Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Dirty Duo

This particular event started with a voicemail from my dear friend Lauren...if I knew at all how to upload sound to a post or take a voicemail from my phone and put it on an audio file I would let you listen to was in her panicked something might be wrong voice... She is a bit of a drama queen...maybe that is why we get along? ;)

Her voicemail went a little like this:

"Heatherit'sLaurencallmebackASAPthereissomethingINEEDtotalktoyouaboutsomethingIreallywanttodoandIneedyoutodo itwithme (insert quick breath) okaysocallmeback!

I immediately begin worrying about what she could possibly NEED me to do with I call her back and she asks me "D0 you want to do the Dirty Duo with me?"
Excuse me say what? The dirty duo...absolutely not...after hearing a little more about this and realizing it was a race I decided "what the heck...why not?"

Lauren explained to me that it was going to be a 6 mile partner race that includes running, biking, obstacles, and a mud pit at the finish line. This sounded doable and at the very least fun...even though I haven't ridden a bike since middle school.

So Lauren and I decide to register a few days later, and while reading the fine print I notice that we will need to wear a helmet for the entirety of the race. So yes...we were going to have to run in helmets. Oh, but don't worry it gets better...I kept reading and it says we will need to wear the helmet because the obstacles may require extra safety...WTF? I immediately started regretting my decision to sign up for this race with her...but she was looking at me with sad puppy dog eyes and I didn't have the heart to back out. We finally got registered and there was no going back...and I then realized we were going to need a I said I don't have a bike, and haven't ridden one since middle school...which as scary as this is to admit was almost 15 years ago! Lauren tells me not to worry because her parents are going to get her a bike as an early birthday gift and we can use hers, and that I am welcome to ride it for training purposes before the race.

As far as training goes, I run just about every day and I wasn't at all worried about my 3 miles of running for the was more the biking I was concerned with. A few days after Lauren got her bike she offered to let me ride I ran to her house (which is luckily just over 2 miles away) and hopped on the bike to ride it back to my house. Well, let's just say I am not the sturdiest or most confident on a bike...I teetered and tottered just trying to get the bike going, and had a very difficult time staying on the sidewalk or even riding straight. Turning was a whole other issue in itself...I took VERY wide turns :) I finally made it home and felt very accomplished, dragged the bike in my house and set her up for the ride back the next day. Come to find out, my bottom is not used to riding bikes and the next morning it was rather painful to walk, to sit, to stand...basically to do anything...let alone ride a bike. However, I promised I would have her bike back that next morning so she would be able to go for a ride...let's just say that was the most horrific 2 miles of my life! I dropped the bike off and let Lauren know that I would not be riding the bike EVER least not until race day!!

Race day finally arrived and I was dreading the bike portion of the bottom was begging me to never sit on that bike seat again...but there was no way out of it, we HAD to alternate running and biking!! The good news was Lauren had bought a gel seat cover, so it was actually a little bit better.

Alright, I know I got a little winded with my post and I will spare you any more of the boring details...and I will just get on with the fun part...the pictures!! Even though I whined and complained about riding a bike the Dirty Duo was a blast. I am so glad I let Lauren talk me into the race and I cannot wait to do it again next year!

Our day didn't start out too promising...first we struggled getting the bike out of Lauren's trunk...and then it started to rain, and then came the lightening!! We sat in the car for over an hour HOPING that we would still be able to race!

Good news, the rain stopped and the race was ready to begin! Bad was COLD!

We've decided that we look REALLY good in helmets!

Here we are at the beginning of the race...we decided I would start on the bike so I could end up running...I am not sure that was the greatest in a giant pack of competitve women on bikes? I was so afraid of crashing right away and being crushed by bikes! Good news is I didn't fall...bad news, I am a terrible bike rider and got passed by ALOT of people!The obstacles were not bad at all...nothing like the disclaimer eluded too...we didn't need helmets!!



After 6 miles of biking, running, and obstacles we made it to the end and it was time for the mud pit!


As we got to the end of the mud pit, I hear someone yelling "tackle her" and I know this means Lauren is going to do I am trying to get out before she can get me!

I was too slow...she got me!

At this point the crowd is cheering and the announcer can't decide if he wants us to stop or not....



Yes, I did have mud in my teeth, in my eyes, in my ears...pretty much EVERYWHERE!

After we finished the race they had garden hoses with FREEZING cold water for us to clean up...this was an interesting site. We stood in line in awe of the people around us and their lack of!

This race was probably one of the most fun running events I have ever entered. I cannot wait until next year, and we are already thinking up fun costume ideas!


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