Thursday, January 16, 2014

Twelve in Twelve 2014: I did it...

Oh my gosh...I did it. I signed up for the Heartland 39.3 series...I have committed myself to running 3 half-marathons in the span of 5 weeks. Am I freaking crazy??? Please don't answer that ;)

This is an idea I have been toying with ever since AJ's brother ran these races last year. When Brian signed up and then completed these 3 races only 2 things went through my head:

1) He is a nut job

2) He is such a Brian, if you are reading this...don't you dare let that go to your head ;)

Ever since he finished those 3 races (and since then run a  full marathon-can you tell he is my running idol? lol!) I told myself that "someday" I would sign up to do it too and get the self-proclaimed title of "badass"...and usually when I say "someday" what I really mean is procrastinating until it is too late and then saying "oops, guess I will do it next year" ;)

This year is different though...this is a challenge I REALLY want to take on and I keep telling myself that it fits perfectly with my New Year's Resolution...and I am guessing that by next year I will be a little over running races, so it won't be something I will want to do then. is the time!

But then I keep thinking "I've never even run a half marathon before...why do I think I can do this??"
Deep down I know I CAN do this...but for the past month I have let fear and self-doubt get in the way of taking the plunge. I've visited the web-page SEVERAL times and I have gotten as far as hitting register and putting in all of my information before closing out. Today, I don't know what came over me...I sat there with my cursor hovering over the complete registration tab for several minutes before telling myself "stop being a wimp and DO IT!" So I did...I clicked "complete registration" and that's it...I AM doing it.  Now the only question is....Who is going to do this with me?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014...Off and running!

It's that time again...New Year's Resolution time! Can you tell I am REALLY excited about this one? This year will definitely be my most challenging one yet...but I have no doubt it will be rewarding. I have decided that this year I am going to run one race a month. Since I love to overuse a tag line (see 2011's resolution) and I love a good hashtag I have decided that this year will be known as "Twelve in Twelve 2014" OR if you are a hashtagaholic like me you can call it #TwelveInTwelve2014.

I have been running for YEARS...Just the other day I was thinking back to my first race and I realized it was in 2009! My friend Kristen and I had been running together for a few months just for fun and decided to take the plunge and sign up for a race. We ran a 10k and let me tell you...after that race I was hooked! Nothing beats a race atmosphere and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. Plus...who doesn't love a t-shirt?
Kristen and I after our very first 10k in 2009!

I have wanted to do this challenge before (in 2012...when 12 in 12 would have been even cooler) but due to my procrastination the only January race I could find was sold out!! That is why this year I signed up back in October for the Groundhog Run. I went back and forth between whether or not I should do the 5k or 10k. Winter always puts a damper on my desire to run, because I hate the treadmill aka dreadmill. I decided that since I was going to take on this challenge I needed to suck it up and DO IT! I went ahead and signed up for the 10K. While the weather here in Kansas hasn't been ideal...I have managed to get my hatred for the dreadmill under control and I will definitely be ready!

Along with running the races I am going to track my runs and blog about it each month. I know what you are thinking...I'm a terrible blogger and my procrastination always seems to get me off track. This is probably true...but what can I of these days I will get my blogger act together :) In the meantime...just be patient...I will eventually blog about each race!

Looking forward, I have 3 races already planned and registered for... January- The Groundhog Run (10k)
February- The Sweetheart Run (5k) I have convinced my wonderful boyfriend to run this one with as not to have a reenactment of "The Love Run" of 2011 :-)
March- The Big 12 5K My friend Kasey will be running this one with me. I have to say this is probably the race I am most looking forward to because it is her first race EVER! She has never really been a runner and I have managed to convince her to give it a chance and run this race with me. She has been doing such a great job with her training and I absolutely LOVE when she texts me a picture of her sweaty self after a run session! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that after we cross the finish line she will tell me that she loves running ;)

The rest of the months are kind of up for grabs...I may run a half marathon in there at some point but I am not sure yet. I also would like to travel for a race (maybe San Diego to run with my cousin?!?), run a virutal race, and do some sort of fun run. I'm keeping my eyes open for races, but if you have any suggestions please let me know!! Just know that if you suggest a race you will have to run it with me :)
Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project 365-December

This is a day I never thought I would see...while this year flew by and I am really glad I finished Project 365...there were definitely days I never thought I would see the end of this challenge!!! Now that it is January and I am done I can say I am SOOOO glad I took this challenge.

Chief's Sunday wouldn't be complete with chili and a scared Grace ;)
A beautiful December day was perfect for a 5 mile run! This was a welcome change after weeks on the treadmill!!
Poor Grace is always a good source of entertainment...we are always making her look silly :)
Breakfast for dinner is always a good idea :)
The Holiday Homes tour is always one of my favorite holiday traditions!
This right here is why I do what I do :)
Christmas with the Smith family is never dull...Mad Gab and a white elephant gift exchange.
Again...relentless with the ball!
Happy birthday to my favorite guy :)
When you don't have cable you find some interesting shows...this station "Bounce" is my new favorite!
Another cold...why won't it stop?!?! This time I missed 2 days of school in a row (which has NEVER happened before)
What better way to spend a sick day than with maintenance men coming in and out fixing the leak in the ceiling...ugh!
A "relaxing" Friday night was exactly what I needed after being sick all week!
Game night with these crazies is always a good time!
Sleepy Sunday, yet again ;)
Another one of my favorite holiday traditions is making cookies with these ladies...even though we tire out about half way through decorating ;)
The best cure for a craptastic cream of course!
I love when past student's stop by to say hello...however the fact that she is in high school now makes me feel VERY old!
I stopped at Einstein bagel to get a gift card as a gift and decided I might as well get a bagel and tea...uh I am hooked!!
Game night with Brandon and Caitlin is always...uhhhh...interesting? ;)
There is nothing better than snuggling a brand new baby...especially when it is one of your best friends little ones! So excited for Trent and Sam and I can't wait to spoil Baby Brooks rotten :)
Breakfast is a very important meal for us...and we are always open to trying new recipes. This one was definitely a success...Grands biscuits and flattened into a muffin pan, filled with gravy, covered with egg and viola gravy in a biscuit!!
OH MY WORD...I can't even!! I love this little face!!
Christmas followed by dinner and exchanging gifts!
My grandpa always  makes sure his grandkids are set with Buckeye gear  :)
The kids were going stir crazy after being inside for a few days so we decided to head out for a Starbucks date...I have to say this was one of my favorite days of the year.
My new toy!! Even though there was still snow on the ground...and ice on the sidewalks I just couldn't resist taking it for a quick spin around the block!
After a busy week with family dinner and grocery shopping was all we could muster for our Saturday night. Talk about an exciting "date night"
My candy crush addiction might have gone too far ;)
Another lazy night preparing for cream in bed while finishing season one of Dexter (another amazing show you HAVE to watch!)
Last photo of the year and of Project 365...I couldn't ask for a better group of friends to ring in the new year :)

December Outtakes:

I saw this on the Holiday Homes Tour...and if you watch Parenthood you understand how amazing this is...I want to live here!!
Also...if you know me at all you know how excited I was to see this!!
Happy Birthday AJ!!! Giant cupcakes are always necessary when celebrating :)
I am slightly obsessed with this little one's Christmas photos! I you blame me?
GG and Finney
She was pumped to open Christmas gifts! I swear she knew exactly what was going on!
Minion shrinky-dinks! This was my first experience with these...and 2 out of 3 managed to come out unscathed.
Little Lacy at Starbucks.
I totally dig this chick :)
This is yet another example of how ridiculous we are when trying to take photos ;)
4 years ago on NYE I met Jessica...I thought it was only appropriate to get her a singing cat for our friendaversary ;)
Silly group can never have too many pictures!

Project 365- November

 I tried to mix things up for November's photos and I decided that I would combine it with the "thankful" challenge that people on Facebook always do. This was stupid...I am not at any shortage for things I am thankful for...but finding photos that show what I am thankful for was hard! There were several times during November I wanted to quit altogether...the only thing that kept me going was knowing that there was only 1 month left!!!

There is absolutely no other way I would rather spend a Friday night than babysitting this little cutie!! I'm so thankful that her mom and dad allow me to spend so much time with her :)
2 of our favorite things...the zoo and face in the hole!! I'm so thankful that AJ humors me :)
I'm thankful for lazy Sunday's spent watching football all day long! Playing Fantasy football this year definitely made the other games more fun to watch as well.
I hate running on the treadmill...but thankfully I have my Ipad to keep my mind off of the fact that I am running in place!!
Simple yet delicious meals are something that I am always thankful for..especially on a cold day!
I know I have taken a lot of pictures of "girl's dinner" but I just couldn't skip it this month. I am so incredibly thankful for these weekly dinners with some of my best friends :)
Cheesy yes...but I am so thankful for such a great boyfriend and a happy and harmonious love life :)
I am always really thankful for an empty "to be graded" basket! This helps me leave school on Friday and never look back...until Monday :)
Celebrating Jessica's 30th birthday! I am so thankful for all of my friends :)
I know I have said this before...but the parent community at TCE is amazing and they are always spoiling me! I am so thankful that they know me so well and get me Mi Ranchito gift cards :)
For Veterans Day I wanted to show how thankful I am for those who have/are currently serving with this photo of my handsome grandfather.
I'm not much of a cook...nor do I want to be, which is why I am so thankful for a boyfriend who likes to cook.
I know the rule is waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas...well I hate waiting that long. That is why this day I was so thankful for my friend Kristen who already had her decorations up...this gave me the only excuse I needed to pull my decorations out!
I love book fairs...and again my students and their parents spoil me with books for our classroom library. Clearly they know me well...George Lucas!!
I am so thankful for the best Vet ever! Not only do they treat Grace really well...but they stay open late!
In November I am always thankful for weather that allows me to run on my favorite trail!
For real...what would I do without this cute face? I am so thankful that I have been able to spend almost 9 years with my little furbaby!
I'm thankful that clearing out space in my closet wasn't as painful as I expected...I think maybe it was worth it :)
We have a SPED teacher at my school who randomly surprises me with this little treat! On this particular morning I was so thankful for a little pick me up :)
My students are incredible...even on the toughest of days they can always make me smile...and for that I am very thankful.
How convenient that on TBT my middle/high school bestie and I got to have a quick catch up chat. I'm so thankful to have her a part of my life even after all of these years :)
I am terrible with make-up...and after many years of the SAME thing I went to Ulta to see if I could find something new. I'm so incredibly thankful that the sales person was patient with me and helped me to find the PERFECT new make-up!
Today I am thankful for a night in with the pup binge watching Scandal!! I mean seriously if you haven't watched this show yet...DO IT!
For my birthday AJ got me tickets to the Chiefs vs San Diego game....Even though it was cold I am thankful the company was great and the seats were incredible!!!
After a long day/night I am really thankful for the miracle of medicine...especially Ibuprofen
After numerous trips up and down the stairs to a 3rd floor apartment today I was thankful that everything had been moved in and this was all that was left to unpack!
I'm thankful for days off spent with this little beauty :)
Are words even necessary here? I'm so incredibly thankful for this crazy lady and a day with my family :)
Catching Fire....FINALLY!!! I don't have to be thankful anymore...but I am glad that AMC has a bar made waiting a few hours for the first non-sold out show a little easier.
Saints with my Goose....I sure love having her living close :)

November Outtakes:

Penguins exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo

It was the perfect day to be out and about at the zoo :)
Happy Birthday to one of my dearest the tiny hate ;)
Heck ya...there is no better way to celebrate a 30th birthday!
She is persistent when it comes to playing fetch...
Good thing she wears out quickly :)