Monday, July 8, 2013

Project 365-April

I know, I know April was 2 almost 3 months ago...
After a few month hiatus I decided to get my butt in gear and FINALLY get back into a workout routine. I cancelled my Title membership, but apparently you have to give a 30 day notice, so I decided that I would make the best of the next 30 days getting all my frustrations and stresses out on the bag!
FINALLY some warm weather and outdoor runs! The long winter left me with non-shorts friendly legs...but I went for it anyway. If you had to see me I apologize :)
When I was in elementary school I always looked forward to the book fair, and now that I am a teacher....not much has changed! Some VERY generous families in my class bought me several books to add to my classroom library :)
Who can resist taking class outside when it is this beautiful? We decided to cancel math and enjoy the weather and a good book!
Family in town meant LOTS of Finley time!
We sure love our pedicures :)
Whenever Miss Lacy comes to visit we just HAVE to have a sleepover. The next day she told everyone we stayed up all night (10pm) and had girl talk (things like, why do dogs have ears on top of their heads) I just absolutely adore this little lady!!
Working out in the morning makes getting ready very hectic, but I found that if I make all my lunches on Sunday it is MUCH easier!
Mmmmm....Ribs :)
I completely forgot to take a picture this day, but then I figured out it was National Siblings Day so I was saved!!! I guess my baby brother is good for something ;)
Thank goodness for Hulu and my Ipad, otherwise I would not be able to make it through more than a mile on the treadmill. However, I learned a very important lesson this not, I repeat do NOT watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy in the gym on the treadmill....Crying while running is not a good look for anyone :)
For our last book report the kids had to read a Newberry nominated/winning book. I picked this up with the intention of reading's still on my nightstand...oops!
First Royals game of the season! Perfect weather and a win!!!
AJ's very first trip to Orange Leaf has resulted in a new weekly tradition for us..."Ice Cream Sunday" We don't always go to Orange Leaf...although it's one of our favorites.
She just gets cuter and cuter every time I see her!
Gracie was not amused by Walking Dead. :)
I either sleep in or lay out my workout clothes the night before because it helps get me out of bed in the mornings. However, if I wake up and hear rain, no amount of prep will get me out of bed :)
I get desperate for what to take a picture of fallback is food!
Sanford and Son's comedy club followed by AJ's first trip to Dave and Busters...I think the picture perfectly captures how much he loved it!
Late night bowling is always a good way to spend a Saturday night.
Sunday snuggles with my babe :)
We spent girl's dinner folding cootie catchers for Kala's big day!
Thanks to Laura I was able to get 3 Jazzercise classes for $3...even though I only went once....oops!
The BEST hair stuff in the entire world!!!
I just couldn't wait for Ice Cream we broke the rules and had Ice Cream Thursday :)
Kala's rehearsal dinner at Brio's, it was so nice to have ALL of us back together!!!
Kala's wedding day! We had a BLAST!!
My Finnykins!
Decided to enjoy the beautiful weather with a short walk...turned into a 3 mile walk!! I wasn't sure Gracie and her little legs were going to make it!
April Outtakes:

This picture makes me feel VERY old...I remember when Miss Madeline was this size and now she is all grown up :(
This is what I woke up to the morning after our sleepover....Gracie is a really good sport :)
More Royals
I know I am bias...but seriously look how gorgeous she is!!!
Kala and I
The girls all ready to go for pictures
One year ago at Kala's engagement party mason jars full of wine made for a very fun night...This year I decided to stick with beer in my mason jar :)
Trolley Time!
Partners in crime reunited! Chicago is just too far away :(
I love my friends :)