Friday, February 28, 2014

Twelve in Twelve 2014: I'm on a diet...

I'm on a diet....

It's called "Eating all of the foods ALL of the time"
This shirt basically says it all...I feel this way ALL OF THE TIME!
This "diet" is relentless and not something I have any control over. As my weekly mileage continues to increase so does my insatiable appetite. When I tell you that "I am hungry" that is a severe understatement...starving or famished come closer to expressing the feelings I have, but they still don't even cut it.

Naturally your body tries to replace the calories that you burn during exercise, and let me tell you... after a 10 mile run and burning a measly 1,100 calories, my body takes this task seriously!! I'm usually not all that hungry directly after a's usually a few hours later that my body goes into starvation mode (dramatic right?) and that is when it happens...I want to eat EVERY.SINGLE.THING in sight! One night I even contemplated eating grated Parmesan cheese while we waited (impatiently) for the waiter to deliver our food. (I told you this was serious!)

On top of running 12 races this year I have also decided I should  take a look at what I am eating and  make healthier choices...I'm asking a  lot of my body, so it's important to fuel it correctly. This means cutting down on sugars, fast food, soda, and unhealthy snack foods...which is tough when a sudden pang of hunger strikes! Luckily, I have found some tricks and foods that keep my hunger at bay...and keep me from devouring the all the unhealthy foods!


Thanks to an impromptu Costco trip with one of my co-workers I discovered this amazing deliciousness! Not only are these little sandwiches tasty, but they are filled with protein and keep me full all morning. Another perk is  that they are VERY similar to my one true love...a McDonald's sausage biscuit with egg. This has made cutting out that little morning delight a little bit easier. My breakfasts don't vary much ever, because I literally go to bed at night counting down the seconds until I can wake up and eat one of these bad boys...I'm not sure I will EVER get tired of them, but if I do, I will probably go back to my chocolate, peanut butter, and banana protein shakes.

I HAVE to have snacks throughout the's not an option. If I didn't it is very likely that I would steal one of my third-grader's snacks or even resort to the occasional glue stick...not really...but maybe ;) 
My snacks all have one thing in common...protein! Protein is a blessing for my appetite and for my students...because nobody wants to see Ms. Walter hangry ;)

For snacks, I've tried several different protein bars and this one is by far my favorite. Not only does it have the most protein, but it has very little sugar and it doesn't taste like actually tastes like a delicious candy bar. I usually pair this with a banana and it will keep me comfortable until lunch time.
Another favorite snack of mine is peanut butter toast topped with a couple of scoops of cottage cheese...I know what you are sounds terrible...but it's not...I promise! This snack is one the most filling snacks I have found and the contrast between the warm toast and cold cottage cheese is me...TRY IT!

By the end of the work day I am in DIRE need of another snack- here I go again with the drama...but I need you all to know how serious this is ;) I usually try to make this something light, because I do most of my running or working out after work and I can't do that on a full stomach...or empty stomach for that matter. My favorite lately has been almonds mixed with Brookside's dark chocolate covered fruit. (I have convinced myself that this is a really "healthy" snack because of the anti-oxidants in the dark chocolate and the fruit) But seriously, these dark chocolate covered fruits are a-mazing!!!

Sometimes if I am not up for a snack in the afternoon or I have a longer run planned I will skip the snack altogether and have one of my other favorite things in the entire world!! Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks! All you do is add one of these packets to a bottle of water and viola...delicousness!!Seriously...these things are so yummy and do wonders for my afternoon "slump"
I am not one for energy drinks and since I completely mostly gave up soda....although, I sure would love a Pepsi right now...these help to curb that craving along with being a great pre-workout. They aren't marketed as a "pre-workout" supplement...but they are exactly what I need. Since I hardly ever drink caffeine anything with extra caffeine (like a pre-workout supplement) makes me jittery! These do not...these give me just the right amount of oompf to get through my day and keep me from driving right past the gym and heading right to my comfy couch ;)

While I have been doing a pretty good job making better food choices I do have to admit...I have an ice cream addiction...I love it...I want to eat it ALL OF THE TIME! While I am trying to cut out a lot of the "extra" sugars I still occasionally (or maybe nightly) indulge in a bit of ice cream. AJ and I used to do "Ice Cream Sundays" and we would only eat ice cream on Sundays. However, when winter hit, neither of us wanted to get out in the cold to get ice cream, so we started buying it at the grocery store...and let me tell you...if there is ice cream in the freezer...I am going to eat it :)

I have never been one to watch what I eat...or go on a diet...but lately paying attention to the food that I eat has become really important to me...not the amount (which is still kind of important...because like I said...I need ALL THE FOODS) but more so what foods I choose. I have noticed a change in how I feel before, during, and after runs or workouts and it's definitely a good change. I have more energy and I don't feel nearly as sluggish. Although the scale hasn't shown a pants don't feel as tight and Idon't have any issues getting dressed in the's probably all in my head but I don't have those dreaded "fat days" nearly as often as I used to ;)


  1. Don't forget to eat some protein within 30 minutes after you run. That will help your body not STARVE later! A very good lesson I learned! Believe me, I am a Smith, I know what hangry is.