Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Twelve In Twelve 2014: Disappointed

This may sound stupid...and you may want to shake me and tell me to quit acting like a brat...but I have to get this off my chest....
Rock the Parkway was awful...I hated almost every second of it. I didn't get that feeling of absolute euphoria or pride that I usually get when I cross a finish line. I felt defeated, angry, and disappointed.

When I first signed up for the half, my goal was just to finish. Then as my training progressed I knew that not only could I finish, but I could finish in under 2 hours....then 2 weeks before my race I went out and ran 12.5 miles in 1 hour and 45 minutes and let me tell you it felt great. I was absolutely SURE I was going to quite literally ROCK the Parkway and completely blow away my goal of under 2 hours. I felt so confident and sure of myself going into the race....
Spoiler alert...I did NOT rock that parkway...yes...I finished...and I even finished under 2 hours (1:54) and I should be proud of that...and I a way... but I just can't help but be a little disappointed in how felt during and after the race. I struggled big time. If there had been an "exit here, and no one will ever know" I would have most definitely taken it.
Things just didn't work out the way I planned...I'm not sure if it was the heat/humidity (it was about 30 degrees warmer than any of the long training runs I had done up until this point), the wind (a million miles per hour), or just a plain ol' bad run.
I have talked to several others who also ran last weekend and they have all said the same thing...that this was a tough race. I even talked to someone who ran it last year and she said it was MUCH harder this time around due to the heat and wind. While it makes me feel better to find out that I am not the only one that felt that way...I still can't seem to shake this funk I am in. This was my first half marathon...something I never thought I would/could do...I am supposed to feel good about it and I just don't.

Luckily...or unluckily...I have another half marathon in 9 days and while I am absolutely dreading all 13.1 miles, I am looking forward to a great race and getting out of this slump. I am crossing my fingers that I get all those feelings I usually get when I cross the finish line. I just have to keep reminding myself that it definitely can't be any worse ;)


  1. Im not a runner but I get the same feeling when I hit a goal. I expected the heavens to open and feel incredible and yet I hated every second of it. Kick this next marathon in the face!!