Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gestational Diabetes Check In: Week 3

3 weeks ago I was pretty convinced that my GD diagnoses was the worst possible thing ever...now, please don't forget to take into account that I am a pretty dramatic person ;)

However, if you were to ask me today...I would tell you that I was oh so wrong. Now don't get me wrong...it's a pain in the you know what...and I really wish I didn't have to pay attention to every little thing I ate...but it's not even as close to as bad as I anticipated. I would venture to say that I have even found a couple of bright spots in this otherwise inconvenient diagnoses....

1) I know for a fact that me and the lil' man are getting the BEST nutrition possible. While I didn't eat all that unhealthy before, I definitely treated myself more than I should have. Looking at what we had been eating is a real eye-opener for us. Even without/before an insulin resistance I am sure my blood sugar was elevated more times than not.

2) My pregnancy weight gain will (likely) be minimal or at least less than if I was treating myself with ice cream and candy whenever I felt like it. At 29 weeks I had gained about 13lbs...so I wasn't exactly on the path to self destruction...but since being diagnosed I haven't gained a thing...I have actually lost a pound or two. My dietician and diabetic counselor had told me that this was something that would likely happen...and that it was nothing to worry about. Prior to my diagnoses I had gone almost 6 weeks without gaining any weight as well and my doctor didn't seemed concerned at all because lil' man is growing right on track...so as long as this continues I will choose to be grateful that there will be less weight to lose after he is born :)

3) We have found numerous new meals to add to our dinner rotation...and honestly, they are quite delicious! We had been stuck in somewhat of a rut and had gotten kind of lazy with making dinner...and we were eating the same 5-7 things each week...and throwing in the occasional Mac N' Cheese and hotdogs (we are 5) and frozen pizza. These new meals will definitely be sticking around after baby is born...although, the occasional Mac N' Cheese/Frozen Pizza will be reintroduced ;)

4) We are saving money...we don't order pizza or go out to eat nearly as much so our fast food budget has gone down. Our grocery bill went up at first because we went to Costco and bought a bunch of things in bulk...but it seems to be evening out with our weekly grocery store trips because we don't have to buy as much.

So, while there are times I still want to say "it's not fair" -especially this weekend when I really, really, really wanted to dive head-first into a bag of Sour Patch kids...I'm choosing to see the silver lining and embracing this diet for 7ish more weeks...and then after that..."Hide yo Oreos, Hide yo Sour Patch kids..."

Here is a quick recap of this past week....

This was the biggest stressor for me when I was first diagnosed. I felt totally clueless and wasn't sure how I would figure out what to eat, what to snack on, and I worried about meal planning feeling overwhelming. Like I mentioned above...I totally blew this out of proportion. Come to find out I am much better at reading labels and figuring out my portions/ratios than I thought. Not only have we found several new meals that work perfectly...I have managed to eat out successfully 3 times and even treated myself to ice cream a time or two and kept my numbers well below the recommended target. Now if I could only figure out a way to incorporate candy successfully ;) #CandyOnMyMind #IBlameVDay


If I had to choose a most frustrating part of this diagnoses, this would be it...while I have gotten really stealthy and good at testing my sugars at work (or in the middle of Hobby Lobby) it's still not ideal. I have had some issues with the testing being accurate...I got a higher number than normal one day after lunch (119-when I haven't had anything over 110 this entire time) and tested again seconds later on a different finger only to get a 100. This is a bit frustrating for sure...but it looks like from what I have read getting a false high number is much more common than a false low number, so at least I can rest easy knowing that.

Another issue I had this week is my poker/stabber (this is the name I have affectionately given it) accidentally got switched to a 4 (this is the depth of the needle) from a 2. I poked myself twice where it was extremely painful and I couldn't get it to stop bleeding and needed a band-aid. I couldn't quite figure out what was going on the first time, but after the second I was like "what the heck, why is this all of a sudden happening?" and I looked down and noticed that the dial had been turned. You better believe I won't make that mistake again #Ouch
All in all testing isn't terrible...it's just the worst part of the whole thing. I do like knowing my numbers...it's reassuring and helpful when I am playing around with what I can and can't eat.


I suppose I could have added this to my list of bright spots with this diagnoses...not only has the minimal weight gain made it a little easier to continue running and working out...but the motivation from knowing that regular exercise makes my body more efficient at using the insulin my body is producing helps me to avoid skipping days. Third trimester has left me feeling MUCH more tired and more likely to skip a workout...but like I said, knowing it's beneficial to my body and my blood sugar has been the only push I have needed not to skip workouts. I still take rest days...but on those days I make sure to get in a walk or get my body moving in some way. 


I am probably as emotionally stable as a woman who is 8 months pregnant and filled with hormones can get at this point ;) I haven't cried or gotten stressed or worried about my diagnoses at all this last week...which is a huge change from how I felt initially. I no longer worry about the effects of the GD on my baby...I have been controlling it about as well as one can and he is measuring perfectly, so I have really let go of that added unnecessary worry. I feel confident that I am doing everything in my power to make sure my baby gets the best chance at being healthy and strong come his birthday :)
Friday, February 10, 2017

32 weeks: Ice cream is always an acceptable side dish

32 weeks...8 months...holy cow! It's hard to believe we are in the homestretch with only 8 weeks left! I'm definitely starting to feel big and slow...and if something falls on the floor? It no longer exists to me ;) 

How far along?
32 weeks

How big is baby?
A squash or a plastic scooter board
 ~16.6" and ~3.75 lbs

What's baby up to this week?
He is getting ready for his descent and is likely in the head-down position now (if his hiccups are any indication...this is accurate), and he is probably feeling even more cramped (well I guess that makes two of us!)

3rd trimester fatigue has officially set in along with breathlessness...please don't talk to me for at least 5 minutes after I have climbed the stairs...and if you visit my classroom during read-aloud? Please don't judge ;)

Maternity Clothes?
Besides my tanks I haven't bought anything in awhile...I don't have many maternity clothes, and I just can't bring myself to buy more. I am desperately holding on to anything and everything in my closet that still fits and wearing the handful of maternity clothes I do own on rotation.

Sleeping MUCH better this week! I am counting my lucky stars that I haven't experienced any insomnia or dealt with being too uncomfortable when trying to sleep...I still give Mr. Snoogle all the credit there! I do make a visit to the restroom at least 3 times during the night...but I have managed to get this routine down without hardly waking up ;)

Missing Anything?
Just about everything...when you're pregnant there is a list a mile long of things you can't/shouldn't have...deli meat, sushi, beer, etc....and now with GD my list is even longer. I would say the biggest thing for me is snacking...I miss being able to grab a little something whenever it strikes my fancy. 

Milk, milk, and more milk...luckily, this is on my approved list, but I can really only have one 8oz glass with lunch or dinner. I could drink a gallon of this stuff right now, but I will choose to be grateful that I can have it at all!

Not a thing! I finally kicked this nasty cold and my appetite has returned, which is nice.

I didn't cry one time this week...which is a total win in my books :)

My pregnancy app says that he is sleeping 95% of the time now, but I don't believe that non-sense at all. He is constantly kicking, pushing, poking, and rolling around in there...but I can't say that I mind too much :)

Best Moment of the week
This is going to sound really pathetic...but I had ice cream with dinner one night this week and my numbers stayed within range and I was on cloud 9. After a few weeks of figuring out how my body processes different foods I wanted to experiment and see if I could have a little treat. I chose a night where our dinner was high protein and very low carb and instead of adding a carb loaded side-dish I chose to use my carb allowance on ice cream instead...because let's be honest, ice cream is a totally acceptable side dish ;) When I checked my numbers before bed I was pleasantly surprised that they were not only within range, but lower than they have been this whole time! Obviously, I won't make this a habit, but knowing I can treat myself here and there is such a great feeling!

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
Words continue to be hard...especially at school. My kids have gotten used to finishing sentences for me and correcting me without too much giggling ;) I always just tell them "I'm testing them to make sure they are paying attention"

Looking forward to?
Next week is conference week which means a 4-day weekend! WAHOO!

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
We haven't purchased anything, but we got 2 gifts in the mail this week! It's amazing how excited we both got over these items that we won't personally get to use ;) We actually talked about how much more fun it is to get stuff for the baby than it is for ourselves...I think that just means we are officially parents now. 

 On Sunday, my friend Kala and I ran the Kickoff 5k which was really fun! The weather was nice and the company was even better...I could have done without the massive hills though! We finished in about 36 minutes, which isn't bad considering we walked the uphill portions and took it pretty easy. I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't sore at all afterwards...I might have to try getting back outdoors again :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Gestational Diabetes Check In: Week 2

It's officially been 2 weeks since I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, and I have to say that on one hand things have gotten SO much easier...I have a much better understanding of what foods I can eat and when...and mini celebration...I have even eaten out twice! Granted it was Panera and Jason's Deli, but being able to step out of my rigid pre-planned meals is a win in my books!! I have found that as the days go by, I am not as stressed about counting every last carb and weighing out my food #ItsThePerfectionistInMe

However, in a way, I have to say it's also gotten a little tougher. I've had several moments where I have had cravings and have had to stop myself from popping a Tootsie Roll...or three. That first week I was sick and didn't have an appetite so it didn't really affect me...but now I am missing those foods more than ever....and all I want to do is dive head first into all the sweets, all the time! I have a feeling it has something to do with being told I can't ;) I have also had a few moments (brief as they were, I need to be honest) of "it's not fairs" when I get emails from my pregnancy app saying it's okay to give into your cravings...umm...I was specifically told not to! #Rude

The good news is I am in the homestretch of pregnancy...8 more weeks until I am holding my sweet baby in my arms and all of this will be behind me! 8 weeks isn't long...but I have a feeling it will drag...prior to being diagnosed I wasn't feeling like I wanted time to go faster because #SoMuchLeftToDo...but now I am really anxious for him to be here and to be reassured that everything is indeed okay and that he is healthy!

Here is a quick recap of the last week...


The diet is getting much easier to understand/manage. I already had a pretty good grasp of how to read labels and choose the right foods, but after 2 weeks it feels more natural and I don't feel as overwhelmed when making decisions on the fly as I did in the beginning.

Finding meals got a little tricky at first because I was so worried about having exactly the right amount of carbs and was super strict about this...but I have found that I can eye-ball it and just read the ingredients and determine pretty easily what works and what doesn't.

And for the best news of the week...I had ice cream last night and my numbers were lower than they have been this entire time! I was a little nervous with my experiment...but I figured if I paired my ice cream with a low-carb dinner/high protein dinner...(ice cream is an acceptable side dish, right?) then I could stay within my carbs and make sure it was paired with a substantial protein to help counteract it. I was a little nervous for the 2 hours before I could test...but the minute "86" (I am supposed to stay below 120) popped up on the screen I did a little happy dance! I obviously won't be making this a habit...but knowing I can treat myself safely on occasion was such a freeing feeling...and good for my sanity!

I have also found some really good snacks that a) I enjoy b) are easy to manage on the go or at school and c) are a perfect balance of carbs/protein. In the first week I was having trouble keeping my ketone levels low...and this week I have had zero or trace amounts each day! My diabetic counselor even told me I could stop testing for these #Hallelujah #PeeingOnAStickWhen8MonthsPregnantIsTricky


I've gotten really good at testing very discreetly at school and I have it down to an art. It literally takes me seconds and no one even notices. This weekend I was with my mom at Target when I had to test and coincidentally we were in the candy aisle...I mean, talk about irony ;)  My numbers have been consistently low (not too low, I asked), and my doctor told me that as long as they stay like this and I am able to control my blood sugar with diet and exercise nothing changes as far as my bi-weekly appointments and delivery! #Wahoo


This last week I made sure to get some sort of exercise each night...whether it be running, Jazzercise, or a quick walk. I am extremely fortunate that I have been able to stay as active as I am without being uncomfortable. I told AJ, my body better cooperate, because running is the only thing I have left that brings me joy...obviously I am over-exaggerating, but seriously...you can take away my wine and sweets and treats and I will manage...but take away my endorphins/stress release #WatchOut


I'm a totally different person emotionally than I was 2 weeks ago...I didn't cry once this week and I have been sleeping great. I don't find myself worrying constantly about the baby and how this is affecting him. My doctor was so reassuring about the whole thing at my last appointment and told me that as long as I am keeping my numbers below 120 baby will be just fine.

While my worries are so much less, I think I still have the first time mom anxiety brewing in the back of my mind. I think constantly about my sweet boy and pray every day that he is born healthy and strong...but I can't imagine that is all that different from other moms. #ImTotallyNormal

I think that is it for this week...pretty boring huh? In pregnancy though...that is the way I like it ;)

Friday, February 3, 2017

31 Weeks: Putting on my socks is a workout

Rest assured...that is not my belly button popping out, I guess I just didn't get my shirt completely smoothed out. However, my poor little belly button is hanging on by a thread and I can't imagine it will be much longer before it pops out!  

How far along?
31 weeks

How big is baby?
Asparagus or foam finger
 ~16.1" and ~3.31 lbs

What's baby up to this week?
Baby is going through major brain and nerve development this week. All 5 of his senses are now in working order and his irises are now reacting to light.

The silver lining of GD is that any and all indigestion/heartburn seems to have subsided. It wasn't bad at all prior to this, but eating 6 smaller meals (and completely cutting out sweets) has made it non-existent...Other than that I have just had some shortness of breath and some swelling in my ankles after a long day of teaching.

Maternity Clothes?
I bought a few maternity tanks and they are glorious!

This cold/congestion/ruthless cough stuck around WAY too long #ThanksImmuneSystem and there were a few nights where my cough and congestion woke me up and made it impossible to fall back asleep. The last few nights have been pretty good though, so hopefully I am on the up and up!

Missing Anything?
Being able to put on my socks and shoes without having to take a break to catch my breath or ask my husband for help. My Apple watch has even automatically logged a few workouts while I was putting on or taking off my socks and shoes #SoThatsCool 

A good night's sleep? I suppose I am just preparing for when baby is here :) I'm just so bummed because I haven't yet hit the uncomfortable stage, so without this cough/cold I would likely be sleeping great! 

Not a thing! My appetite is still hit or miss...I often struggle to eat all my meals/snacks throughout the day, and I attribute this to the fact that I am eating high protein/high fiber foods that keep me full for longer periods of time...that and a crowded stomach. 

Definitely on the up and up this week...a little over a week into my diet change and checking my blood sugar 4x a day, and I am feeling really confident that I will be able to keep my GD in check for the next 9 weeks and baby and I will be just fine!

This is hands down my favorite part of pregnancy! I don't think seeing or feeling him move around will ever get old! However...I could do with a few less kicks to the ribs!  

Best Moment of the week
Hearing little babe's heartbeat at my doctor's appointment and hearing from my doctor that as long as I continue to be able to control my numbers with diet and exercise that things will continue as normal. I won't need extra scans, appointments, or to think about early inductions.

And, at my last appointment little man had been measuring a bit ahead and this week he was measuring right on track, which was a huge relief because I had been worried that he had been measuring ahead because of the GD and I was on the fast track to a 10lb baby...but apparently measuring ahead and behind by 1 or 2 weeks is pretty normal. 

Pregnancy Brain Moments?
My meals, snacks, and blood sugar checks have taken over my brain, so I am forgetting little things here and there. I forgot to wear my wedding rings to work one day (which hasn't happened in forever) and I can't seem to find the words for things...that thing that holds our clothes is a dresser in case you were wondering :)

Looking forward to?
Last week I said I was looking forward to a low-key weekend and we ended up being pretty busy Saturday and Sunday...so this upcoming weekend is pretty clear thus far, so hopefully we can keep it that way :)

Projects/Baby Gear purchased?
We booked our newborn photographer and we are REALLY looking forward to working with Angie at Plank Photography. I have been swooning over her photos for the last year and I can't wait for her to take Baby Smith's pics! I also scheduled our pre-admission visit, our prenatal visit with our pediatrician, and signed up for a breast-feeding class...it's crazy to think how close we are getting!

 Even with a cold running has been fabulous this week...it seemed to be the only time I was not coughing or struggling to breathe, which doesn't quite make sense...but if I can get some relief I will take it! I am still just sticking to the treadmill because I have zero soreness after...but this weekend I am signed up for a 5k...let's hope I don't have to try and beg Kala to carry me across the finish line ;)
Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Book Review

Last year I set a goal to read at least 4 books per month...and it was glorious! Most months I ended up reading more than 4 books...and a few months I barely squeaked by! I was so glad I set this goal for myself because it pushed me to turn off the TV earlier and make time for my favorite thing...reading!

I have had reading goals the last 2 years...but before that I would always say "I don't have time" and I was lucky to read 4 books per year...and after reading almost 150 books in the last 2 years I have to say I was definitely missing out...and I did in fact have time I just didn't MAKE time :)

I know that reading once baby comes is going to take a backseat...but I still wanted to set a goal for myself so I didn't get caught in the "I don't have time" trap again. 

My goal for 2017 is 2 books per month...or 24 books for the year, because I know that come April that goal may be a little lofty...so these next few months before baby comes will be filled with as many books as possible!
This month I read 5 GREAT books...I must be out of my bad book slump!


I seriously could not put this book down! I was intrigued from the very start (like I am with most of her books) This book follows a group of clique-y parents whose kids are all starting kindergarten at the same school. There is an incident at a fundraiser where someone dies...the book jumps back and forth and slowly weaves the story together. It reminds me a lot of her book "Truly, Madly, Guilty" in that sense. I did figure out the twist about 3/4 of the way through the book, but it didn't take away from it at all! Definitely a book to put on your list!


Oh my goodness...I just love, love, loved this book! It's about 3 friends who live in the same small town, Mischief Bay. They all are going through their own struggles, but manage to be there for each other. It was a sweet book that made the miles on the treadmill fly by!


After finishing the first book in this series I was eager for more so I immediately downloaded this one to my iPad for my treadmill runs :) While this is a sequel only one of the characters from the first book is really included in this story (all the others are mentioned, but aren't a big part of the story) I couldn't say which I liked better...this one or the first one...they were both just so good! Definitely a great light-hearted beach read or treadmill read if you aren't lucky enough to be on the beach ;)


This was another book I really enjoyed, although I will admit I have never read Pride and Prejudice. I loved the somewhat silly story filled with ridiculous characters and even more ridiculous events that unfolded! It kind of makes me want to read Pride and Prejudice...although, I am not sure that is quite my style of book.


I loved all of the books I read this month...but if I had to pick a least favorite this would probably be it. It was dark and twisty...but also VERY predictable (minus a little twist that caught me totally off guard at the end...which definitely redeemed it from it's predictability earlier on) When I looked at the reviews people compared it to Gone Girl (when will people stop doing this?!?!?) but I couldn't see the connection...It was a good book, a little slow moving at times, but one I would still recommend!

That's all for this month! I'm hoping to have as much in February with my books! I'm currently reading "All the Bright Places" by Jennifer Niven on my iPad when I run/walk on the treadmill and hoping that a few of the books I have on hold at the library become available ASAP! I have a few good ones I am dying to read!

If you want to follow me on Goodreads you can find my account HERE

Life Lately: January

 There have been months that we are pretty boring...but this month takes the cake. I blame it on winter hibernation and pregnancy...I can only use that as an excuse for so long, and I plan on using it to it's full potential :) 

 We did get out a little more than the pictures suggest...but I just didn't take pictures...can I blame this on pregnancy brain? #YesICan

I like being lazy...so I won't apologize. This is all you get for January, and hopefully I am better at documenting our "exciting" February #WhoAmIKidding #WeWillBeLazyAgain


 We rang in the New Year at home this year...and that was just fine with us! What was not fine was Mariah Carey's performance....I'm not sure if this is what we are turning our noses up to in the picture above, but I like to pretend it is :)

 This is our 5th New Year's celebration together...and our first at home...and our last as just the two of us :)

Gracie had a really exciting January as well...she started taking her assistant duties very seriously ;) She sure loves the days that AJ is working from home! 

She is still in denial about the new baby joining our family...she seems to think she is the baby...Not sure what gave her that idea ;)

I had my first snow day of the school year...and it didn't snow at all! There was a HUGE storm predicted for the whole weekend and we hardly got anything...but we used it as an excuse to be as lazy as possible :) 

I spent a big chunk of time at Hobby Lobby buying stuff for Baby Smith's room.

I started his on his quilt...and hoping I finish before he gets here ;) 

We purchased an ottoman to go with our glider/recliner. 

We went out in Waldo to celebrate our friend Brad's birthday...one of us had a little to drink ;)

We celebrated Miles' first birthday...he was not as impressed with the birthday cake as everyone else was ;) 

After being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes we started getting really creative in the kitchen and have found several new dishes to add to our permanent rotation!

The month started with an "ice storm" and ended with beautiful weather that couldn't be wasted! 

Here's to hoping February brings us just as much sunshine and laziness ;)
Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Gestational Diabetes Check In: Week 1

Each week I have to call in my numbers to the diabetic counseling office, so they can make sure that my levels are where the need to be and help me to make any changes if needed.

I thought that each week on this day I might journal/blog a little about the previous week and how I am feeling...because if this last week is any indication it's likely going to be a roller coaster, and sometimes just writing things down really help me to clear my head. Plus...if there is anyone out there like me...scouring the internet for more info on GD and they are desperate for information that isn't all gloom and doom...and worst case scenario then hopefully they can find some comfort in my words.

First I thought I would start out with the changes I have had to make since the diagnoses...sorry if this is scattered...that is kind of how my brain has been lately. #ItsNormal #PregnancyBrain


Last Tuesday I met with a dietician and she came up with some numbers/guidelines for me to follow...and while they are nowhere near as strict as I anticipated, getting used to my new normal this week was a struggle at times.

The biggest change for me has been eating at perfectly spaced intervals throughout the day. She recommended that I eat 6x per day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. This sounds ideal right? Well...I suppose, but I haven't had much of an appetite, so often I am forcing myself to eat. Also, not only do I have to eat 6x per day I have to do so in perfectly spaced intervals. I have to wait 2 hours after breakfast, lunch, and dinner before eating anything so that I can get an accurate reading when I check my blood sugars. This isn't a huge deal, I just have to be really diligent about checking the time when I start eating and setting a timer to make sure I am testing at the right time. I have been doing really well with this so far...so let's hope I can keep it together :) 

Also, with my diet I have to be really diligent about counting my carbs.

Breakfast- 30g of carbs + protein (no fruit/cereal)
Snack- 15g of carbs + protein
Lunch- 45-60g of carbs +protein
Snack- 15g of carbs + protein
Dinner- 45-60g of carbs + protein
Snack- 15g carbs + protein

I would say I have done a decent job following this plan thus far...my biggest issue has been getting enough carbs and figuring out the best ones. My blood sugar levels have been on the lower end each time I test so I'm trying to find a good balance to where I am eating the right carbs and in the right amount so that my levels aren't too high, but also not too low...I'm slowly letting go of my fear of the carbs as I continue to see good numbers.

Checking my Levels 

I have to say this isn't as big of a deal as I had anticipated. I was terrified that the tips of my fingers would constantly be sore and that the whole process would be painful and tricky...but it's quite the opposite.

I have to check my levels 4x per day. The first time is right when I get up so I can get my fasting glucose levels. They want this to be under 90 and I have been averaging around 80-85. I'm messing around with my nighttime snack and this high protein, no sugar added, Greek yogurt seems to be the best  to help keep my fasting glucose levels on the lower end, but without letting my body go into starvation mode at night...because you see, each morning I also have to check my ketones, which is basically protein in your urine...

so yes, I have to pee on a stick every morning #ILiveTheGlamorousLife If I test positive for ketones it means my body isn't getting enough glucose/carbs and my body is burning fat for energy instead of carbs. It's a balancing act for sure. I have had some mornings where I test positive for ketones...so I am working hard to make sure I get enough calories/carbs to get this under control.

This has been my go-to breakfast all week...it gives me lots of protein, plenty of carbs, and it still pretty delicious!
 I then eat breakfast and wait 2 hours and check again...well this is where it gets tricky. I'm teaching at this time...I mean, smack dab in the middle of science...so it's been a juggling act for sure, but I am getting it done.

This is one of my favorite snacks...I only eat half of the fiber bar because the carbs/sugars are more than 15g, but I save the other half for my afternoon snack. The protein shake has been a life-saver because since I am still running/working out and I am supposed to be eating an extra 250-300 calories per day because I am pregnant it gives me a big chunk of calories without making me feel too full.
Then comes snack...and while oftentimes I am not all that hungry yet, I still make sure to eat.

Next comes lunch! This meal is usually my leftovers from dinner the night before since we have made sure the carb/protein ratio works.We also made a stop at Costco this weekend for some high protein lunches.

I then check my levels again 2 hours after lunch...and you guessed it...smack dab in the middle of teaching. Again, it's a bit of a juggling act, but I am so lucky to have such a wonderful class I haven't run into any issues yet.

Next...you guessed it...snack...AGAIN! This one isn't as bad because I can space it out a little farther from lunch than my morning snack so usually I am a little more hungry.

Thank you Pinterest for new low carb meals! Fajita roll-ups are definitely one of our favorites!
Then there is dinner...and all I have to say is thank goodness my husband loves scouring Pinterest for new meals. Finding new meals for our dinners seemed over-whelming at first (because we are creatures of habit and have been on a rotation of about 15 meals for the last 2 years! lol!) He has found some killer new meals...and honestly, I don't feel at all like I am making sacrifices and eating healthier with this meal at all. We have already found 3 new meals that will be taking a permanent spot in our meal rotations. 

I check my levels again 2 hours after dinner...this is the easiest logistically, but for some reason it's the one that gives me the most anxiety. We have found several great low-carb/high protein meals...but it's all about trial and error and while they told me there would be times my numbers would be out of range while I worked at figuring this out...seeing a number higher than 120 is not something my sanity can handle. The night I had a Lean Cuisine it came back as a 121 (even though it was within my carb allowance) and I was devastated (and dramatic) The good numbers keep my spirits up and thankfully I have only had one "high" reading ;)

I don't quite have the diet perfected just yet...but my blood sugar numbers were enough to impress my diabetic counselor when I called today, so I call that a win! I believe her exact words were "You'regetting these numbers with just a change in your diet and exercise?" Yes ma'am!! Words of affirmation just might be my love language :)


Speaking of exercise...I wouldn't say much has changed on this front. I was already working out 4-5 times per week. I run every other day and try to make it to Jazzercise at least 2x per week. The only thing that has changed really is my motivation to run/workout...I would say I am even more motivated now to keep going and do at least something. There was a day I couldn't make it to Jazzercise and had run the day prior (I have found my body isn't crazy about running two days in a row) so I took the pup out for a nice long walk. Knowing that the exercise helps my body break down the extra glucose better is a huge motivator!

Week 1 Recap
Okay...so now that that is all out there...it seems like a lot of changes and a little over-whelming, but I assure you it has been much easier than I anticipated. Yes, the thought of no cookies or ice cream for the next 9 weeks makes me a little sad...but the end result will be worth it.

I also don't really feel like I am depriving myself. ...the hardest part is the rigidity of when I eat and having to count my carbs to make sure that I don't get too many or too little.

Also...after going back and forth for a few days I decided to share my 30 week pregnancy update. This wasn't my most positive update and I couldn't decide if I wanted to keep it private (I mean...how private is it if it's on my blog for the world to see if that want? But not very many people read it if I don't share it on FB) but then I decided why not? I have nothing to be embarrassed about...and in turn I had several people reach out to me sharing they they too had GD during their pregnancy and that their babies are just fine...and they had other pregnancy where they didn't have it. This was seriously the best thing for me this week...When I got the diagnoses I felt very alone and like the only person I knew that had gone through this...which is so far from true! It has been so nice to have people to talk to and offer me reassurance that me and my baby will be just fine!

All in all this last week was a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. However, I have to say I am feeling really good about things now. I am feeling motivated, confident, and much less anxious about the health of my baby. Something that seemed like such a big deal one week ago is feeling very manageable and like a small blip on the radar of my otherwise easy pregnancy. I have been able to put things in perspective...and realize that if this is the biggest hurdle I face during these nine months I am pretty lucky.