Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project 365- August

August is both my favorite and least favorite of all of the months...I love that it is still summer and the weather is warm, I love coming back to work and seeing all my co-workers whom I haven't seen all summer, and I LOVE the first day of school. What I don't love is being SOOOOO tired and feeling like a zombie from getting back into a routine!

This summer I was offered a really awesome opportunity working with Toyota and Scion. They needed a few people to drive around their 10th anniversary vehicles and show them off. So, basically I drove around and talked to people. When this was offered up, I just couldn't say no...little did I know, I would be driving this beauty. What it lacks in beauty it makes up for in convenience. When we couldn't find a place to park it on the plaza we were able to back it into a parallel parking spot and it fit beautifully. This car is no longer than a regular car is wide...also...I looked really cool driving it :)
Day 2 was a little bit of the same...driving around and talking to people. First Fridays was definitely my favorite stop of the day...this place is a people watching mecca! We met a time jumper, a naked guitar player, and many more interesting people :)
While working the Scion Tour I was downtown close to AJ's friend Brad's house. We decided this was as good a time as any to meet up with Brad and explore his new town. Luckily we found this awesome dirty little karaoke bar. I thought the Red Balloon had the best karaoke...nope, this place wins! And yes...the lyrics to the song are exactly what you see. I couldn't believe my ears!! It must be a crowd favorite and song that is played every week, because when he got done singing the crowd went wild! None of us said a word...I think we were a little in shock!
Homemade McGriddles...AJ was able to get some of the McGriddle's buns 
(bread?) from work and we definitely put them to use...I mean, well he did...he is a much better cook than I am :)
Another Bachelorette/School Project Monday with Kim...Not sure what I would do without this girl!
This year I went with a "Sweet Treats" theme for my classroom. I gave these out our Meet the Teacher night.
I stopped at Walgreens to get a stapler...just a stapler...and this is what I ended up with. I thought I was avoiding the "buy everything in site" curse by choosing Walgreens over Target. Guess I was wrong :)
Sometimes my friend Kala surprises me with fun little convenient that on TBT she sent me this little gem. This is by far one of my favorite days of all time. Dog sledding with Kala proved to be a real's just a miracle that we are both still around to tell the story ;)
A Friday night with some of my favorite people :)
Since we don't have cable (yes, I am aware that that is insane) occasionally AJ and head up to Johnny's to watch basketball/football/soccer games. Saturday's are the best because they have $4.50 schooners.
Sundays are always filled with lots of Netflix (or football during football season), Mexican food, and ice cream. We used to always go to Mi Ranchito, but then I introduced AJ to the deliciousness of La we switch off...I mean every relationship requires some compromise ;)
Every year we have a celebration to kick off the beginning of the school year. This year our superintendent and a bunch of administrators did the Harlem Shake. I thought I was over the Harlem Shake videos and skits...until I saw my principal on the stage :)
On my way to work I saw this random hot air was 7:30 AM...flying over Overland Park? How much fun could that be?
Jessica is a smart cookie adding these goodies to my bridesmaid gift...If you are going to have a red head in your destination wedding you must provide her with sunscreen :)
This fun little activity on the first day of school let me get to know my new little friends and kind of see what they thought was important in a teacher. I'm just really relieved that I can read and that I don't teach bad things...The flexsbil part might need a little work :)
This right here is pure teacher gold! When Kim came to Timber Creek last year she introduced me to the idea of "Homeworkopoly" and using it as an incentive to have all homework turned in on time. It works beautifully!! My kids love playing the game and rarely forget to turn in their homework :)
It seems like any time we all go out someone thinks they need shots...I never think this is a good idea and politely decline ;)
If we aren't cooking breakfast we usually head to IHOP or our new favorite Perkins. Breakfast is most definitely the most important meal of Sunday :)
Cereal for dinner is always a good idea :)
The dishwasher ate my spatula...and it smelled AWFUL!
I told you August was exhausting...some nights I come home and get right into bed. As you can tell here I am in bed before the sun has even gone down. I think I read a few pages before falling asleep midread and dropping my book on the ground. (This is a VERY common occurrence)
Sushi happy hour date with Lauren and Kelli for Lauren's birthday! I'm so glad OP has a Drunken Fish now! So delicious!
Saturday night with the Deffers! Delicious food and Tenzi :) Just remember...DON'T EAT THAT ;)
I can't even caption this...Silas and Maddy's was a huge disappointment :( After waiting all week for mint chocolate chip ice cream, come to find out "they don't have any today" WHAT????
Taco Bell on the living room floor is acceptable when you don't get home from school till late :)
Back to School Night always makes me nervous! Even after 6 years I get stage fright!! Which is silly because we seriously have the best community of parents at TCE, and by the end of the night I have had so much fun getting to meet them all.
Occasionally my brother will call me on Facetime so I can see this cute little bug! This particular time B and I got into a conversation about something and the little miss fell asleep. I guess we were boring her :)
It's things like this that make my job interesting :)
This pile of papers sat on the desk at home all weekend...I had good intentions of grading them right then...but a happy hour sounded much better :)
Remember when I said Johnny's had 4.50 schooners? Well sometimes they serve them in the mugs that you see on the left. This particular time they ran out right after AJ got his beer and I got stuck with a plastic cup...everyone tries to tell me that there is the same amount of beer in both (which I hardly believe)  and even if they are right, the mug is so much cooler. Clearly AJ was a good sport about getting the mug...not!

August Outtakes:

August is a rough month...going back to work is tough on my social life. The hours that I am awake I tend to spend at school, so I apologize for the lack of photos and for the fact that they are all of my dog or niece. least they are both cute ;-) 

August is rough on this little one...she got used to sleeping in and having me at home...only to have her world turned upside down! 
Seriously? Do they get any cuter than this?

My little lovie :-) 
Eating in a high chair now! 


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