Friday, July 22, 2011

Running With Scissors

It is no secret that I love to run. It is also no secret that I love to drink beer...especially Boulevard Wheat. So when I was presented with the opportunity to run AND drink beer there was no way I could turn that down. What I didn't know about this fun little race was that I was going to have to run with scissors. Yes, you read that correctly they were asking ME to run with scissors. I'm dangerous walking with scissors...Good news is they weren't real scissors. (Did I have you worried there for a second?) The team I joined "Running With Scissors" had been established a few years earlier and one of the creative masterminds constructed a giant pair of scissors so we could have a prop for our team. Now I didn't find out this tiny little detail until the night before during our carb dinner. I was furious...I needed to know this tiny detail!! Why you may ask was this sooo important to me?! Well because I didn't train with the scissors. I would have liked to have a trial! Can you imagine seeing me run through Overland Park with a giant pair of scissors? In all seriousness though I was a little worried about carrying the scissors during the race...especially with the wind!

Eventually I stopped whining and said "What the heck...why not?" I will run 5 miles with a giant pair of big deal.

Saturday morning after our amazing carb overload of a dinner we carpooled up to the Boulevard Brewery in Kansas City to start the race. The first leg of the race would begin here and end at the Free State Brewery in Lawrence Kansas. As we were waiting for the race to start I noticed more than just a few people drinking beer!! Not only was it 8am...but we were about to run in the heat ALL day...and I love my beer just as much as the next person, but really? I decided to wait until after my leg to pop open an ice cold beer.

Check out this All Star team and the "scissors"

Being silly

Check-point 1, waiting for Ann

Check point 1 again

Nick is giving Erin a pep-talk for her leg of the race...I think?

Check-point 2, a glass covered parking lot

Shawn taking the hand off from was SOOOO windy, which made holding the scissors and running that much more difficult. I mean who doesn't like running in place?

I have this wonderful lady to thank for my entering this race :)

Check-point 3, waiting for Shawn to pass the scissors on to Kala

Final check-point- How many adults can you fit in a random dog cage? We stopped at 3, but I am almost certain we could have fit one more ;)


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