Friday, July 25, 2014

Goals, Goals, Goals!

I wasn't going to blog today...I mean c'mon...I posted Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and now today? I'm sure you all are sick of me by now ;)

When I saw the theme for today's "Friday Five" was goals...I just couldn't resist. I love, love, love setting goals. The only thing I love more than setting a goal is meeting my goals! 

Well to keep with the theme of my life lately, I thought I would make 5 marathon goals. Mini goals that I want to achieve as I go through the journey of training for my marathon. 


Obviously my main goal is to finish the marathon. This goal WILL happen. If I have to crawl across that finish line I.WILL.DO.IT. However, I want to do it the right way. I want to finish the marathon injury free and not hating my life or questioning every decision I have ever made :)

 Sub 4 hour

Alright, so I feel pretty confident about finishing the race (most days) but a goal that is a little loftier is that I would like to finish in under 4 hours. This means I would need to run at a 9:09 pace for 26.2 miles. I know I can do that for 13 miles...but can I do it for 26.2? I'm sure going to try! I set up my training plan based on a sub 4 hour hopefully my training will prepare me :)

Stretch more and make it more of a habit

I need to stretch more...before running, after running, on rest days, etc. I don't love stretching. If I am going to take the time to be training or working out I want to be going hard and sweating like crazy. I have a hard time seeing the true benefit of slowing down and treating my muscles to a nice long stretch. I have been trying to go to yoga classes (I even bought a few videos) and I have been trying to do Piyo on my cross-training days...but it's not yet a habit...and I still tend to rush through it. I am working on it though :)

Clean up my eating

While I have cut out soda, alcohol, and most fast food I still have some work today in the eats department. I want to work on finding healthier recipes (for AJ to cook of course) and spend more time prepping meals. I want to get into a good routine of making all of my lunches for the week (and avoiding frozen meals or school lunch) Another part of this is going to be cutting back on added sugar. I have started checking labels of some of my favorite foods and you would be shocked at how much sugar is in some of the things you eat. Check out the labels...I promise you will hate me for it ;)

Participate in a Running Club

I'm a solo-runner...I prefer it actually...but with my long runs getting longer I think I am going to need to start going to run club events more often. I went a few times while training for my half and I loved it. It's nice having a course set up for you with water stations and the motivation from having others to run with is awesome! I am a member of the Olathe Running Club and they have events on Wednesday nights and Saturdays, as well as sporadically throughout the week. I need to get out of my solo-runner shell and get to some of those events :)

Alright...I have 12 weeks to make these things happen. Now that they are written down...there is no going back :)

Do you run with a running club?
Would you rather run solo or with a running buddy?


  1. i love running with a buddy - it makes the time go by so much faster!

  2. Your first pic is hilarious. Great goals. I know I need to stretch more too. That is one thing I do not do consistently. Goodluck in completing one under four hrs. It is a great feeling of accomplishment:) -L

  3. Stretching and cleaning up my diet are also on my list. Great minds think alike. Also I love running with my group it's the best thing ever. #FridayFive Confessions of A Mother Runner

  4. These are awesome goals! I would love to work towards a sub-4hr marathon someday now that my running is faster. I am inspired by you training towards that!

  5. I love your goals... especially #1! It can be hard not to focus on pace, but finishing is an accomplishment in itself! I'm not always good at stretching either. Sometimes I search "pre/post yoga for runners" on youtube and can find some quick videos. I can't wait to see you make progress towards these goals!

  6. I am so with you on this!

    * My first goal is always to finish
    * My second goal is always to finish with a better time then last time...
    * My third goal is to push my speed as long as I can... 9 min 9 sec miles.. MAN I love you! Teach me how you do that for 13 miles? How long did it take you to get there? Because I can get to 3 miles ... and I'm like.. done, ya know?
    * My fourth goal is to always train better, eat better.... It's so hard, am I right?
    * And my fifth goal is to stretch more, because I know I will be less sore.. but, it just never works out. I'm trying hard to stretch a little more each week!