Friday, October 21, 2016

16 weeks:'re my best friend!

"Whoa, you doubled in size while I was gone this week" unwise words uttered by my well-intentioned husband. He sure has a lot to learn ;) However, he is seemed like this week the belly really popped. The weight gain also started this week...I lost a few lbs in the beginning and now I am officially up 2lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. Gaining 2lbs in a week is kind of a mind game, but I have been mentally preparing myself for this, and it just means baby is growing big and I don't mind one bit! #GrowBabyGrow

How far along?
16 weeks

How big is baby?
An avocado or a an action figure (~4.61" and 3.5oz)

What's baby up to this week?

Baby is listening to my voice thanks to tiny bones growing in his/her ears. Baby is growing hair, lashes, and eyebrows...this makes me wonder what color his/her hair will be! :) Baby is also moving like crazy...and I should start feeling some movement pretty soon...this gets me VERY excited!


I only had one full day of pretty miserable nausea and then the rest of the week it's been mostly in the mornings before I have breakfast and very minimal...I am hoping this is the beginning of the end of it all! I've had a few headaches here and there, but nothing a Tylenol won't fix. Other than that I have felt great...that return of energy seemed to ring true for me this week as well! Hallelujah!

Maternity Clothes?

Just my maternity jeans right now...however, I was able to pull out a pair of my regular jeans this week and wear them with my belly band. There for a few weeks any pressure on my abdomen was pretty uncomfortable, but that seems to have gone away so I am happy to expand my jeans options for as long as I can!


Thank you Snoogle for the best night's sleep I have had yet! This thing is magical and I am glad I didn't wait until I "needed" it. Everyone should have one...regardless of being pregnant or not :) #TreatYoSelf

Missing Anything?

Just my husband...he was out of town for work all week. Usually when he is gone I miss him, but enjoy the time to myself...but this time around he has been gone longer than normal and I think my hormones make me miss him even more....that and having to cook dinner for myself #Spoiled


No real cravings to report...still not much of an appetite, so I have been trying to eat as healthy as possible whenever I am supposed to be eating :)


Can I say all foods? Sometimes it's my lack of appetite that makes it hard to eat...and other times (like this week) it's laziness and not wanting to have to cook for myself. I sure miss my husband :)


Having more energy and motivation this week has made me happy, happy, happy! I only had one day where I woke up early and fought nausea pretty much all day...and that kind of made me cranky, but other than that I felt great!

Best Moment of the week?

I had a doctor's appointment and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again...that sound will seriously never get old! I also scheduled our 20 week ultrasound...let the countdown begin!

Pregnancy Brain Moments?

Nothing to report on this front...I don't think :)

Looking forward to?

My birthday this weekend! Can't wait to spend some quality time with the family and have chicken and dumplings for dinner :)

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?

I met with another gal about daycare this week and absolutely LOVED her!! She has a spot available starting THE DAY we go back to work...I call that fate ;) Paid our deposit and officially have a spot for our little pumpkin. It feels great to have that big thing checked off our list!


Last weekend I ran a leg of the KC Marathon Relay and was feeling pretty good Saturday morning so I volunteered to run the longest leg (7.9 miles) I was a little worried about over-doing it, but I actually felt GREAT! I had minimal soreness after and didn't have the usual "long" run hangover on Sunday that I have had the last few weekends! In addition to that I ran a couple of shorter runs this week and plan on 5ish miles this weekend. I am not going for any land speed or cumulative miles per week records, so I am just running when I feel like it, for however long feels good. I'm just glad to have some of my energy back so I can run :)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

15 Weeks: Nausea...the univited house guest who sticks around just a little too long.

The bump is trying really hard to make its appearance...although it still just looks like I spent a little too much time at an all you can eat buffet :)

How far along?
15 weeks

How big is baby?
A navel orange or a box of crayons (~4"/2.5oz)

What's baby up to this week?

Baby is moving around like crazy and may even be hiccuping in there! All the joints and limbs can move now and baby's proportions are becoming even more normal.


The nausea seems to be sticking around this week, although it isn't as bad as it has been...I guess I should grateful I am not dry-heaving or gagging like I was a few weeks ago...but I was SO looking forward to the "dreamy" second trimester! I also had one night of pretty severe heartburn...I thought I had had heartburn before, but I was wrong. This was had me up in the middle of the night throwing up for almost an hour. Guess I learned my and Red Lobster do not mix :)

Maternity Clothes?

Thanks to a sale at Destination Maternity I was able to snag 2 pairs of leggings for $10 each!! My current leggings are just fine for now, but I can't ever seem to pass up a sale :)


Sleep has been pretty good, I am only getting up to go to the bathroom once most nights. I did have a few nights where sleep was harder because of some congestion...I am not sure if it was due to allergies, a cold, or a 2nd trimester symptom my app just told me about body seems to be right on track according to that darn app. Usually a day or 2 after the new symptom arrives it shows up in my app...guess I am normal ;)

Missing Anything?

Still my's' been really hard getting out of bed in the mornings...and that afternoon slump is legit, do you think the kids would care if I took a nap under my desk?


Still haven't had much of an appetite, so I basically eat because I am supposed to...not because anything in particular sounds good.


I had a cucumber in my salad at my parents house last Sunday and while I didn't love it...I didn't hate it :) Progress my friends, progress!


I feel really lucky that I haven't experienced any of the big mood swings I have heard are common...I feel pretty good and mostly happy. I have been tired and a little less energetic than normal, but nothing crazy....AJ is a lucky guy ;)

Best Moment of the week?

End of the first quarter meant a 1/2 day at work...well, not technically, but we were allowed to leave school to work on our grade cards at home. Jammies, puppy snuggles, and grades > sitting at school and doing grades.

Pregnancy Brain Moments?

Honestly, I can't remember....

Looking forward to?

I have my next doctor's appointment on Tuesday and I can't wait to hear the baby's heartbeat again....AND...after that appointment we will be scheduling our 20 week anatomy scan where we will be able to find out boy or girl!!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?

I met with a gal about daycare this week and I really liked her...she won't know for another month if she has an opening next fall, but I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed!


Some days are harder than others to get my butt out the door, but I always feel better after I am done! I am running the KC Marathon as a part of a relay team tomorrow and I can't wait to run in that incredible atmosphere again....and to actually run a race. Fall marathon season has been hard...while it's totally worth it to sit this year out...I can't help but feel that urge to run a big race....maybe next year :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

First Trimester Running: the good, the bad, the ugly...and the light at the end of the tunnel

I had big plans for myself for running during pregnancy...

I planned to continue on, business as usual...I thought I might even be able to sneak in several races, and possibly a half-marathon. I mean I was running double digit long runs every weekend leading up to that positive pregnancy why not?
Well, pregnancy slapped me with a big ole' dose of reality pretty quickly, and I learned that I would have to make some BIG changes to these "plans" of mine.

Now that I am on the other side of this "first trimester running" business I thought I would share a few things I learned...

The Good...

Good news...if you have been running prior to getting pregnant and don't have a medical reason not to, your doctor will likely tell you that it is okay to fact there are many benefits for mama and baby!

The Bad...

You will be slow...MUCH slower than you have every been before. In my case I am sometimes 2-3 minutes slower per mile than I was before. It's a mental game for sure...especially from someone who spent so many years focusing on speed and time goals. I have gotten to a good place with this and although I still have trouble seeing some of my mile times, I realize that this is only temporary...and oh so worth it :)

The Ugly...

Your doctor has cleared you to have accepted that you will be slower...but you just can't seem to get your butt out the door. First trimester fatigue and nausea are no joke...there were days I could hardly get myself dressed let alone convince myself to go for a run...and then on the days that I was able to get myself out the door, all I could muster was a brisk walk with short bursts of jogging, and those short bursts of jogging would get my heart racing and had me breathing like a buffalo.

So...while you may be cleared to physically just may not be able to muster up the energy...and one of the biggest things with running while pregnant is listening to your body! It's not the time to push yourself. I always allowed myself as many walking breaks as necessary and many of my planned "runs" turned into walks.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel...

I struggled...BIG TIME with running from day 1...and at first I was really down on myself. I was sure it was me and that I just wasn't strong enough to tough it out...because look at all the other women who are running while pregnant, look how fast they are, look how many miles they are running...blah, blah, blah. That comparison game is no bueno...every "body" is different.

 I also quickly reminded myself that my body was going through some pretty big (and incredible) changes and it was telling me I needed to slow I did, but I didn't like it :)  It took me a few weeks but I soon got comfortable with my new norm. I ran sans GPS, took walk breaks when necessary, took days off when I needed them...and most of all...I stopped letting myself feel guilty about any of it. #ImGrowingAHumanForCryingOutLoud

And then eventually...I did get some of my energy back, my heart rate regulated, and while I still occasionally breathe like a buffalo (just from walking up the stairs), I have gained back some of my endurance and stamina.

With my energy returning I approached my return to running much like I would after an injury or an extended break. I started VERY slow...I slowly added more running into my walks. I celebrated little the day I ran 3 miles without stopping...gosh, you would have thought I ran a guys...I was so proud #Perspective

And now, at 14, almost 15 weeks pregnant I can manage a 6 mile run without feeling like I am over-doing it. I also feel more comfortable with my new normal...I am running just for me and the overall well-being of my baby...and who cares if I am slow...who cares if I am not "racing" and on some days when I am extra tired...who cares if I don't run at all :)

The biggest lesson I have learned thus far is that it's SO important to listen to YOUR body...if it's fighting you...then there is probably a reason. Pushing through the pain is not the best of ideas (at least for me) while pregnant. I want to run...heck...I need to run for my sanity...but it's up to my body right now. My plan/goal/hope is to run as far into my pregnancy as possible, but the minute it tells I need to step back...I will.

**Disclaimer: I am not a professional, nor am I qualified to dole out medical advice so please, please, please contact your doctor before beginning or continuing a running or exercise routine.
Monday, October 10, 2016

14 Weeks: Don't Tease Me Like This!

Feeling very "bumpy" this week...all of a sudden it's become much more noticeable to me, especially in the evenings after dinner. Thank goodness for leggings and my maternity jeans...

How far along?
14 weeks

How big is baby?

A Peach or a Troll...which makes me giggle! Hopefully our baby's hair isn't quite so crazy!   (3.39"/1.5oz...thee baby's weight is nearly doubling each week now!)

What's baby up to this week?

Baby is probably thumb sucking and wiggling his/her toes in there! Baby's kidneys are making urine and the liver and spleen are doing their jobs.


Ugh...the nausea returned this week...although, it seems to be sticking to the rules of "morning sickness" and usually subsides by lunch time. I was just so darn excited last week and thought that I was in the clear...but the "fog" has returned. Fatigue is still hanging around...but I am/was expecting that. I figure I will be tired for the next 18+ years :)

Maternity Clothes?

I finally caved...on Saturday we went to the Ren Fest and I wore a pair of my jeans with a belly band and was still really uncomfortable the whole time. Any pressure on my abdomen right now is really painful and the belly band just doesn't create a smooth surface for tighter on Sunday I headed to Target and grabbed a cheap pair of maternity jeans and I have to tell you they are GLORIOUS! They are a little big and sag a bit because I don't have anything to hold them up. It may be a little soon to invest in maternity clothes, but I figure why be uncomfortable if I don't have to be AND this way I will get my money's worth ;)


I slept pretty good this week...still up 1-2 times at night to use the restroom, but it seems to be less frequent. I have been utilizing the body pillow a little more because I am a tummy/back sleeper and those just aren't possible anymore. I'm still on the fence about the pregnancy pillow...they look pretty amazing, but I want my husband and puppy to love me...and with a queen sized bed I can't imagine there would be a whole lot of room left for those two after me and that pillow get situated ;)
Missing Anything?

Last week's energy and lack of nausea...other than that nothing.


Not really anything...unless sleep counts :)


The return of nausea made all food sound less than appealing, but nothing specific.


Pretty even-keeled all week...although Sunday and Monday when the nausea was the worst, I think AJ would probably tell you I was a bit whiney...

Best Moment of the week?

I started back to Jazzercise and went to my first class on Tuesday and it was GREAT!! I forgot how much I loved it...and it truly is the best low-impact workout for me right now! I plan on starting slow with only 1-2 classes a week and hoping to keep it up until delivery.

Pregnancy Brain Moments?

Wednesday morning I was packing my lunch for school and couldn't find my leftovers anywhere and I got upset because I thought AJ had taken them to work...turns out I ate them on Tuesday...

Looking forward to?

My friend Kristen is ~2 weeks away from having her sweet little baby boy and I cannot wait to love on him!!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?

Not a thing! Although, I am getting anxious to start on that nursery!


I was able to run 6 miles on Saturday and it felt pretty effortless! I am excited to be getting some of my mileage and endurance back. I have been running and walking during the week with these cooler temps and getting in a "long" run on Saturdays. I can't wait for the KC Marathon Relay next weekend!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

First Trimester Recap!

This weekend we finally shared our wonderful, life-changing news with the world!

Let me tell ya...the first trimester is a long one. Not only are you fighting nausea, and fatigue...but you can't explain why you have suddenly turned into a recluse who suddenly takes naps and can't stay awake past 8:30PM.

Sharing our news on FB on Sunday made me a bit anxious (don't ask me why?), but also filled me with a sense of relief. No longer will I have to fake drink or make up excuses for why I am not drinking. Although, I think I was able to fool most people...when you don't drink much to begin with it's a bit easier :)

We were absolutely overwhelmed with the sweet responses and excitement. Needless to say, Baby Smith will be oh so very loved :)

Over the last 8ish weeks I have been documenting this fun little adventure through first trimester with weekly "bump" posts, doctor's appointments, etc. My ultimate goal is to create a book or a pregnancy journal that I can share with Baby Smith when he/she gets older.

On top of that...after 5 years of blogging it's second nature to over-share and document every little thing in our lives. Looking back at older posts years later always proves to be a fun little trip down memory lane...and I especially want to remember and look back on this special time in our lives.

Up until now, my posts have been "drafts" anxiously awaiting the day they could be posted...I plan on back dating them, so I can have an accurate time-stamp of these experiences and special moments.

If you are so inclined, you can go back and read all of these past posts...

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Monday, October 3, 2016

September, because couting the months after one year is just strange :)

Okay, so last month I did a "13 month" post...and it just looks who keeps track of how many months they have been married after the one year mark?

Not this weirdo...anymore ;)

From now on we are going to refer to our "monthly anniversary dates" just as our "monthly dates" and I will just recap all the excitement (or lack thereof) in a monthly blog post...Did I need to share all of these big little changes with you? No...probably not, but it's my blog and I do what I want :)

September was another slow month...but the whole "I am pregnant" excuse will have to do. First trimester fatigue is NO JOKE! Add that to back to school tireds and you have a big ol' lump of lazy ;) Good thing AJ was understanding and didn't mind being a homebody these last 2 months...

While I have been exceptionally lazy these last 2 months, we did manage to sneak in a Royals game with friends :)

Everyone ended up going out for Sunday Funday after, but we had to abstain for obvious reasons! Keeping this secret is hard enough without any one questioning why I wasn't drinking!

We got new carpet upstairs so we had to move the guest bed downstairs while they installed that...we took full advantage of a mattress in the basement.

We now have the same carpet throughout the whole house, and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me :)

AJ made breakfast...when you're pregnant you can pretty much request anything and they will oblige :)

There were a few cooler days sprinkled here and there this month so we took advantage of it by taking this lazy bum on a walk. She can almost walk one whole mile...before she needs to be carried ;)

We may have kept the bed in the family room a little longer than necessary...the couch is great, but snuggling up and watching TV on a mattress is pretty fantastic as well :) -Don't worry...we did finally move it!

My sweet sister-in-law came over to help us take some photos for our "big reveal" and I have to say AJ is such a trooper...he has come to accept my obsession for pictures and my need to take 1 million so we have several to choose from!

And after being stuck with me for the last 11 years, Gracie Lou is also a really good sport :)

We ended the month with our September anniversary date...which technically took place on Oct. 1st; but we won't split hairs on that one ;)


The Renaissance Festival was the PERFECT way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon! Things are finally starting to look up in the nausea/feel like crap department so I am proud to say I not only lasted almost 5 hours at Ren Fest, but we went out to watch the Sporting KC game after...and if you have been around me at all in the last 8 weeks, you know what an accomplishment that is!

October should be a bit more exciting...I am feeling much's my birthday month (yes, that is a thing) so I plan on taking full advantage of that!

September Book Review

This month was a sad one in book land...between being a busy month at work, I haven't felt the greatest...and my bedtime has gotten earlier and earlier.

I was only able to sneak in 2 personal books and 2 kid books...but, I still managed 4 books for the month, so I guess I can still count that as a win ;)

This was my first book for the month and it was definitely one that I enjoyed. Lots of suspense, a bit of a twist, and a story-line that pulled me in. It took me longer to read this than it normally would have (usually mysteries have me staying up all hours of the night) but there were many a nights I woke up with my book on the floor...and found myself having to re-read the pages I "slept read" Definitely a book that I would say is worth your time.

I feel like I might have cheated a little with this book...I read this aloud to my class is the most selfish way possible. It is book #2 in a series of several books, and I have been dying to read it. I always start the school year with a read-aloud in a series to help encourage the kids to read the other books. The best part about this series is you don't really have to read them in order. This series is of the best in my opinions for getting kids interested in reading. These books are great for boys and for girls and one you should definitely add to your child's or your classroom library!

This was another selfish class read-aloud :) I have had this book on my "To be Read"' list for YEARS...and after finishing it, I cannot believe I waiting as long as I did to finally read it! It was one of the most incredible books I have ever read, and even better it was a great book to share with my 4th graders. The main character has a brother with high-functioning autism and ends up befriending another child with cerebral palsy. It was a great lesson on compassion and how everyone is different...but we don't have to treat them differently. I would definitely recommend this book for child or adult!

I'm seriously laughing at myself for even picking this book up...and then even more so for reading it, finishing it in record time, and enjoying it. Without giving too much away this book is about a woman (who is obsessed with social media and portraying a perfect life) whose fiancĂ© breaks off their wedding at the rehearsal dinner. She is obviously distraught and after thinking long and hard she posts a FB status stating that she would like to go back and do over the last 30 days...well, magically she now has the power to change her life with FB statuses. She is given 30 days to fix everything that went wrong and make her fiancĂ© want to get married. It was cheesy, predictable, but surprisingly charming and enjoyable. While I wouldn't recommend it to a serious reader who only enjoys thought provoking fictional pieces...but if you are a lover of the occasionally mindless beach read...this book is for you :)

That is all I was able to manage this month...and I am hoping with the return of some of my energy and less nausea I can read a bit more next month. I have grabbed a couple of e-books that I can read on my early morning treadmill runs, so hopefully that will help!

Happy Reading!!

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