Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Color Run

Last year Lauren conned me into running the Dirty Duo, so this year when she asked me to run "The Color Run" I was slightly hesitant, but decided to give it a try anyways...I mean it couldn't be any worse than riding a bike and climbing through mud so I figured I would go for it.
This race ended up being really fun...and not a race at all. Of the 4 of us 2 were injured and couldn't run, one was sick, and the other was just as happy to walk instead of run...I mean besides we got more color on us when we walked through the color stations :)

Thanks to Lauren we had plenty of "style" for our race...these mustaches were a rather high maintenance accessory though.




At the finish line they handed out extra packets of color and would do a countdown every so often and people would just throw color into the air...It was insane

There were SOOOO many people!! I couldn't believe it

Clearly I think I am much cooler than I actually am ;)

After the race we decided to go to breakfast...needless to say we received many strange looks!! This race was definitely a fun experience and I am thankful Lauren used her powers of persuasion (or force) and convinced me to sign up :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lake Weekend!!

So, I am home from school "sick" today, unfortunately I have lost my voice...fortunately I feel just fine...and unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you ask) I can't talk AT ALL...being at school was pointless, so here I am "resting" my voice. If you know me at all I loooove to talk, so this is absolute torture!! I figured if I am stuck not talking with my voice, I might as well spend some time blogging. This way I feel like I am still getting to talk ;)

This post is from Memorial Day I suppose one could say I am getting caught up (slowly, but surely)

Every year my friend Brandon plans a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks. The last few years I considered going, but the thought of a weekend away and coming back to work the following Tuesday was not appealing at all, so I always passed. Luckily this last school year we didn't have any snow days, so our last day of school was before Memorial Day (this has NEVER happened in the 5 years I have been teaching) so I decided the lake was the perfect way to kick off my summer vacation!

I think I, and probably everyone else will remember this trip for the ridiculous amount of injuries and doctor's visits that were to be had after the weekend was over. Thank goodness we had plenty of nurses and beer to get us by :)

I blame my contribution to the injury party on Kody aka Kory...he was the one who convinced me to jump off an incredibly high cliff. Now I won't completely blame the entire incident on him...but he definitely played to my weakness by calling me a wimp. I also want to clarify that this incident occured around 10 am and I had not one ounce of beer in me, so it can't even be blamed on that!

It all started Saturday morning (yep, first day of the trip) when we went out on the boat. We decided to stop in a little cove and swim around and relax. Kody saw a cliff and looked around and asked if anyone wanted to jump. I am always up for a little adventure so I agreed. We jumped in the water and swam over to climb up to the cliff. I immediately regretted my decision because the ground was so rocky and painful, but I decide to keep going anyway.

Once we reached the landing (where everyone else was jumping) Kody said "Let's go a little bit higher" and I agreed...clearly I was not thinking. We finally stopped and walked over to the edge. I looked down and immediately wanted to pass out. I don't hate heights, but I definitely don't love them. I looked at him and said "are you crazy?" and he then said the one thing I can't walk away from "don't be a wimp, it's not that high" challenge one calls me a wimp!! I told him I would jump only if he went first...he walked to the edge (shaking might I add) and jumped...success, he didn't die!! So I figured if Kody could do it, so could I. As I stood on the edge all I could imagine was the video I had watched on Daniel Tosh the week before where the girl tumbled down the cliff into the water...and before I could sike/syke/psych (?) myself out I just jumped...and here is where disaster struck, I was so afraid of hitting the side of the cliff  that I jumped out away from it really far...well apparently the momentum pulled me backwards during my 3 hour fall (at least that is what it felt like) I knew I couldn't land on my I leaned forward with my chest and leg and SLAMMED into the water...

I couldn't breathe...I knew the minute I came up from under water things were bad. My chest was on felt like it had exploded when I hit the water. Thankfully Kody was still close by and helped me swim to the boat. I kept trying to shake it off and as I climbed into the boat I kept telling everyone I was fine and all I needed were a couple of beers. (One to ice my thigh and one to drink of course!) As I stood in the boat trying to collect my thoughts I realized my thigh was bleeding...I had hit the water so hard it took the top layer of my skin off...ummm, not awesome.

So for the rest of the weekend I stay sufficiently hydrated and kept ibuprofen with me at all times :) A doctor's visit shortly after we returned home confirmed that I did not crack my sternum, but I did tear muscles in my chest and collar bone. I am definitely not "proud" of this amazing stunt and my even more amazing injury...but I guess the good news is it could have been worse. However, I do think it is safe to say "If my friends jumped off a bridge...I probably would too"

I didn't take my camera with, but thankfully Brandon had his waterproof camera to catch a cute girl's pic :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

I "mustache" you a question...but I think I will "shave" it for later

It's no secret that I love good beer(s) and a spending an entire day with my favorite people...that is why a pub crawl is the perfect thing for me. This year not only did I get to enjoy the day with my friends and drink beer, but I got to wear a mustache. That's right read that correctly...I GOT to wear a mustache. This mustache contributed to a day full of puns (another thing I love) and many weird looks (here is the question you "mustache" yourself...did we care? Nope!) Since this was all the way back in May (?) and I spent a day "day-drinking" the details are slightly fuzzy...I will let the pictures speak for themselves....
We decided mustaches were not enough...we spent some time raiding Bob's closet for the perfect ties...I decided I would let the professional tie mine for me :)
Did we have fun...well if you "mustache" we had a fabulous time...but when it comes to my Goose and I that is not a surprise
We thought we would aim for a "normal" picture...but if you notice the guys on our shirts are wearing mustaches and I tucked my mustache on a stick into my tie...far from normal :)
I "mustache" you...does it get any cuter than this?
One team offered us beer for this gem...and they meant Josh, not the glasses! Luckily for Josh we kind of like him, so we declined.
Looking quite sophisticated I must say (and yes I did just spend a few minutes trying to figure out a way to work mustache into that caption)
Just a normal day on the bus...
I'm so glad we didn't trade him for beer
In my first trip to the Westport Flea Market I discovered that there really was a flea market inside...good thing Goose kept me from going in :)
After waiting for what seemed like hours to flag down a bus, Jessica somehow convinced this group (who had rented this party bus?) to let us biggie we will just crash your birthday for a little while.
Then Jessica decided that she would repay them for the ride with a little song and dance.
They did not regret letting us join their bus...that's for sure
Who left these crazies alone with the mustache and pitcher of beer?
At this point things got a little ridiculous...
Finally made it to the Beaumont Club...if you notice I decided to put my mustache on my cup so it would only appear as if I had a mustache when I was taking a drink.

Group Shot!
Not exactly sure who this girl is...but I love that Goose is below her waiting to catch the spilling beer

Good friends always look out for one when Jessica spotted a guy she thought was cute, naturally she called me over and told me to give him my number...and the best part was she knows me so well because as I was giving him my number (a fake one as usual) she put her hands on her hips and said "Heather...give him your REAL number!" thanks :)
Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Oh goodness...this post is from something that happened 6 mos ago!! I'm a blog failure...It has been so long since my last post, that I have stopped getting crap from my friends about not posting anything (JESSICA)

I suppose it is time to start blogging again...I "think" I might possibly have life under control at this point. Starting back to school is always tough...every year I forget what a whirlwind the first 3 mos are. With conferences right around the corner I am going to hope that things start to slow down!!

Back in April (yes APRIL) Brandi, Lauren, Megan, and I went to see Daniel Tosh's stand up. It was everything I hoped it would be. He was rude, crude, and even made fun of Gingers, but what can I say...I still love him! (maybe it is all part of having no soul?)

I didn't take many pictures (mostly because we weren't allowed) so I apologize.

Legally taking pictures before the show
 Megan and I
 Sorry girls...I was trying to be sneaky and take pictures. Apparently I am really good at it.
Tosh and his puppies...this is when I stopped being a rebel and put my camera away.
Sunday, September 2, 2012

Change of Plans...

I want to blog...I really, really do. I am just having a really hard time with my New Year's resolution. Picking 12 things and making myself do them isn't nearly as fun as I thought it would be and it's definitely not as fun as being spontaneous and saying "What the heck, why not?" any chance I get.

I think I am going to throw the idea of this New Year's resolution out the window...and you can't judge me either because there are a million other people out there who gave up on their resolution months ago! I tried...I really did...Throwing out this resolution is actually a good thing for me and for all of you (all 5 of you)...I WILL start blogging again...I think ;)

I'm hoping to get some pictures uploaded in the next day or so and get back on track. I will have to back track a bit so bear (or is it bare?) with me while I get caught up!
Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Yep...this gentleman right here is my dad. The man who raised me, the man who helped make me who I am today. Believe it or not I (on a regular basis I might add) hear the phrase "You are just like your father" from my mom when I do something that makes her shake her head. The good news is...this doesn't offend me one bit. My dad rocks...his hardworking, fun, sarcastic, crude humored, sometimes too honest self is something I don't mind being compared to one bit!

Now on Father's Day EVERYONE claims that their dad is the best....but I in fact do have the best dad...and not just on Father's Day...but EVERY day!!
Over the years, my dad has been there for me in many different ways and in an ode to my dad this Father's Day I would like to revisit some of the reasons I appreciate him!

At age 3 he humored this little chef by eating her carefully prepared meals in her toy kitchen

At age 5 he would sit with me and do the picture searches in my Highlights magazines. Even though they were the easiest things in the world he would let me find the pictures on my own. I remember the days that those things came in the mail were my favorite. I would sit patiently by the door waiting for him to come home from a long day at work, and even though I know he was tired he would spend that time with me.

At age 8 he bought my brother and I a mini bike and let us ride it around the yard and when I ran right into his car he calmly picked me and the bike up checking to make sure we were both okay (all while I am sure my mother was yelling "I told you so") and even after my mom made him get rid of the bike...he made sure we still had a fun toy and got us a little go-kart (we were the coolest kids on the street!)

At age 11 he took me to my very first REO Speedwagon concert and still to this day we still enjoy our favorite music together whether it be at a classy cover band concert or at one of the 6 REO Speedwagon concerts we have been to!

At age 12 he played catch with me in the back yard and went to EVERY one of my softball games

At age 15 on our way to my grandparents house he pulled the car over and MADE me (yes made me) try driving our car for the very first time.

At 16 my dad bought me my very first car...which was a 5-speed. He spent HOURS in the car with me and we spent HOURS yelling at each other and even after the car ended up in someone else's front yard he never gave up on teaching me to drive ;)

At 18 he helped me pack up my stuff and moved me off to college...and later that year he came and packed me up again and moved me home for the summer....and then helped pack me up yet again so I could move back to college...and then home again for the get the idea ;)

At 21 my dad and I discovered our love of trying new beers together.

At 23 he let me move back home so I could finish student teaching and not have to worry about paying rent...yep he helped me move home that time too :)

At 24 he packed up all of my stuff and helped me move into my first apartment...then helped me move to my second apartment...and then to my current residence...I think I will hire someone to move me next time :)

At 27 I realize that I am in fact the luckiest girl in the world to have the dad that I do. They say that a dad is a little girl's first hero and I am so grateful every day for the hero in my life.

After making this list I realize there are so many things my dad has done for me over the years...even more than I can even fit in one post! I don't EVER take for granted how lucky I am to have a man like this in my life! Happy Father's Day Dad!! I love you!
Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Opening Day

I'm only 2 months late for this post...better late than never I suppose!

Tailgating is one of my very favorite things...give me any sporting event, a parking lot and I am bound to have fun! So this year when Brandon (my ticket broker) asked who wanted opening day tickets I immediately bought 2. Originally I had planned to take my little brother...but he ended up closing on his house that I had to settle and take Andy ;-)

Since opening day started early I had to take a half day at school. I was devastated that I had to enjoy my afternoon drinking beer, eating hotdogs, and watching baseball instead of teaching Math and Science ;-)
Tailgating began promptly at noon and was a blast as always....the game was fun...but the outcome was rather disappointing. I think I am going to have to choose new sports teams to root for if I wanna see anybody win!

I honestly think pictures tell a much better story than I do, so I will leave you with a few parting pictures. Enjoy!

Jess felt the need to wear a glove because her beer was cold in her hand...wait, why aren't you holding your beer with that hand?

Thunder Struck begins!!!

Drink, drink, drink!!!

Not sure what the dynamics of this picture were? Why we chose only 5 of us?

The ladies!

Jess and I about to head into the game


Hey Weiss....remember when I asked if I had met you before at the're right I did meet you at the game....I guess I just didn't recognize your sober alter ego ;-)

On the way back to his truck Andy found this tiny t-shirt and I dared him to try it on....of course he did!

"oh...this smells so good!!! Heather come smell it" ummmm....absolutely not!

What a perfect day at the K....the only thing that could have made it better was if they Royals could have pulled off the win. Maybe next time....
Saturday, April 21, 2012


For as long as I can remember I have LOVED St. Patrick's Day...I'm not exactly sure why this is but I have some ideas. 1) I'm a ginger 2) I'm the size of a leprechan 3) I love beer 4) Green is my favorite color  and 5) I am VERY Irish
With a lethal combo like that how could I not love St. Patrick's Day?
In honor of my favorite day of the year I want to go back and revisit this holiday over the last few years...

I could only find pictures as far back as 2006, which I think is pretty impressive ;)

Toni, Erica, and I celebrating at Devin's house

I'm pretty sure we went to the bar after this...but I honestly have no clue

I do remember that Burt had a rough night :)

SPD 2007: Whitney, Amy, and I had a party at our house....what a fun night :)

Not sure who was in charge of the camera?

I never claimed to be attractive ;)

We then jump to SPD 2009....I have no idea what I did for SPD in 2008....must have been memorable :) However I definitely made up for it in 2009. We celebrated in Las Vegas at Coyote Ugly

Yes, it was St. Patty's Day and not a one of us had green on...ashamed

Green Drinks!

There is our green :)

St. Patty's Day always falls on Spring Break so in 2010 we were able to celebrate in of the best vacations ever :)

Dinner before our night out

I was the only one wearing green...I was so ashamed of myself from the year before ;)

What a night...I love these ladies and our mad tamborine skills ;)

2011 was the year of the forgotten camera...thank goodness I can steal pictures from other people!

Westport SPD begins at 9 am and ends at 3 am...ouch

Jenna and I

That brings us to this year....we decided to skip Westport because SPD was on a Saturday and we didn't want to deal with the crowds. We headed to Waldo bright and early yet again ;)

Vanessa, Bob, and I

I love these girls :)


Yay for new friends! So glad you were able to come out Cari :)

A little "weenis" licking...this is why we are friends

It's becoming a tradition for these ladies to stalk me on SPD ;) Love you both

Josh and I

I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with Real it came as no suprise when I ran into Wes I needed a picture :)

Final picture of the night...I didn't last as late this year. Getting old is not all that fun