Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Opening Day

I'm only 2 months late for this post...better late than never I suppose!

Tailgating is one of my very favorite things...give me any sporting event, a parking lot and I am bound to have fun! So this year when Brandon (my ticket broker) asked who wanted opening day tickets I immediately bought 2. Originally I had planned to take my little brother...but he ended up closing on his house that I had to settle and take Andy ;-)

Since opening day started early I had to take a half day at school. I was devastated that I had to enjoy my afternoon drinking beer, eating hotdogs, and watching baseball instead of teaching Math and Science ;-)
Tailgating began promptly at noon and was a blast as always....the game was fun...but the outcome was rather disappointing. I think I am going to have to choose new sports teams to root for if I wanna see anybody win!

I honestly think pictures tell a much better story than I do, so I will leave you with a few parting pictures. Enjoy!

Jess felt the need to wear a glove because her beer was cold in her hand...wait, why aren't you holding your beer with that hand?

Thunder Struck begins!!!

Drink, drink, drink!!!

Not sure what the dynamics of this picture were? Why we chose only 5 of us?

The ladies!

Jess and I about to head into the game


Hey Weiss....remember when I asked if I had met you before at the're right I did meet you at the game....I guess I just didn't recognize your sober alter ego ;-)

On the way back to his truck Andy found this tiny t-shirt and I dared him to try it on....of course he did!

"oh...this smells so good!!! Heather come smell it" ummmm....absolutely not!

What a perfect day at the K....the only thing that could have made it better was if they Royals could have pulled off the win. Maybe next time....