Thursday, June 16, 2011

This isn't a's a bus!

As weird as it sounds, ever since I was 12 years old I have wanted to ride in a trolley. That is why when the opportunity arose I not only said "What the heck...why not?" but I jumped at the chance!!
We started out the night at Brooksider...which was only delayed a few minutes because I forgot my license and Kala and I had to drive back home to get it...oopsie :) There we purchsed a bracelet for a night of unlimited trolley rides from bar to bar. I was thrilled to FINALLY get the chance to ride on a trolley and was quite antsy to move onto the next bar!!
At last...the party decided to head on to the next bar. I basically skipped out the door, SO excited to see this trolley. When we got outside I see it...but it's not a's a bus? I was a mixture of emotions...sadness, disappointment, and a little bit of drama right ;) I reluctantly got on the bus, which was NOT a trolley and we headed to Ernie Biggs piano bar for a crowded good time and some thievery :) Finally we ended the night at McFaddens and then the best ending to my night yet....A REAL TROLLEY RIDE!!

Kala and I at Brooksider...making sure we get her good side :)

Because let's be honest, we can NEVER have too many pictures together!

Shawn and I...can you see my disappointment that we are on a bus?

Trying to get a group shot, but Derek and Shawn are not very cooperative...

I also really like this

SOOO glad we are friends :)

Not 100% certain why I was so excited...but I can guess it has something to do with a song I really like :)

Remember how I mentioned thievery? Well I really wanted to make sure Shawn had a really great going away present to remember his time in KC by...apparently that meant he needed a fluffy coozie :)



I was SOOOOO excited!!!
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pu-push it reeeeeeaaaaallll good

Now if you know me at all, you know my favorite song is "Push It" by Salt and Pepa. You also know that everywhere I go I tend to request this song and bust out in an overly embarrassing dance. (I want to take a moment to thank those of you that have experienced this and continue to be my friend...although I'm sure I'm a "your team" candidate every time.)
One would think that at a more classy event like a wedding I could resist embarrassing myself and those around me...but you are wrong. These occasions actually feed my desire for this little song and dance. My friend Laura's wedding was no exception...after 6 hours in the car and a few cocktails let's just say I was itching to dance and sing.

At the reception I waited patiently for the band to play "Push It" but they just weren't doing it. So I headed up to the band and asked nicely for them to play my favorite song. That is when they delivered the terrible news that they don't sing that song. I was devastated but relentless... I begged, and was even willing to settle for them playing it on the stereo, but they didn't have that either. I was feeling quite defeated as I walked away until I heard the words that turned my whole night around. The lead singer said to me "we can play the beat, if you sing", I paused for a whole 2 seconds before hopping on stage and saying "what the heck...why not"

I thought I would start with a nice picture of all of us with the bride and groom.

I also felt the need to include of the "cause" of my fabulousness....shots!!

This is where I'm explaining that the microphone is too tall!!

Like any good friend would do, Kala joined me on stage.



Our performance just wouldn't have been complete without Kwisen :)