Monday, March 21, 2011

Ultimate Blue Corner Battles

Yes....I am a blog slacker BUT it is not because I am not out being spontaneous, it is actually quite the opposite. I have been staying super busy fullfilling at least half of my resolution! ;)
Now, I have watched a fair share of UFC fights on pay-per-view and yes, sadly enough, I have watched a few seasons of The Ultimate Fighter (what can I say, some of those guys look pretty darn good with their shirts off) BUT I have never seen an MMA fight in person. So when the opportunity arose for me to go to a fight I couldn't help but say "What the heck...Why not?"
Thank goodness for this girl, we spent most of the fights checking guys out and deciding who would win based on names, shorts color, and what they looked like ;)

We were up close and personal!
Nic, Amber, Garret and I...right before we had to move seats...fortunately our actual seats were closer than where we thought we were sitting!

Nic and Garret bought shirts to support a fighter they both knew...well obviously I look better in the shirt than Garret so I decided I would wear it :)


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