Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Black Friday

Every year we spend Thanksgiving with the family in Illinois. We always have turkey, watch lots of football, my aunt steals the neighbors papers for coupons, somebody usually stays up all night or gets up really early to go know all the things a normal family would do. The only activities I have ever chosen to participate is eating massive amounts of food and watching football. I am not a big shopper on a regular day, let alone on Black Friday. My job has always been to stay home with the kids and get them up and ready to go see Santa....MUCH later in the day!

Well, after returning from yet another newspaper run my Uncle Shane was thrilled because Target didn't have a line outside yet and he just HAD to go! There was a TV my Uncle John wanted, Ipod touches for the kids, and so many other great deals that he just couldn't pass up! At this point I am sitting on the couch watching the madness that is my family getting together the necessary "supplies" for the all evening stake out and I thought to myself...what sane person would pass up the opportunity to sit out in the cold and wait for 6 hours to get into a Target? I then stood up  and told my Uncle Shane I was coming with him (obviously I wasn't thinking clearly or someone had spiked my drink) As everyone looked at my in shock I just shrugged my shoulders and said "What the heck...why not?"

After getting everything together we were walking out the door my grandma came up to me really quietly with a Target ad and a $5 bill and said to me "if you get a chance could you pick up these Hello Kitty underwear in a size 5?" Ummm....YES!! I needed a reason to sit in the cold for 6 hours and this was it!

 Loaded down with all the necessary supplies

Before we headed out I informed my Uncle Shane that he was about to be the subject of one of my blog posts and he needed to prepare for LOTS of pictures! He was such a good sport about it!

6pm- we had just arrived and secured our ever important place in line. We managed to be 12th and 13th. We of course made friends with everyone around us and when they asked us what we were waiting in line for Shane told them Ipods and I said "Hello Kitty underwear...they are only $5 isn't that a great deal?" I wish I had gotten pictures of the shocked looks I received!  

7pm-It is COLD...and I am beginning to regret my decision!


9pm-At this point my Aunt and mom had brought us turkey sandwiches, chips, and cookies and we were taking turns eating them in the van! It was cold!!

10pm-While I stayed put in my chair not daring to leave my blanket of warmth Shane walked around checking on our competition!

11pm- My aunt came up one last time to bring us coffee and hot chocolate before the madness began. At this point I began to question my sanity...oh and where to find a bathroom!!
This was about 11:45 and we were waiting to get in the store...I still cannot believe it! A cop car showed up and pulled up onto the sidewalk to block people who weren't in line from getting in the store!

Once we got into the store it was pure madness...I felt like I was on an episode of SuperMarket Sweep. We grabbed a TV which was thankfully already in the cart, headed straight for electronics and grabbed the Ipods. After we made sure we had the important items (including the Hello Kitty underwear) we walked around the store and I was in complete shock at the people and the aggressiveness. I don't love to shop, and I especially don't love to shop during the holidays when it is as you can imagine I was in paradise!

Black Friday was everything I expected and so much more, I can't say that I will go again...but what I can say is I DID get the Hello Kitty underwear, so my mission was a success!



  1. That was a great time! Thanks for being there with me anc keeping me company.