Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday's Things...Part 2

Yep...I'm back with another exciting installment of "Thursday's Things" 

Thing #1: Inspirational Quotes

If you are one of those people who says that you don't like seeing inspirational quotes on social media or that they don't motivate are lying ;) Granted...they don't ALL inspire me or speak to me...but I have to say that scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and seeing the perfect quote or inspirational saying is one of my most favorite things about social media. It's a way to help build each other up and encourage people to work hard and not give up (am I getting to cheesy for ya?) Today I want to share some of my favorites that I have come across in the last week!


Thing #2  Domestication

I am not claiming to be a reformed "domestic goddess" but, I do have to say I am rather proud of myself for making my first batch of egg salad this week. In my 29 years I have eaten many egg salad sandwiches...none of which I have made myself. My mom is an incredible cook and I can always convince her to whip me up a batch (if I bring the ingredients over) well...not this time. I decided it was high time that I learned to do this daunting task myself ;) Good was a success!! AJ even said he liked it (which isn't saying much because he isn't picky...and he is smart enough to know better than to insult me and my cooking)

Thing #3 Back to School Crazies

I officially have 9 days until I have to report back to I ready?? No way!! I have been going in to my classroom here and there all summer...but there are still a million things! I'm also starting to worry a little about how marathon training and back to school madness will go together. I am a walking zombie the first 6 weeks of school...and that won't be helpful when I am scheduled to run 30 miles a week!

Thing #4 My niece

My niece is my most favorite person in the whole world...and any chance I get to spend with her, I will take it! I loved getting to spend the day with her yesterday. She definitely keeps me on my toes and keeps me laughing all day! I love how much she is starting to talk and interact. She is definitely one smart cookie :)

Thing #5 Guest Blogging

If you have made it this far, head on over to Teach.Inspire.Change and check out my guest blogging post :) I follow the amazing Mrs. Mitchell on Instagram and when she asked me to write a guest post for her while she was on vacation I just couldn't say no!! So go check it out and then check out the rest of her blog...she is pretty incredible :)

That's all the things I have for today...thanks for tuning in and I hope to see you next week!

Any other teacher's out there? Any advice on how to juggle marathon training with back to school madness?
Do you have any favorite inspirational quotes?


  1. your niece is such a cutie patootie! Want to pinch those cheeks!!!

    And, I can't imagine how you are going to function when school starts with all that running.. Oh man, I really give teachers a lot of credit... all those kids... all those different personalities... your poor poor sanity.

    What grade do you teach?

  2. Oh my gracious, you are already back at school? The kids are only in after Labor Day weekend here :) Still over a month left :)

  3. Going back to school in the middle if August is still strange to me. Your niece looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy these last couple weeks of vacation.