Thursday, June 16, 2011

This isn't a's a bus!

As weird as it sounds, ever since I was 12 years old I have wanted to ride in a trolley. That is why when the opportunity arose I not only said "What the heck...why not?" but I jumped at the chance!!
We started out the night at Brooksider...which was only delayed a few minutes because I forgot my license and Kala and I had to drive back home to get it...oopsie :) There we purchsed a bracelet for a night of unlimited trolley rides from bar to bar. I was thrilled to FINALLY get the chance to ride on a trolley and was quite antsy to move onto the next bar!!
At last...the party decided to head on to the next bar. I basically skipped out the door, SO excited to see this trolley. When we got outside I see it...but it's not a's a bus? I was a mixture of emotions...sadness, disappointment, and a little bit of drama right ;) I reluctantly got on the bus, which was NOT a trolley and we headed to Ernie Biggs piano bar for a crowded good time and some thievery :) Finally we ended the night at McFaddens and then the best ending to my night yet....A REAL TROLLEY RIDE!!

Kala and I at Brooksider...making sure we get her good side :)

Because let's be honest, we can NEVER have too many pictures together!

Shawn and I...can you see my disappointment that we are on a bus?

Trying to get a group shot, but Derek and Shawn are not very cooperative...

I also really like this

SOOO glad we are friends :)

Not 100% certain why I was so excited...but I can guess it has something to do with a song I really like :)

Remember how I mentioned thievery? Well I really wanted to make sure Shawn had a really great going away present to remember his time in KC by...apparently that meant he needed a fluffy coozie :)



I was SOOOOO excited!!!


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