Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Color Run

Last year Lauren conned me into running the Dirty Duo, so this year when she asked me to run "The Color Run" I was slightly hesitant, but decided to give it a try anyways...I mean it couldn't be any worse than riding a bike and climbing through mud so I figured I would go for it.
This race ended up being really fun...and not a race at all. Of the 4 of us 2 were injured and couldn't run, one was sick, and the other was just as happy to walk instead of run...I mean besides we got more color on us when we walked through the color stations :)

Thanks to Lauren we had plenty of "style" for our race...these mustaches were a rather high maintenance accessory though.




At the finish line they handed out extra packets of color and would do a countdown every so often and people would just throw color into the air...It was insane

There were SOOOO many people!! I couldn't believe it

Clearly I think I am much cooler than I actually am ;)

After the race we decided to go to breakfast...needless to say we received many strange looks!! This race was definitely a fun experience and I am thankful Lauren used her powers of persuasion (or force) and convinced me to sign up :)