJ's first Father's Day we went out and bought him the manliest of dad gifts...a smoker :) He has wanted one for years, but we just never pulled the trigger. We were hosting Father's Day lunch at our house, so we figured this was as good a time as any to buy one. 

 Saturday morning started bright and early for my guys...

They started smoking the ribs and pork while I went for a run...

Benny even had a special outfit for the occasion
Lunch may have taken a little longer to cook than planned...but no one starved and we enjoyed the time with our families.

Poppy got lots of Benny snuggles


Gracie got some exercise...

 Benny wasn't completely convinced that daddy is as cool and rad as he is ;)

 And while the pork may have taken longer to cook than planned, the ribs were delicious! 

Tender enough for even Benny to enjoy ;) 

**I feel I should probably insert a disclaimer here...please do not worry, I did not feed my 11 week old dad wiped some sauce on his face to be funny...none was babies were harmed...please don't call CPS on me ;) 

Family was in town for California so family photos were a must...

What a wonderful day it was!
Tuesday, June 20, 2017

So there's this race...

So...there's this race I have my eyes on. It might be a might not be ;) I'm not ready to commit, but right now, I need a race/goal to work toward. 

I haven't posted about running in what feels like years. Running hasn't really been my focus as of late, but that doesn't mean I haven't been running, thinking about running, or planning on running the entire time :)

I ran up until 9 days before B was born and took the recommended 6 weeks off after to recover, but at my 6 week appointment when my doctor cleared me for exercise I hit the road immediately

After the longest break from running I have ever taken (7 1/2 weeks) I went out for a couple of miles just to test it out. While it wasn't easy I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it...pain and all :)

I spent the next few weeks running if and when I felt like it and slowly building up my endurance. 

After 3 1/2 weeks I started to feel like myself again and ran my longest run yet! While I hadn't been focusing on speed and my splits weren't as fast as they have been in the past, I was THRILLED with what I was seeing and knew it wouldn't be long before I was back to my old running self :) 

Then, life happened...I went on vacation and while I planned to run while I was there, it just wasn't in the cards. My first road-trip with my 10 week old baby was enough exercise for me :) 

After returning from vacation my motivation and excitement from running had waned. I spent a week skipping runs, cutting them short, and even dreading them #NotNormal

I knew I had to do something to keep myself motivated and bring back the excitement in my running and a race is always the cure :) 

I'm not ready to say what race (or distance) I am planning to run, because 1) I haven't signed up for it yet and 2) I'm not sure what training will look like when I return to work in the fall. I will be learning to juggle mommy/teacher I am leaving it up in the air until I know for sure. 

However, I did start an informal training plan today...and by informal I mean I am making it up as I go ;) 

Right now, my plan is to run 3 days per week
Tuesdays-Speed work
Thursdays- Tempo Runs
Saturdays or Sundays- Long Runs

I will also be incorporating some cross-training, but at this point I am not really sure what that will I said, making this up as I go :) 

Today marked Week 1; Day 1

10 min warm up (10:30)
5 x 30 sprints (6:40) with a 2.5 min recovery between each (10:30)
10 min cool down (10:30)

Total: 3.4 miles (9:39 avg)

While it was tough workout, I definitely didn't put forth max effort. I haven't done much speed-work since returning to running and I want to ease back into it and avoid any injuries or burn-out...because let me tell you, speed-work hurts. I'm a distance runner and training those fast-twitch fibers goes against everything I enjoy....but if I want to get faster...I have to run faster :)

I'm hoping to start posting more about running over these next few weeks. I will share my training plan, workouts, and once I for sure for sure decide on my race I will share that too! 

Wish me luck!
Thursday, June 15, 2017

Life with Benny: Road Trippin'

Last weekend B went on his very first road trip...and quite the road trip it was! I spent weeks going  back and forth on whether or not to take my 10 week old baby on a 12 hour (each way) road trip and last minute I figured "What the heck, why not?"

My ever so gracious and wonderful mother agreed to cancel her flights and drive up with us...because there was no way I was going to survive 24 hours in the car with B...I mean, I love the kid, but he can be kind of needy ;) 

So, early Thursday morning I loaded up the car with everything but the kitchen sink...seriously, traveling with a baby is an eye opener to how much stuff they have and "need" ;)

The trip started off wonderfully...he fell asleep within minutes and slept for the first 2.5 hours of the trip #WAHOO

At our first stop we got him out, I fed him, changed his diaper and Grammy gave his some snuggles and let him stretch his legs...

and we quickly got back on the road...and that is when disaster struck. 

He did NOT want to be back in his car seat. My mom was sitting in back with him trying everything in her power to get him to fall asleep...but he wanted nothing to do with his binky or Grammy...during his meltdown my mom mentioned that she smelled poop and I told her he had probably just farted #ThisHappensFrequently #SBDs 

After trying just about everything we decided to stop and give lil man a break and hopefully get him to relax enough to fall asleep in the car. 

We stopped at a rest area and when we went to change his diaper and we quickly discovered the reason he was refusing to sleep in the car...#HolyPoop! I couldn't believe it...he rarely poops (normal for breastfed babies according to my doctor) and he rarely ever poops this much! I felt so terrible #InsertMomGuilt and apologized profusely to my sweet boy.

Grammy gave him some extra love and snuggles and then we headed back on the road, and this time I sat in back with him. 

For the first bit he was pretty content, smiling and talking to me...and then he got kind of fussy. I gave him his binky and worked on getting him to fall asleep...and within 20 minutes he was out! #Success

...but not for long...within an hour he was awake again and crying and crying and crying...and all this momma wanted to do was cry as well. You see...his poor little eyes were so red and he looked miserable and I felt horrible for putting my baby through this torture.

We stopped at McDonald's for lunch and found yet another poopy diaper...poor baby was having quite a day.

While at McDonald's I wrapped him in the ring sling and hoped he would get a little mini snooze while we ate and would be relaxed enough to fall asleep when we got back in the car...we were very close to our hotel room in Minneapolis so we could do it #ThatsWhatWeToldOurselves

Unfortunately, he did not fall asleep at McDonald's or in the car on our way to the hotel. When we finally arrived at the hotel we still had about 30 minutes until we could check in and of course early check in wasn't an we headed to the lobby to wait.

Talk about pathetic...I felt so terrible that he was so miserable. Once we sat down in the lobby I scooped him up as fast as I could for some cuddles and he immediately fell asleep...all lil' man needed was his momma and I was not going to be putting him down any time soon! 

We finally got checked in and my mom unloaded the car while I went up to the room to feed him in and he of course immediately passed out again while I was burping him. I then put him into his Rock n' Play and he was OUT! He napped for about 2 hours before waking up in a much better mood.

This was where we made our next mistake...Caitie and Brandon had also made the drive to Minnesota and stopped in Minneapolis to take the girls to the mall. 

My mom and I decided we would wrap B in the sling and head to the mall to meet them for dinner. It all started out okay because he fell right asleep in the sling and stayed that way for about an hour before waking up. 

But when he woke up we discovered quickly that he LOVED the mall...looking around at all the people and stores had my curious little guy entertained...but the problem then became that he wouldn't fall back asleep. Not while we were shopping and especially not during dinner. He was pretty content since we were holding him, but I could see it in his poor little eyes how tired he was :( 

We headed back to the hotel and my Aunt, Uncle, and cousin were just checking in so they stopped by the room to meet lil' B for the first time...and let's just say he didn't make a good first impression. I had changed him into his jammies and was getting him ready for bed and he apparently couldn't wait...everyone quickly evacuated the room and I fed B and put him to bed. He was out immediately and slept from 8-4AM at which point I fed him and he promptly went back to sleep until about 7:30. 

Friday morning we got up, loaded the car, fed B and said a little prayer that today would be better...

He was definitely in better spirits #Whew

And the choice in his outfit was definitely wishful thinking! 

Leg 2 of the trip involved so much less crying and pooping, but at that point all of our nerves were fried and we were just ready to get there! 

Once we got to Wal Mart in Detroit Lakes B took a little snooze in his sling while we walked around getting food for the weekend. When we headed to the check out B woke up and I could tell he was hungry so my mom sent me out the car and we hung out there until she came out. 

We headed back on the road and B was in a really good mood, and by the time we got to the cabin he was asleep...but didn't stay that way through the commotion of unloading the car. 

Everyone got cleaned up to head to the pot-luck dinner at Kyle's cabin and I resigned myself to staying in the cabin snuggling my sweet boy and hoping he would sleep and return to his normal happy self....

Fortunately, the view from our cabin wasn't so bad so I enjoyed some snuggles with my lil guy and read my book...

After he had been asleep for about 2.5 hours I decided I would wake him (I know, I know...never wake a sleeping baby) and head down to the pot-luck to see everyone. 

I got up changed his diaper and wrapped him in the sling and during all of this commotion he would open his eyes briefly and then they would roll back into his head and he would fall right back asleep...which was fine by me :) He ended up sleeping on and off the rest of the night (which he and I definitely needed) and then when I got back to the cabin he went right to bed and slept till about 3 AM when he woke up to eat and went right back to bed. #ThankYou

Saturday morning I had very low expectations for the day, but was greeted with a pleasant surprise...

My sweet happy boy was back!!! 

Since he was in such a good mood we decided to head down to my Aunt Kathi and Uncle Shane's cabin and spend the afternoon. I brought the RNP so B could nap as needed. 

 I tried to get a good shot of B and I in front of my favorite child-hood spot, but the sun wasn't cooperating...but it's good enough :) 

This lake is the backdrop for so many of my favorite childhood memories, and I loved being able to share it with my son (even if he won't remember)

Seeing Norah and Finley enjoy the beach and water was so much fun! These two girls were so well behaved all weekend and had the BEST time :)

Miss Adventure couldn't wait to get into the water!

Norah wasn't crazy about the temperature :)

This face...I could just eat her up!

She was SO excited

Her feet hardly touched the dock she was jumping with excitement!

Norah preferred to stay dry and play in the sand

This girl didn't mind the cold water at all!

Those thighs and cheeks give me so much cute aggression!

Grammy was happy to snuggle Lil' B while I played with the girls

Had to take a break to rehydrate :)

This girl is a lake girl for sure!

I thought this was such a sweet picture of my brother and his little family :)

Finley caught a frog and named him Teddy...fearless is her middle name!

After a fun afternoon down at the lake we headed back to the cabin so B could take a nap and then get ready for the reception.

The lil' guy napped like a champ and woke up in a GREAT mood! 

Seriously...I am only dressing him in baby jeans and polos from now on 

 Little old man status :)

Kyle and Michelle...they got married back in January, but waited until this summer to celebrate with friends and family

I love these cousins of mine <3

...and these cousins are pretty special too <3

I think we can all agree that I had the best looking wedding date :)

This guy was an absolute dream at the reception...he took a quick snooze (never mind the noise) and then danced the night away with mommy. 

It was starting to get late...and loud, so we headed back to the cabin, but he was still wide awake and in a great mood. 

I changed him into his jammies and he was SO sweaty from his dancing queen antics

Shortly after he fell asleep and I spent some time with my cousins playing card games....and just as we were heading outside to the fire I heard little man wake up so I headed in, fed him and put him back to sleep. While I laid in bed waiting to make sure he was really asleep I fell asleep myself and totally missed out on s'mores #Bummer #INeededSleepMoreThanSmores

The next morning we got up, packed, and headed to breakfast...and while we were sitting there my mom said she was really ready to get was I so we decided to get going right then. 

We said our teary good-byes and hit the road with very little expectations...and while we wanted to make the trip in one day and not have to stop in a hotel we were more than prepared to stop if B had trouble....

Luckily, little man was a total champ! He slept pretty much the entire way home!

We had one minor hiccup where he was crying so we stopped at a fireworks stand and gave him a few minutes to calm down and when we got back on the road he fell right back asleep.

He slept 11 of the 12 hours of our road trip home...I couldn't believe it, especially after the disaster on the way up. I truly believe he must have been having some tummy issues which made him extra uncomfortable/fussy on Thursday.

This dude is a total car trip champ and I am so glad I decided to go...we made some memories this weekend that I will treasure forever <3