Saturday, January 29, 2011


After winter break, a few scheduled days off and multiple snow days, going back to work was definitely less than pleasant. My students are out of their minds...they seem to have forgotten how to act in public...let alone in school. There was NO WAY I could wait until our scheduled Friday happy hour, so we moved it up a few Monday ;)
Monday after school me and a few friends headed up to Ra, a sushi place with a great happy hour. Great drink specials and half price sushi which meant I could try several different kinds. After the Las Vegas roll at Stix I had been itching to try more!

We started off happy hour with a beer...and I chose Chang Lager, a Japanese beer. I knew I liked Kirin Light so I thought I would try another type of Japanese beer...bad idea... it was terrible so I switched to Kirin Light.

When it came time to order sushi I was at a total loss...I put all my trust into Dan and let him choose 4 different rolls and I said I would split it with him. My only request was another Las Vegas roll. Along with my choice we ordered Tootsy Maki, Spicy Salmon and the Rainbow roll. I tried every kind we ordered...even the Spicy Salmon...and I hate spicy food.

After finishing off our sushi and a couple more beers, Dan started talking about this Quail Egg shot he took the last time he was there. This shot is a combination of sake, red bull (?) and the yolk from a quails egg. Needless to say this was definitely not a drink that I had been dying to try...but when Dan brought it up I decided it would make a great "What the heck, Why not?" moment!

Here is my shot...just looking at this picture makes my stomach turn. You are supposed to take the shot and break the yolk in your mouth...GAG!

These guys were troopers and agreed to do the shot with me! Dan had even taken one before and still agreed to it...i'm starting to think he is crazy!!

Down the hatches...seconds after this shot I proceeded to gag...Dan started to choke from laughing at me and the guy on the left moved away from me thinking I was actually going to puke...but lets be honest I am way to awesome to puke after a shot...even one that has egg yolk in it!

Sushi and Japanese beer

I have had Sushi two times in my life...the very first time was at Kona Grill on the Plaza during a happy hour. I was really adventurous and ordered the California roll :) The second time was during our girls vacation to Branson. Heather and Lauren were DYING for Sushi and I didn't have the heart or a death I couldn't say no. I ordered chicken teryaki and a roll called eye of the tiger. It was pretty good...but I guess I still wasn't sold.

Last Saturday night I went out with my sister-in-law and her friends for her birthday. We went to Stix, an AMAZING Japanese steak house! I of course brought along my eternal plus one, Dan. Before we ordered dinner Dan says to me "If I order a roll will you eat some of it" well I, thinking he means bread, agree right away...obviously at a Japanese steak house he didn't mean bread...but a sushi roll...I felt really dumb. I was a little apprehensive at first...but figured "What the heck...Why not?" He had ordered a Las Vegas was DELICIOUS! I'm not sure what was in it besides cream cheese...and I can NEVER say no to cream cheese!

So, I am feeling pretty good about sticking to my resolution at this point...first I ordered a Kirin Light (a Japanese beer) instead of my regular Boulevard and now I have eaten sushi with eel sauce. Well, prepare to be even more amazed...I didn't just stop there. On the side of this roll was also something called Nigiri. This was white rice covered with a strip of raw salmon draped across it. It was one thing to eat the sushi where I couldn't see the raw fish...but this? Again...I reminded myself "What the heck...why not?" and I went for it!
Drinking my Kirin Light...It was actually pretty delicious!

Nigiri...with chopsticks!

Las Vegas roll

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Go Chiefs!!

From my previous post about ice skating you know I hate the cold. This next opportunity came about while I was still thawing out from ice skating at the south pole.

As Dan and I were driving home from Crown Center I got a phone call from my friend Andy telling me they had an extra ticket to the Chiefs playoff game the very next day. Now don't get me wrong, I love going to football games and the Chiefs making it to the play-offs is a rare occurance. However, earlier that night while watching the news Bryan Busby said it was supposed to snow the next day and the temperatures were going to be much lower than I would like. I hesistated to answer, however Andy was the one who inspired my New Year's resolution, so he knew my weakness. It took a little bit of convincing and him telling me I wasn't following my New Year's resolution if I didn't suck it up and go before I said "What the heck....Why not?"

Luckily I ran into this guy at the game. They had a warm apple cider drink that was delicious!
If I ever need a reminder of how short I am I definitely know who to call.
Kristen, Taylor, Lindsay, Andy and I. Thanks to the guys I was able to go to the game and thanks to the ladies for free red parking and tiny bottles of wine ;)
I didn't realize Andy only goes to sporting events if he can sit 3 rows from the top. A few weeks prior we bought scalped tickets to the K-State basketball game at Sprint Center, and we definitely sat 3 rows from the top. That game is responsibile for my New Year's Resolution.
Random fact about me: I make friends with complete strangers pretty much anywhere. Waiting in line at Wal-Mart, eating at a restaurant, shopping at the mall, getting a red-box movie etc etc...well the Chiefs game was no exception. Our seats were next to 4 very intoxicated men who I promptly made friends with. Kyle, the guy sitting right next to me had a Jamaal Charles jersey and he kept rubbing his belly for luck...needless to say it was weird, yet amusing. After a few poor plays by the Chiefs, Kyle decided I should wear the jersey for better luck...this picture is from when I was getting ambushed....

My new friend Kyle and I in the jersey...too bad it didn't end up being good luck :(

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crown Center Ice Skating

I hate the cold. I hate the snow. I hate being outside in it. I hate wearing coats. I want to move somewhere warmer....
With that being said my next adventure included lots of things I do not enjoy. While out shopping with my mom and getting a massage I get a phone call from my friend Dan. He wants to get a group of people together to go ice skating at Crown Center. Immediately, I see visions of myself falling and ending up in the E.R. with another broken bone. I also realize that it's been snowing and it is 10 degrees outside. I pause ready to say no...but then I remember this is my year to do things I wouldn't ordinarily do...and this is definitely one of those things. So I tell Dan..."What the heck...why not?" (People are going to get really tired of me saying this...along with a long list of weird sayings I have)

I get home and bundle up...and this whole time I am thinking about backing out. I talk to Dan again and he tells me that he can't find anyone else that is up for it (suprise suprise it was the artic tundra outside!!) So at this point I know I can't back out...Dan had his heart set on ice skating.

A little later Dan shows up and the whining begins immediately...I whine about 2 things...being hungry and being cold. Good news for Dan we ate before we left ;)

Even though I hate the cold..and I am very uncoordinated I would say the ice skating trip was a success...I didn't fall at all, and let's just say Crown Center makes for excellent people watching :)
Waiting to get back out on the was soooooooo cold waiting!!! (See i'm still whining)
The Zamboni! Not only did we have to WAIT for it to clear the made the ice extra slippery (weird ice is slippery?)

I told Dan the only way I would come out again is if I could have some sweet leg warmers...but for real they were super cute!!!

New Year's Eve Party Bus

I consider myself to be pretty well rounded in the party department...I mean I went to Pittsburg State how could I not be? However, there is one thing I have never done...a party bus.

This year for New Year's Eve I struggled with what I wanted to do. I had a few different parties or events I could have attended, but I just wasn't sold. Then my dear friend Sarah called offering up an extra seat on a party bus. This was great news except I would only know 2 other people on the bus....this is when I told myself "Heather...what the heck...why not?" and I agreed to go.

Let's just say I am really glad I decided to go on the party bus. It was a chance to get my New Year's resolution off to a great start, I met great people, and had a great time even though I froze to death on an air mattress because Sarah wouldn't cuddle me that night ;)

Sarah and I before getting on the bus...we decided we needed a good "before" picture...this proved to be an excellent idea.

Amber, Brandi, Sarah and I

Ringing in the New Year at Kelly's

I owe this guy big...not only did he hold ALL of my stuff for this picture...he had the bus take me home early...even though it was the shot HE bought that ended my night ;-)

Brandi and I about to head back to the bus

Another shot? Oh...What the heck why not? Even though i'm pretty sure this final shot ended my night...I'm still not 100% sure who is to blame...Amber or Garret?

Jessica and I at Hoopers...this was shortly before I headed back to the house

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year's Resolutions....

I'm not usually one to make New Year's Resolutions. The typical lose weight, eat healthy, work out etc just don't work for me. It's not fun and I rarely stick with it. So this year I decided I would find something I could actually follow through with and enjoy along the way. There are two parts to my resolution and obviously one of those was not to stop procrastinating...because here I am FINALLY getting to part 2 of my resolution!

The first part of my resolution is to be more spontaneous and to step out of my comfort zone. I am choosing to live my life following my new motto "What the heck, why not?" For those of you who know me really well I am definitely an overthinker. I play on the safe side of life, and I tend to miss out because I don't jump at the chance to do new things and I rarely take chances. I have decided this is my year to do new and fun things and not think twice.

The second part is to blog about these experiences. I decided to do this so that at the end of the year I can look back and see what I have accomplished. I have had a another blog for several years and I love posting to that and reading others I thought "What the heck...why not?" :)