Friday, March 22, 2013

Project 365- February

How is it that the shortest month of the year ends up feeling like the longest? I dislike January and February...they are long, cold, and nothing is really going on. Last winter I didn't fully feel this hatred because it was unseasonably warm...this year Mother Nature decided to slap us back into reality with 2 big snow storms in a row. I mean don't get me wrong, I love snow days, but this winter was out of hand. The worst part is as I sit here over my "Spring Break" they are calling for even more snow in the next few days. If March doesn't warm up soon it will be lumped in with January and February as my least favorite months.

Moral of the story: I hate the cold...I want it to be warmer...and I will continue to whine until that happens ;) Okay, enough with the ranting and raving here are this months pictures.

**Yesterday I spent about an hour putting captions with these photos and then I accidentally clicked out of the window and I lost everything...Blogger used to randomly auto save, but I guess that function wasn't working at the time. So if you find my captions less than interesting it is only because I am mad and don't wanna do it all again!!

Add captionThey always say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach right? I am not a man...but this saying is definitely true for me. AJ earned some major points on this particular evening because I was getting hungry...I would even venture to say I was getting "hangry" when he called asking if I wanted him to pick up dinner on his way over. Seeing as it was FREEZING and I had zero desire to get out in the cold these words were music to my ears!
Celebrating Caturday at Gran Falloon...we always manage to have a good time :)
Teenie Weenies (or little smokies as I like to call them) are always a must for Super Bowl Sunday!
Running on the "dreadmill" is one of my least favorite things...however winter has been long and running outside hasn't really been an option. This was my first run in several months...yikes!
Heart shaped food > all other foods...AJ gets all the pepperoni though because I have a severe intolerance to spicy foods...and for those of you who are saying "pepperoni isn't spicy" I have proven my point...severe intolerance :)
This project seems to have become a food journal...but food is my safety net for the days I forget to take a picture or my creativity is lacking. I almost blew it this night though...we were at Shea's for girl's dinner and I was so hungry and the food was so delicious I almost ate all of my food before taking the picture :)
Another TBT from sweet little Grace at 8 weeks old. I cannot believe she was ever that little!
Friday night sushi date with Kelli, Marley, and Lauren :) Whatever Kelli ordered had PLENTY of fish eggs on the entire evening Kelli kept asking "Are there fish eggs in my teeth?"
If you don't have a Bob in your friend group, you are missing out. This fella right here is always a source of entertainment. Crazy hair, crazy hats, goofy coats, and at least 4 outfit changes a night. Life is never dull around Berb ;)
Shopping trips with my mom never lack fun or laughter. My mom has been my best friend since I was a little girl...and even during my teenage years when I was supposed to hate her...I didn't. Shopping trips have always kind of been our thing...we start with lunch and head to the mall. At least once during this time I have to remind my mom that we are in public and she can't sing loudly and dance around...I guess that saying  "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" works in our case :)
"Crazy from head to toe" was the theme of our first day of spirit week this year. The very best part of being an elementary school teacher during spirit week is that the crazier you look the cooler the kids think you are. Pretty sure I was the coolest teacher ever this day...not sure if they learned anything that day though....the hat had to be distracting :)
Spirit week, conferences, and Pride Night until 8pm = one exhausted teacher
My class doesn't spoil me one bit ;)
Add caption...and neither does my boyfriend :)
Seeing a movie that was a book first with Lauren Taylor is something I swore I would never do again after Hunger Games...she is a very thorough reader and would make an excellent producer for a book to film production. She remembers EVERY detail and notices every little thing that is different...Luckily she hadn't read Safe Haven ;) Excellent book...excellent movie! I expect nothing less of Nicholas Sparks though.
P.S. Lauren...if you're reading're really pretty :)

Caturday glasses are so fun :)
After a fun filled Caturday this is usually how we spend our Sundays.
I love having days off of school mostly because I can make lunch at home. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is my go-to!
I don't usually trust the weatherman...but he didn't seem like he was joking about the winter storms that were headed our way so I made sure to load up on groceries so I wouldn't starve :)
Grading papers is never dull...this particular piece is from our biography book reports. I can't say I disagree with the kid ;)
Snow days are much more enjoyable with AJ...we drank wine, played video games, and even walked to Sarpino's for pizza.
Lego Star Wars is my new addiction...we played for 6 hours!!
The snow didn't stop up from celebrating Caturday. We celebrated at Point Loco for their last power hour before they close down. I love Point Loco's power hour...but other than that I understand how they couldn't stay open.
My post-Caturday routine
With the threat of more snow days I just couldn't bring myself to plan any further than Monday...which was a good thing because we ended up with snow days on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Who craves ice cream on a snow day?? That's I pretty much always crave Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream though. Luckily Trent's truck got around in the snow okay because the nearest grocery store is quite a walk from my place!
4 snow days in and I finally decided to start being productive. Pandora and cleaning party :)
Poor Grace got tired of going to the bathroom on the sidewalks...luckily she found the one patch of grass for miles around.

February Outtakes:

Many a Caturday's end here...gotta love Flo's
After sushi we stopped at Orange leave...nothing like a sexy pose from 2 preggos and a tiger ;)
Pre-Caturday meal...I eat sushi alot
Watching the basketball games
I think she is trying to pinch my head....
Thanks to all the snow days I was able to finish 2 books...this one was AMAZING! I didn't LOVE the ending...but the rest more than made up for it!
Snowmageddon 2013
This cute little guy was outside the gym...I REALLY wanted to steal the candy from his face!!


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