Thursday, March 13, 2014

Twelve in Twelve 2014: H2O

Who came up with the rule that you have to drink 8 glasses of water each day? That is confusing to me...8 glasses? What size of glasses are they talking about? What happens if I use the water fountain at school or the gym? How the hell do I keep track of this?  8 glasses is such an arbitrary number and not solid enough information for me. 

I've also heard that you should take your body weight divide it by 2 and drink that many ounces of water...again, this brings up a very important question...which weight are you talking about? My driver's license weight (from when I was 18), the weight from the doctor's office (which is too high because I had clothes on...duh) or the weight from my cheap scale from many questions!!!
When I started this New Year's resolution I decided it was time to cut Pepsi (my addiction) and really focus on drinking more water. Like I said before I have read so many different things about much water I should drink, and I got so many different answers that I decided to give up on having the "scientific" answer and kind of just go with what I feel my body needs. I am always thirsty (sort of like the hunger problem I have) so I always have to have a water bottle with me. My favorite water bottle is my Camelbak.! I like that it is easy for me to keep track of how much I drink when I use this. I tend to drink a whole one before I go to work...then I drink one before my plan time (about 2 hours) then I drink 1 between then and the end of the work day (4hours) and then another before I go to bed at night. So all in all I drink around 100 ounces a day...which is more than the "8 glasses" or "half my weight" in ounces...but I sweat a lot...I mean we are talking major sweaty Betty I lose more water during a day than most people...especially on a long I imagine my body doesn't hate the extra ounces :)
Even Miss Finley is obsessed with her Camelbak :)

People are always talking about all of the great benefits of water...and while all of those things sound come no one talks about what it will REALLY be like if you drink that much water?
The amount of times I almost pee my pants in a day, is disturbing. I no longer casually think "Oh, I need to use the restroom" it has become "HOLY HELL, GET ME TO A BATHROOM RIGHT NOW!" Contrary to what Adam Sandler wants us to is NOT cool to pee your pants :)
You may think I am exaggerating...but trust me, I am not! Being a teacher makes this "issue" a little more complicated...what happens when I am in the midst of molding the minds of the future of America you ask?

I do have to admit though...sometimes I run out of my classroom while pleading with my students "to please be good" at the same time I am threatening them by saying "I can hear you from the bathroom" because I just can't hold it. Hopefully, one of these days my bladder will stretch out and my body will get used to the massive amounts of water I consume...but until then I will count myself lucky that I haven't peed my pants....yet ;)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Twelve in Twelve 2014: February aka Hoth

February hasn't been ideal for running...I have spent more hours than I thought humanly possible on a treadmill. While I haven't shown the "dreadmill" much love in the past...I have been really grateful for this torture device this month. Running outdoors was nearly impossible for the majority of the month.
White, white, and more white...this was my walk to the gym pretty much all month.
While I found a new appreciation for the treadmill this month...I did get awfully tired of this view
I can't even...4 snow days already this school year and it's looking like there could be more! 

This "polar vortex" made my training more difficult...but I am proud to say I didn't give up! I spent more time on the treadmill than I would like and I sprinkled in a little more cross-training...which affected my weekly mileage...but kept me from losing my mind :)
This is the week that I learned that the treadmill automatically turns off after an hour...that is HIGHLY inconvenient, especially when my weekly long run has to be done on the treadmill. 
This is the week I surpassed my longest distance EVER! Yep...I have never run more than 7.5 miles at a time. Before this New Year's Resolution and signing up for the half marathons I only had only run for fun/ stress relief and never had a reason to run more than 7.5. 
This is the week I learned that watching "Girls" on the treadmill at the gym is a very poor decision...some of the scenes are a little uh....graphic? Needless to say I will be choosing a different show to watch while running at the gym :) This was also the week of February's race...luckily the weather wasn't too awful!
This was the week of my very first (and definitely not last) group run! I finally got to do my long run outside and with a big group of people running the same distance. Who knew that a group run could be so motivating...I'm sure lots of people do/did...I was just late to that game I suppose :)

Total miles for February: 72.34 
Total for 2014 so far: 153.34

Race #2: The Sweetheart Run
February's race was extra special because not only did I get to run it with my "sweetheart" but it was AJ's very first race EVER! 
Luckily, we had a snow free weekend with higher than average temperatures (it was a whopping 30 degrees and there was ice and snow all over the sidewalks) We were also lucky that they had the Ritz Charles open so we could hang out in there before/after the race. 
Here we are for the 3 seconds at the beginning of the race where we ran together...shortly after this picture, AJ decided that he was going to sprint the whole damn thing. I let him go...because I knew I would catch him eventually when he decided that a 7 min mile pace for 3.12 miles was not a great decision for someone who had only run a handful of times in preparation for this race. A few minutes into the race he came to his senses and slowed down...good thing too...because shortly after, we hit a pretty tough hill :)
Finish line pictures are so flattering...and the only reason I am posting this one is to show off the INCREDIBLE time in which AJ finished his first race! I am SO proud of him...since he hadn't trained much I had expected to have to stop and walk or slow our pace down toward the end, but he was a trooper and pushed through to the end! 
Remember how I said finish line photos weren't flattering...I wonder how this guy feels about his finish line photo? When I was browsing through the photos looking for ours, I came across this and seriously couldn't stop laughing for like 20 minutes. Is it a little bit mean to laugh at this guy's misfortune...yes...but seriously, it was a 5k and look at his time...I have a feeling he just had a little bit too much fun the night I would say I am allowed to laugh! Also, if you look above at our finish line photo, you can still see the poor guy laying there! I'm sure there are those of you out there saying "Wow Heather, you are so mean" but in all seriousness...the guy is fine now :)
Like I have said before the best part of a race is breakfast afterward! I think AJ got a little hungry waiting on our food though ;) 
One last thing before I go...I had to make a change to my first 100 mile reward. I know I said I was going treat myself to red Hunter rain-boots...well, let me just tell you that was a major fail. Apparently, Hunter rain-boots are meant for people just a little bit taller than I am. When I tried them on they hit mid-knee and made it nearly impossible to walk normally. The salesperson then suggested the kids sizes...which was great, but they didn't have the size I needed in the color I wanted.
 I spent weeks looking online and trying to figure out a way to get those boots on my feet...unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be. They were/are sold out EVERYWHERE! That was when I decided I would just get a different pair. 
 I couldn't find any red ones that I liked, but I did find a really cute pair in gray. The best part of these boots is they were a third of the price and allowed me to spend the rest of that money I planned on spending on my rain-boots on clothes ;)

Alright...that's a wrap on February and next up is the Big 12 5k on March 15th!