Thursday, February 3, 2011

Domestically Challenged?

I am by no stretch of the imagination a good cook. I don't enjoy it...I don't have the patience for it and I can't seem to follow simple directions...and I am a teacher? I have managed to mess up quite a few meals in my life...when I screwed up Tuna Helper I realized I had hit rock bottom ;)
When I was thinking about my New Year's resolution I first thought about making a "bucket list" or a list of things to accomplish this year, and on that initial list was learning to cook a new dish each month. Well, as I kept thinking about my resolution I didn't want to limit myself to a list or new things I haven't done before.
Now it may not seem like it fits my resolution BUT cooking is not something I usually choose to for it...."What the heck....Why not?"
Yet another snow day gave me the time and man power to learn to cook. My friend Dan works down the street from my house and with Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse or Blizzard of Oz on it's way, he decided to come to my house after work to avoid having to drive all the way back to Gardner. When he left work he called and said he was going to stop by the grocery store so we could have dinner. When he showed up he had bags of groceries...and he says "I am going to teach you how to make chicken parmigiana" Of course I looked at him like he was crazy...but again I told myself "What the heck...why not?" (you think I say this alot on the should hang out with me! lol!!)

I took a picture of the ingredients for 2 reasons. 1) a before pic and 2) So I would know what ingredients I needed IF I decided to cook this meal again. Now I am just looking for someone who is brave enough to be my guinea pig ;)

The "after" picture...I will admit I didn't do it all by myself BUT I am pretty sure I could cook this meal by myself after this experience.

hmmm...I refuse to take responsibility for the burnt bread...SOMEONE forgot about it ;)

My delicious plate of food!


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