Sunday, May 22, 2011

A little game I like to call "Stump"

Jokingly through college I was called many slicker, Johnson county, and city girl just to name a few. And, let's be honest...they were not far off. I'm not what you would call a "country" girl however, I'm not afraid to release my inner hillbilly every once in awhile. One time I rode a trash barrel bull over a twin size sadly this game is NOT the most hillbilly thing I've ever done...but its a close second.

It all started when my friend Dan invited me to his friend's house for BBQ and a bonfire. There was BBQ involved so my obvious answer was YES! As we were finishing up dinner someone suggested we play a game of stump. While everyone else jumped up excited to play, I sat in my chair looking utterly confused. Stump? What the hell is that? Dan saw the perplexed look on my face and began laughing at me and said "grab a chair and go sit around that tree stump over there"

As the game was being explained my mouth began to drop. Each person grabs a nail and secures it in the stump. You then pass around a hammer and take turns taking one shot at any nail in the tree stump. If you miss then you drink, but if you hit it the owner of that nail drinks. Last nail standing wins. I had never heard something so ridiculous, but I grabbed the hammer and said "what the heck...why not?"

I mistakenly had lots of confidence in my stump playing abilities. I just couldn't fathom that this would be difficult, but boy was I wrong. Hitting a nail without touching it with your other hand is much harder than it seems.

This is the mustache wearing fool responsible for these shenanigans :)

If I am being 100% honest...I was fantastic!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Maverick's hockey game

I've had this post in edit mode for quite some time now. I personally blame my friends. After reluctantly sharing my blog with a few of my close friends and opening myself up for criticism or them laughing at me...I surprisingly got some positive feedback. They told me I was a "funny" writer which of course to me a self accepting "class clown" it was a compliment. But now, I blame them for my writers block... I blame them for the fact that this post has been sitting here wordless for a few weeks... How am I supposed to live up to being a funny writer if I have absolutely no clue how to begin a post about hockey in a clever funny way....

There isn't really a clever or witty way to introduce my hockey I will just stick with the facts. A friend of mine gets tickets to just about every sporting event so when I got the e-mail about a hockey game I figured since I had never been...."what the heck...why not?"

I can't say I LOVE hockey after this experience...but there is one thing i can say....I've found my future husband. If you ignore the fact that he played for the other team, his last name resembles something that made me think of bouillon cubes, and I couldn't really see his face....he has a really nice butt (even under all those pads) and would make a perfect husband :)

The start of the game... I have no clue what you call this in hockey...the only thing that springs to mind is tee-off, but obviously this is not golf.

Taking pictures of my soon-to-be hubby :)

I love these girls!

Out in the lobby during one of our "drink" breaks Kala and I came across this table with these interesting tools. Obviously I had to stop and inquire. Apparently they measure pasta? Weird part was they were the free gifts/advertisements for a roofing company. Needless to say they were the source of many crude jokes throughout the night and many nights to come since I keep mine in my purse :)