Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crown Center Ice Skating

I hate the cold. I hate the snow. I hate being outside in it. I hate wearing coats. I want to move somewhere warmer....
With that being said my next adventure included lots of things I do not enjoy. While out shopping with my mom and getting a massage I get a phone call from my friend Dan. He wants to get a group of people together to go ice skating at Crown Center. Immediately, I see visions of myself falling and ending up in the E.R. with another broken bone. I also realize that it's been snowing and it is 10 degrees outside. I pause ready to say no...but then I remember this is my year to do things I wouldn't ordinarily do...and this is definitely one of those things. So I tell Dan..."What the heck...why not?" (People are going to get really tired of me saying this...along with a long list of weird sayings I have)

I get home and bundle up...and this whole time I am thinking about backing out. I talk to Dan again and he tells me that he can't find anyone else that is up for it (suprise suprise it was the artic tundra outside!!) So at this point I know I can't back out...Dan had his heart set on ice skating.

A little later Dan shows up and the whining begins immediately...I whine about 2 things...being hungry and being cold. Good news for Dan we ate before we left ;)

Even though I hate the cold..and I am very uncoordinated I would say the ice skating trip was a success...I didn't fall at all, and let's just say Crown Center makes for excellent people watching :)
Waiting to get back out on the was soooooooo cold waiting!!! (See i'm still whining)
The Zamboni! Not only did we have to WAIT for it to clear the made the ice extra slippery (weird ice is slippery?)

I told Dan the only way I would come out again is if I could have some sweet leg warmers...but for real they were super cute!!!


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