Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Project 365-May

It's December...I only have 28 more photos to take for this challenge...and I am just now posting May? I think it's safe to say blogging wasn't my priority this year ;) I will however finish BOTH parts of this New Year's resolution...I'm not a quitter (even though there were several times during this "photo a day" thing I have wanted to!)
Here goes May...it was a long time ago, so please forgive me if the captions are vague or boring...or both :)
I was REALLY hesitant to quit Title Boxing to join Kosama...however, the minute I found out Kosama had a kickboxing classes, I was in! Let me tell you...nothing eases the stress of a day like punching things :)
Snow, snow, and more snow...this was the story of our winter AND spring! 
Luckily I hadn't put my winter boots away yet...they got plenty of use, even in May!
This night we went to Johnny's play BINGO...I think this was the night that ended with AJ and Ben chanting in Dani's apartment ;)
Sundays are always good for Finny snuggles! This picture makes me so sad...she has gotten so big and SO wiggly that she doesn't cuddle with me much anymore :(
Teacher appreciate week at Timber Creek is always a fun treat! Day 1 starts with door decorations. Our theme this year was Dr. Suess...I think it is safe to say my kids think I am pretty funny ;)
My first EVER Chipotle burrito...I know, I know...shocking. Luckily, I had a gift card and the appeal of buy one get one free with my teacher id to convince me it was finally time to try it out :) I can't say it is the BEST thing I have ever had...but I didn't hate it :)
Another amazing teacher appreciation gift. Inside the book all the kids signed their names and left little messages. Definitely a keepsake...and I mean I was able to find good uses for the gift card as well ;)
These ladies and gentlemen are my $7 Wal-Mart pants that I bought without trying on...this was definitely something I had never done before. I usually try on 3 million pairs of pants before deciding on the "just right" pair. I was in a hurry and couldn't pass up $7 skinny jeans so I took a chance...luckily they fit!
On the final day of teacher appreciation week the class usually puts together a basket of goodies. This year it was an "A-Z basket" I definitely got some goodies!
First outdoor run in quite awhile...as you can tell they hadn't trimmed the bushes in awhile...I didn't mind, I was just happy to be outside again!
Clearly Fin was excited to participate in her first Ice Cream Sunday with us! Poor thing couldn't have any though...don't worry, I will make sure she gets all the ice cream she wants when she is old enough!
If you have never been to 54th street in Olathe...I suggest you go, and while there make sure to have the Club Five-Four...seriously, it's amazing.
Running outside has only one downfall...crosswalks. Sometimes I spend more time running in place (looking very cool I might add) than actually running!
The Scholastic warehouse is the equivalent of paradise to any teacher. I was able to get a bag full of books for under $25! I mean who can resistant "The Secret of the Fortune Wookie"?
I wish I was one of those people who looked cute after a workout...however, I have been blessed with a sweaty gene. I am always a hot mess after going to Kosama...I guess that means I got a good workout :)
EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. she gets groomed I am shocked by how different she looks! I think I waited a little longer than usual this time...poor shaggy puppy could hardly see!
My first time babysitting the Finners was a success...she loves her Auntie Heather :)
Who can eat almost an entire box of Oops All Berries for breakfast? That's right...AJ and I. We usually cook something on the weekends, but decided this was a much more delicious (and easier) option.
Treadmill running is not my favorite...but peanut butter and banana toast for a post-run snack is :)
Pinterest fail...this does not work. Do not try the "at home shellac" nail polish. It was a goopy mess and my right hand was a disaster.
Best.Sports.Bras.Ever. I mean as long as you don't need much support! These are the comfiest sports bras I have ever owned...seriously if you are a member of the IBTC like me go to American Eagle and get yourself some of these.
My students clearly think very highly of me :)
I had been waiting ALL week to crack open this first beer of the Memorial Day weekend! After 3 hours in the car  I was definitely very thirsty :)
This picture needs no caption...Clarke and I became best friends during the making of this photo :)
Party Barge!! This was seriously the best idea ever...last year we had 2 pontoons which was great...but c'mon, nothing beats a party barge :)
After Memorial Day weekend my body needed a short run and some vitamins to restore itself back to normal. That was definitely a ROUGH run.
Allergies are the WORST! I'm not sure if Benadryl actually helps or it just knocks me out so I don't feel anything...either way is fine with me :)
Salmon salad is definitely one of my favorite spring/summer meals! Yum :)
One would think that teacher appreciate wasn't just a few weeks ago...my class decided that they needed to spoil me even more with end of the year gifts. WOW!! I'm a lucky teacher :)
Starting off Erin's bachelorette party weekend with Tapas and drinks!

May outtakes (I can't promise I will continue these since the main reason I put off blogging is because it takes SO long to upload pictures.) Lucky for you I uploaded all of these photos a few months back before I got really lazy ;)

This was our main hallway decorated with Truffala trees for Teacher Appreciation Week...WOW!
The Royal's game for AJ's work...they had a suite, food, and best of all FIREWORKS!
I can't get enough of this darling little face...I know I am bias, but gosh isn't she pretty?

Here are just some of the pictures from the annual Ozarks trip:
This ladies and gentlemen is the cliff I jumped off of last year...the one that caused me to tear muscles in my chest and collar bone. Needless to say I decided not to join in on the jumping fun this year...too bad everyone else didn't take my advice. We had 2 jumpers and 2 injuries...this cliff is definitely BAD LUCK!

It's so hard to get out of bed and go to work in the morning when I have this cute little thing begging me for cuddles!
Someone is already trying to perfect her "duck face"
Gramps is always picking on Miss Fin...and usually this is her reaction....
Or this....

I already have June and July's photos uploaded...so hopefully I have the posts up very soon! Needless to say, I will be REALLY happy when this year's resolution is over! 


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