Friday, February 7, 2014

Twelve In Twelve 2014: Rewarding Myself

When looking at a long-term goal it is important to make small goals along the way. It is also mandatory that you reward yourself for accomplishing those smaller goals. (I totally made that up by the way...did you believe me?) I'm sure there isn't a "rule" per say that you have to reward yourself for accomplishing goals...but when looking at my own goal for this year knowing that I will get rewards along the way makes things a lot more fun :)
My ultimate goal is to run 12 races in 12 months...but along with that I set a goal for myself that I would run 1,000 miles total in 2014.

On top of 1,000 seeming like a whole heck of a lot of miles...12 months is way to long to wait for a reward, so I decided that I would break my 1,000 miles into 100 mile segments and reward myself for every 100 miles that I run.
After reaching my first milestone of 100 miles yesterday, I started to think about what I wanted to do for myself...I didn't want my reward to be food or something I would buy myself regularly, so I decided that I would buy myself something ridiculous....and by ridiculous, I mean something that I would NEVER allow myself to purchase normally. Something I either find too expensive or something that I don't think is a practical way to spend my money on. I figure this plan is a win-win...not only will it keep me motivated, but I will also get new things along the way!! (And we all know this girl loves to shop!!!)

For this first 100 miles I know exactly what I want my reward to be....

Seriously...I'm IN LOVE!! I have been lusting after these puppies for a few months, but I just couldn't justify paying $140 for a pair of red rain boots! I mean how often would I wear them (EVERY DAY!!) and how practical are they?? (VERY)

So after telling myself no for months I have decided this is my first reward...a pair of red rain boots... that I totally don't need...but I really, really want and totally deserve ;)
I'm already on the lookout for mile 200's reward...I may or may not have a shopping problem ;)