Thursday, August 4, 2011

I love summer :)

Now that summer is coming to an end I am reminded that I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. Every summer I start out with a to-do list a mile long and lots of motivation, and before I know it hardly anything is checked off this list and summer is over...As a teacher I love having my summers off and the extra free time, but I always manage to fill up all this "extra" time. One of these days I vow to take an entire summer off...usually I fill up my time with grad classes, tutoring, or a part-time job. I always tell myself "next summer is the year" but honestly I am not sure I will ever have a summer like that, I am not good at sitting still...I get bored and I love having things going on...even if it is working :)

One of my goals this summer was to get my blog caught up, which MIGHT still happen...I am only about 5 posts behind (eek!) I HAVE to force myself to get caught up because school is getting ready to start and I am going to have an especially busy year this year....but I will save that for another post ;)

For the purpose of getting caught up I am going to combine two posts: Crawl for Cancer and T-shirt Tuesday at Kauffman Stadium.

First, Crawl for Cancer...

Crawl for Cancer includes two of my favorite things...raising money for cancer research and drinking beer with thousands of my closest how could I say no? This organization not only provides lots of fun and beer, but raises LOTS of money. Check out this link and seriously consider putting together a team!

When I was asked to join the team I didn't really have to think twice and I definitely didn't need anyone to remind me of my New Year's Resolution or push me into saying "What the heck...Why not?" so if you think this isn't blog worth or NYR worthy, I do not care ;)

Kala and I starting off our day...

I was fascinated by the people I was seeing....

The final stop

The "cops" were by far my favorite lol!

I literally could not get enough of the disaster some of these people were...the only other place that compares to the people watching was the 80's cover band concert my dad and I went to last summer.

As we are standing around Kala...or maybe it was Derek ;) recognized this girl from The Bachelor. While I watch EVERY season religiously, I just wasn't sure. After discussing it and looking her up on our phones I decided to just ask her, and what do you was her! So then, like the classy person I am I asked her for a picture...her 15 minutes of fame at the CFC will never be forgotten :)

It's T-shirt time...

Royals T-shirt Tuesday that is!! (sometimes I crack myself Now, I have been to Royals games, but it's been several years and I have never been to a T-shirt Tuesday so when Brandon told me he had extra tickets I was like "What the heck...why not?"

On T-shirt Tuesday everyone gets a free t-shirt when they enter the game...the only problem is they only have a handful of medium shirts and a bazillion extra larges! We got to the game early for tailgating and even headed into our seats early so we could get medium shirts, however we were not one of the lucky 12 people this week...darn-it! Reguardless of the size of my t-shirt I still had a blast and even got to check out a few baseball players...or to be honest ALL of them ;)

Brandon, Kala, and I tailgating!

Kala and I inside the stadium

I love baseball games :)


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