Monday, July 21, 2014

Marathon Monday

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was busy and I am very grateful for the little thing called summer vacation :) Summer is a magical time for teachers...I think I have only worn real pants (not workout pants) and make-up a handful of times since summer school wrapped up at the end of June. Going back to school is going to be tough! 

The hardest part of going back to school for me is going to be my early morning training runs. During the summer when I get back from my run I get to take my time getting cleaned up and having breakfast. Once school starts my morning schedule will be a little more hectic!

 The cooler weather definitely made running much more enjoyable this week. Let me tell you...heat really messes with me. It's affected my pace, effort level, and motivation to run. The break from the heat and humidity this week was much needed! 

Here is a quick re-cap of this week's training:

Monday- 4 easy-paced miles that ended here...the hill of doom! (Trust me it's much steeper than it looks) Once I got here I  ran hill repeats for a half mile. I worked on my form going up and down hill. Rumor has it the KC Marathon course is rather I want to be ready!

Tuesday- Neon socks and 6 easy paced miles. 

Wednesday-Yoga and eating everything in sight.

Thursday- 4 miles with negative splits. For the longest time I had no idea what negative splits were...but now that I know what they are...I want them ALL OF THE TIME! Nothing makes a run quite like negative splits...even if the last mile is uphill and you are trying to save your legs for your long run the following day...being really competitive is a pain sometimes ;)

 Friday- long run (another thing I will miss about summer vacation) and I have to tell you it felt AH-MA-ZING! This was my first long run in the last few weeks that I enjoyed! I took a new route and had a blast. I was only scheduled for 13...but I thought I would throw in that extra .1 just to see what my half-marathon time would be. Not a PR, but considering it was a training run and I was trying to take it easy... I will take it :)

Overall, I would say this was a great week of's one of those weeks that makes me feel like "Heck ya...I can do this, I can run 26.2 miles!" I'm going to fully enjoy this feeling for now, because I am sure there will be a week along this journey that I don't feel nearly as confident :)

After a great week of marathon training I found it only appropriate to celebrate by embarrassing myself by running the  Hit and Run 5k here in KC. This "Wipeout" inspired obstacle course  race was something we have been looking forward to for the last few weeks. Even though I think AJ was more excited than I was...I may or may not have been a little very nervous!

This guy is such a trooper...he is always ready and willing to do things like this with me!

Apparently our 5k last weekend didn't scare this lady away! My mom and a friend of hers from work signed up to run the race as well.

I have to say that before the race I was really nervous. It just looked like a sure way to injure myself, and that was the last thing I wanted during marathon training. However, once the race got going I was really pleased with how well organized everything was. They had waves within the waves so there weren't a million people waiting in line for the obstacles and once you got to the obstacles it was very organized as well. They only allowed 1-2 people on at a time (my fear was having people knock me over or fall on me) so it was much less dangerous than I had envisioned in my head! We all finished free of injuries and free of any and all pride ;)

I would say overall the race was really great. The promo video that I shared a few weeks back made the obstacles look much more extreme than they actually were (which was just fine by me) There wasn't any foam and not nearly as much water as I had envisioned. I didn't take a camera or anything to take pictures with because I was worried about ruining it. Honestly, if I were to do this again I would probably bring along a bag or my Flip-Belt to carry a camera or my phone. It was a very laid back atmosphere so it would have been easy to take turns with AJ on the obstacles (so as not to ruin the camera or phone) and take hilarious pictures of each other :)

The only complaint I have about this race is the number of obstacles. There were only 5, and it seemed like there needed to be a few more. I felt like we ran quite a bit between each obstacle and then after waiting in line (which really wasn't too terribly long) we were on the obstacles for about 30 seconds. I would have like to do more! (I mean...who doesn't want more of a good thing?)

After the race, we headed home to clean up and get ready for dinner and the Sporting KC game at Johnny's. After running around 20 miles in the last 3 days I definitely had a case of the Rungries! I think our waitress was a little surprised when I ordered 2 chili dogs...and then ate them :)

Sunday afternoon was spent lounging around finishing up Season 2 of OITNB and snuggling with Miss Grace! AJ was out golfing which is the only reason she agreed to snuggle with me...we have a serious favoritism problem in this household. I will take what I can get I suppose! 

 As usual, we wrapped up our weekend with some ice cream to celebrate "Ice Cream Sunday" and National Ice Cream Day! :)

Have you ever run an obstacle course type race like the Hit and Run 5k? 
Are you training for anything? How is your training going?


  1. Love the "eat all the foods" meme! So true. I eat WAY more than my husband most days and it's a little embarrassing.

    And I feel the same way about negative splits. They are so satisfying. I'm hoping to get negative splits for my marathon in October!

  2. Negative splits are the best! I love that I'm not the only one who feels like their dog plays favorites - ha! So cute! I have yet to participate in any type of obstacle course race; not sure it's for me, but I never say never. :) I am training all the time...have a 4-mile race in two weeks, a couple of half marathons coming up and then my first full marathon later in the year; keeps me interested! Great post!