Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project 365- September

Sunday morning snuggles with my favorite person :) I mean for you know anyone who can make bed head and their jammies look this good?
Fantasy football draft!! Sitting next to AJ while doing this wasn't my best choice...I swear he kept looking at my players in my queue and stealing them...even though he still denies that! ;) Plus...for some reason or another the way the draft worked had him picking 2 or 3 times before I would even get to pick once!! Fantasy football proved to be a test of our relationship more than once this season ;)
I am sucker for cute stuff...and with Mexico just a few days away how could I resist this little travel 
We decided that since we had to be up early (REALLY EARLY) the next day to leave for Mexico we didn't want to cook dinner. We headed to McDonald's for our fancy sit down dinner :) 
I can't even begin to explain how incredible our resort was! After a long day of traveling walking into this beautiful place was exactly what we needed. We were greeted in the lobby with champagne to get us by until we could get checked in :)
I have never been to a destination wedding before...but let me tell you...this was one of the most beautiful, incredible, amazing, weddings I have ever been to! The whole day was just perfect :)
AJ and I had decided before we even left for Mexico that we wanted to go zip-lining on one of the days. Not sure why we chose the day after the wedding...especially when we had to be up at like 6AM to catch the shuttle. It is safe to say we were both struggling a bit...maybe me more than him! Between the heights, small ladders, and zip-lining upside down while being spun in circles it is truly a miracle that the Mayan jungle didn't receive any presents from my stomach :) Even though we weren't feeling the greatest we had a blast...that is until it started to rain and I almost died :)

Just another day in Mexico!! Lucky for us we had 24 hour room service so we didn't have to miss out on our "Ice Cream Sunday" tradition :)
Last night in Mexico was spent at the Hibachi grill! The food was INCREDIBLE!!! After dinner we decided to just head back to our room. It has been a LOOOONG week and neither of us had the energy to have any more fun!
Morning room service is what I miss most...the breakfast was incredible and I didn't even have to get out of my jammies!
Coming back to work after a week in paradise was not something I was looking forward to. However, coming in to my classroom to this made it so much better! My kiddos are incredible and I hadn't realized how much I missed them!
Thank goodness for a 54th street night...I was definitely not in the mood to cook for myself...and I kind of a needed a beer :)
I hate grocery when I do go, I always reward myself with a little treat :) I love the fall and these lollipops!!
I would have to say we have attended a record number of weddings this year. Good news is...we are great wedding guests. We love food, booze, and dancing :)
Sunday couchgating!! I'm so thankful for friends that can cook...this was delicious!
Fall decorations are my favorite! Luckily for me I can just change the color of the M&M's so this decoration can stay up until at least St. Patty's Day :)
Sporting KC game and failed selfies. AJ and I just cannot manage to look normal in a picture at the same time. So you are welcome for these beauties :)
Girl's dinner at Laura's...can you tell the food was delicious and that I was starving?
More couchgating for the Chief's game :)
Babysitting Miss Fin is my favorite thing to do :)
She said "yes to the dress"! I was lucky enough to be a part of this special day for my best friend :)

Sunday Runday on my favorite trail! Now that it's January and there is snow on the ground, this picture makes me really sad :(
Leftover quesadillas from our Sunday Mexican food date...please try not to judge me for the insane amounts of sour's delicious :)
Our class field trip to the Wilderness Science was a success...even though Shelly the turtle pooped all over the floor. I can now officially say I have seen turtle poop!
Good thing I got in a quick run before girl's dinner...Erin is trying to fatten us up with her delicious brownies and ice cream!
Car rides are very tiring for this little 
Fish fry at the Shower's residence...I snuck my way into this cute little family photo. I suppose at least I look less scary than Bob ;)
Jessica and Bob's Kansas City reception. 
Sundays are always very productive around here ;)
We eat a lot of pizza...but hey, who can blame's delicious :)

September Outtakes:

Our incredible room!
I'm so glad we went with a swim out room :)
 Started my morning reading my book by our own personal pool with a mimosa...can you say spoiled?!?
The secret box was by far one of my favorite parts of our room...when we ordered room service they would put it in here and call us and tell us to "check our secret box" and viola just like magic!
 A fun group of ladies :)

One of my very favorite pictures...if you look at the top you can see part of Vanessa's bouquet...while attempting to get a jumping picture she must have gotten a little violent with hers..."I'm a good time"
 right V?

If you have been to a wedding with me you know that I quickly make friends with the DJ or band...this wedding was no exception.

I really, really, really want to go back....

They even had a giant chess set...I didn't even know this was important until now :)
I love this picture...note Bob in the background.

I definitely didn't hate room service ;)
AJ spent more time in this robe than any other item of clothing...I think that was his favorite part of Mexico ;)
Luckily the fun didn't end when we left Mexico...Jessica and Bob had a Kansas City reception for everyone who couldn't come to Mexico. Usually when  bride says "you can wear it again" about your bridesmaids dress they are wrong...but Jess wasn't kidding :)
For some reason these two can take a decent picture together, but AJ and I can't manage it if our life depended on it.

Don't worry though...Bob and I take pretty great pictures too :)

I'm going to close out September's post with this little favorite picture of all time.


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