Monday, November 5, 2012

Lake Weekend!!

So, I am home from school "sick" today, unfortunately I have lost my voice...fortunately I feel just fine...and unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you ask) I can't talk AT ALL...being at school was pointless, so here I am "resting" my voice. If you know me at all I loooove to talk, so this is absolute torture!! I figured if I am stuck not talking with my voice, I might as well spend some time blogging. This way I feel like I am still getting to talk ;)

This post is from Memorial Day I suppose one could say I am getting caught up (slowly, but surely)

Every year my friend Brandon plans a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks. The last few years I considered going, but the thought of a weekend away and coming back to work the following Tuesday was not appealing at all, so I always passed. Luckily this last school year we didn't have any snow days, so our last day of school was before Memorial Day (this has NEVER happened in the 5 years I have been teaching) so I decided the lake was the perfect way to kick off my summer vacation!

I think I, and probably everyone else will remember this trip for the ridiculous amount of injuries and doctor's visits that were to be had after the weekend was over. Thank goodness we had plenty of nurses and beer to get us by :)

I blame my contribution to the injury party on Kody aka Kory...he was the one who convinced me to jump off an incredibly high cliff. Now I won't completely blame the entire incident on him...but he definitely played to my weakness by calling me a wimp. I also want to clarify that this incident occured around 10 am and I had not one ounce of beer in me, so it can't even be blamed on that!

It all started Saturday morning (yep, first day of the trip) when we went out on the boat. We decided to stop in a little cove and swim around and relax. Kody saw a cliff and looked around and asked if anyone wanted to jump. I am always up for a little adventure so I agreed. We jumped in the water and swam over to climb up to the cliff. I immediately regretted my decision because the ground was so rocky and painful, but I decide to keep going anyway.

Once we reached the landing (where everyone else was jumping) Kody said "Let's go a little bit higher" and I agreed...clearly I was not thinking. We finally stopped and walked over to the edge. I looked down and immediately wanted to pass out. I don't hate heights, but I definitely don't love them. I looked at him and said "are you crazy?" and he then said the one thing I can't walk away from "don't be a wimp, it's not that high" challenge one calls me a wimp!! I told him I would jump only if he went first...he walked to the edge (shaking might I add) and jumped...success, he didn't die!! So I figured if Kody could do it, so could I. As I stood on the edge all I could imagine was the video I had watched on Daniel Tosh the week before where the girl tumbled down the cliff into the water...and before I could sike/syke/psych (?) myself out I just jumped...and here is where disaster struck, I was so afraid of hitting the side of the cliff  that I jumped out away from it really far...well apparently the momentum pulled me backwards during my 3 hour fall (at least that is what it felt like) I knew I couldn't land on my I leaned forward with my chest and leg and SLAMMED into the water...

I couldn't breathe...I knew the minute I came up from under water things were bad. My chest was on felt like it had exploded when I hit the water. Thankfully Kody was still close by and helped me swim to the boat. I kept trying to shake it off and as I climbed into the boat I kept telling everyone I was fine and all I needed were a couple of beers. (One to ice my thigh and one to drink of course!) As I stood in the boat trying to collect my thoughts I realized my thigh was bleeding...I had hit the water so hard it took the top layer of my skin off...ummm, not awesome.

So for the rest of the weekend I stay sufficiently hydrated and kept ibuprofen with me at all times :) A doctor's visit shortly after we returned home confirmed that I did not crack my sternum, but I did tear muscles in my chest and collar bone. I am definitely not "proud" of this amazing stunt and my even more amazing injury...but I guess the good news is it could have been worse. However, I do think it is safe to say "If my friends jumped off a bridge...I probably would too"

I didn't take my camera with, but thankfully Brandon had his waterproof camera to catch a cute girl's pic :)