Sunday, March 18, 2012

Snowmobiling in Yellowstone? Don't mind if I do :-)

I have never been a fan of the cold and the thought of spending an entire day trudging through snow in more clothing than any human being ever needs to wear has never been something I have wanted to take it pretty seriously when I say that a tour through Yellowstone is phenomenal in the winter...but only when you get to drive a snowmobile around all day! Don't get me wrong...I had my moments where I complained, but the good news (for Brandon at least) was the snowmobile engine was pretty loud so he only heard about 1/3 of what I said all day :)

Yellowstone was incredibly beautiful...I spent most of the day just in shock because of the geysers, water that never freezes even when temps are below zero, and that fact that we spent most of the day in a caldera (aka VOLCANO!) I took about 200 pictures (yes I might have a problem) but for your sake and mine I will just share my favorites! 

You can tour Yellowtone on this attractive vehicle...

but why would anyone do that when you can ride one of these puppies?

Getting ready to head out for the day! Thank goodness for heated seats and handlebars!

At lunch time we stopped to see Old Faithful...and I needed a traditional tourist pose :)

This is 4 o'clock a coyote who likes to visit the geyser at different times during the day. Rita Garcia-our host for the big event assured us he would not get to us or the geyser :) 

There she blows!

Lucky for our tour group we had Will there taking AMAZING pictures...I'm pretty sure this is the stretch of time where we were able to get the snowmobiles up to about 60mph!

Brandon probably regretted sharing a snowmobile with me because I never wanted to give up the driver's seat...and I might have complained that my toes were cold...and maybe my cheeks, and of course my get the idea :)


The water temperature never gets below 32 degrees...I guess having massive amounts of hot lava below ground will keep things a little warmer!

Bald Eagle

Our tour guide (only after using our powers of persuasion) let us touch this warm spring...the water was HOT!

Our tour group

This may or may not be the spot where Nick tipped the snowmobile over...

Getting the boys to pose for a picture

The boys ridiculously dorky pose inspired this beauty :)

It was the perfect day!

It felt like we were playing Mario Kart all day

We ran into the other half of our group! Group shot...all 21 of us!

We ended the day back at the house in the hot tub, dry sauna, and steam room...luckily Nick and Erin were able to find these fantastically attractive robes to wear :)