Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Girls Weekend!

Every summer I tend to forget how busy the school year actually is. I mistakenly thought that since I was done with my master's classes I would have more time than I knew what to do with this year...wrong-o!!! I will always just be one of those people who fills up any and all of my free time, because I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I wasn't busy :) I'm going to attempt to catch up on blogging, but I have a pretty busy couple of months ahead of me, so we shall see how that goes!

I'm going all the way back to June for this post, and just looking at the pictures makes me miss the beginning of summer and a whole weekend with a few of my favorite ladies :(

Since my friend Jackie was turning 29 (again) she wanted to do something special for her big day. Lucky for us one of her student's parents own a condo on Table Rock Lake and agreed to rent it to us at a discounted rate!!!! After a few glorious hours in the car singing along to songs I forgot even existed...and even one I learned the actual words to (and will never be able to sing again!!) we arrived safe and sound. Once we all got there the fun never stopped....we learned to drive a boat, drove around for hours looking for ice cream, watched Clueless, invented a ridiculous game, and most importantly we had a wonderful weekend together :) cheesy yes, but 100% true...I have great friends!!!

Literally minutes after arriving we headed straight for the wine....when Jackie declined we knew something was up....and we were right....SHE'S PREGNANT!!! We all hugged, cried, and most importantly toasted to the new mom to be! Over the last few years I have given her plenty of practice on being a mom (I still need help ordering a cheeseburger) so I know she will be fantastic!

Captain Emily...after nearly giving the boat rental guy a heart attack, she safely navigated our boat on the high seas...that is until the boat wouldn't start :)

Enjoying an afternoon on the boat :)

Birthday Girl

Erin is definitely a much better driver than Nick...and she most definitely looks better doing it :)

Dinner at the Landing for Jackie's birthday

While walking around the Branson Landing we saw this little jewel. It is a hurricane simulator...and seriously WHO could resist?? Kala wanted to try and I thought "What the heck...Why not?" It was only $2 and now we can both say we survived a hurricane :)

Kala wasn't nearly as enthusiastic about this ;)

There goes the hair

We couldn't stop laughing...and with the wind it made it hard to breathe!

We survived!!

That night we made dinner...and I just included these pictures to tease my widdle fwend Kawa :) She struggled with those darn corn cobs ;)


Below I have some words from our completely ridiculous game (a spin off of bananagrams) that completely describes our entire weekend....

We all "philt" so lucky to have such great friends in our lives...

When we all get together we just want to do "zabughe"