Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Big Sky Montana: Day 2

I have exactly 1 picture from Day 2 of the trip. I know the pictures are the best part, but we were just SOOOO busy doing absolutely nothing I forgot to take pictures :)

On day 2 everyone spent the day skiing...everyone except Kala and I that is ;) We caught some crap for opting out (BRANDON!)...but we had decided that we wanted to take that money and spend it elsewhere (stay tuned for that adventure) and we were really looking forward to spending the afternoon lounging at the house in the hot tub, dry sauna, and the steam room.

We woke up around 9 had breakfast, sat in the hot tub, moved to the steam room, and ended our long day in the dry sauna. This was what I would call a perfect day. Kala and I had a whole day to ourselves, and with everything going on we hardly get a chance to do this...and if you know Kala...there was no lack of entertainment. I would say my favorite moment was when there was a strange noise in the dry sauna and I literally blinked and she was gone...she had jumped up and left me in the dry sauna to die alone...that is true friendship :)

Later that day as everyone was getting home, Kala and I decided to take advantage of the theatre room and watch Sherlock Holmes. This was a fantastic idea...not only was the theatre room amazing, the movie was a good one as well :)

We ended the day (all 21 of us) at Buck T-4's Lodge and Restaurant to celebrate the Shobanator's birthday. Dinner was delicious and the company was even better :) After getting back to the house we had a little birthday celebration for Shoba with her very own cake baked with love by Kala and I...(okay, okay I just supervised) We all headed to bed pretty early though, because we had to be up bright and early for a day of snowmobiling in Yellowstone Park!!!


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