Monday, August 25, 2014

Marathon Monday: 8/25

This teacher has had an incredibly long day and is really tired...and on top of being REALLY tired, I also have 4 million things to do to get ready for my family reunion in Minnesota this weekend. So this is going to be short...enjoy :)

Last week I was feeling really sorry for myself with my injury and decided to treat myself to my favorite thing on the planet (okay, that is a slight exaggeration...but I love it a lot) McDonald's Sweet Tea! I haven't had one in months...and probably won't get another one again for becomes a slippery slope with me and these things...I could drink them every day, twice a day if it weren't for the fact that I know how much sugar is actually in them :) If you like their sweet tea, do yourself and favor and do NOT look at the nutrition facts!

On the first day of school I had my kids fill out a little get to know you sheet...and one of the questions was about their goal for this year. This kid definitely knows the way to his teacher's heart ;)

Peanut butter toast with cottage cheese...sounds gross, tastes delicious. Trust me on this! It makes an excellent breakfast or a pre/post run snack :)

This week's training was a little abbreviated since I took Monday and Tuesday off in efforts to let my butt/hip heal a little more. I still managed 29 miles for the week definitely feels good to be back in the swing of things! I am so grateful that I found Dr. Sindorf and that I am running (mostly) pain free! **Don't worry...the Dr. said it was okay to run through the pain as long as it wasn't above a 5 on a 1-10 scale. Little does the doctor know...but I have a freakishly high pain tolerance ;)

Monday and Tuesday- Piyo and lots of stretching

Wednesday- After my initial appointment with Dr. Sindorf on Tuesday afternoon he said I could run as long as the pain wasn't too bad. You better believe my butt was in the gym 12 hours later :) I decided to stick with 3 slow miles so as not to overdue it.

Thursday- Wednesday I had my first "treatment" and honestly felt so much better immediately after. Thursday morning I went out for 5 miles and I was pleasantly surprised at the improvement I was already seeing. The doctor gave me some "flossing" exercises to do whenever I felt too much pain...and I only had to stop twice to do them. (Good thing it was 5AM because those exercises are quite amusing!)

Friday- Rest Day 

Saturday- This is hands down my favorite run of the week...I ran 5 miles with negative splits and VERY little pain!! 

Sunday- Long run Sunday started at 6:15AM and probably should have started a little earlier. It was a scorcher outside and this run was miserably hot! My running clothes were soaked by the 6 mile water stop. Between the heat and the hills I definitely struggled to finish this run...I may or may not have seriously contemplated calling AJ around mile 14 for a ride home. I'm sure glad I didn't though...because I got in my longest run to date!

I've been nominated several times for the ice bucket challenge...and I sadly haven't participated yet. However, I think a 20 minute ice bath after my 16 mile run should count for something ;)

While I usually like to be really worthless on long run Sundays...I couldn't pass up a chance to spend some quality time with my favorite little munchkin! She is growing up so fast and she kept us all entertained with her wacky antics! 

What is your slippery slope food or drink?

What is your favorite pre/post run snack?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Injury Update: Nerve Flossing?

It's been over a week (8 days...but who's counting?) since I have been able to run pain free...and I have to say it's been pretty terrible.

I know it's only been 8 days...and I am being slightly dramatic, but I have been running 20+ miles a week since January, and my body (and mental stability) are in shock. I have lost my outlet to relieve stress. 

I miss the feeling that I always get after crushing a killer speed workout or running my long run. I am sad...I want to run. I NEED to run.

After my post on Monday morning, I tried to continue to think positive and convince myself that rest was the answer and that my body would take care of itself. Well...after yet another failed (and painful) attempt at a run, I decided it was time to call in the big guns. 

On Sunday, I posted a picture on Instagram and stated that I was missing my long run this week and my frustrations with my "pain in the ass" Well luckily, Instagram is the place to be for runners and great advice. A fellow KC runner (Kimberly) commented on my picture and suggested I visit a chiropractor that she goes to. I was immediately intrigued and checked out the website. Dr. Sindorf  impressed me immediately. Not only is he the staff doctor for Garry Gribbles, but he is also a runner. This was really important to me because I knew he would get it...and would be more sympathetic to my NEED to run again VERY SOON! 

I called Dr. Sindorf on Monday evening, and I was lucky enough to get an appointment for Tuesday evening. Everything was working out I knew hoped that meant the same would be true for my appointment. 
Tuesday morning I woke up virtually pain free...I decided not to tempt it and skipped running, but did my Piyo videos instead (Have you all done the Drench piyo video yet? Whoa...the only title better suited for this video would be "What the Hell") I also maybe definitely ran some laps around the living room and kitchen to test out my hips and butt. It didn't seem to give me any trouble...and I thought "of course...I am healed now that I called the doctor...isn't that how it always goes?" but I decided to go ahead and keep my appointment because I was sure it was a fluke (It's like when you have a great hair-day the morning before you get it's all a lie!)

I spent all day Tuesday going over various scenarios in my head (healthy right?) and my mind kept going back to "what if he says I have to stop running?" and honestly it made me want to cancel my appointment. I thought maybe I could just run in ignorance ;) 

I didn't end up cancelling my appointment and I am so glad I didn't. My experience with Dr. Sindorf was incredible...mostly because he told me that his goal is "active recovery" and he likes to keep his athletes (yep...he called me an athlete!) active while they are working on the pain and issues. 

After about 30-45 minutes of some tests and stretches Dr. Sindorf told me "Well, you definitely have some issues, but the good news is they are fixable" Who knew I was visiting a shrink instead of a chiropractor ;)

He then told me that he is confident that I will be able to run my half marathon in September and the KC marathon in October...pain free!!! I seriously wanted to hug him right there on the spot. (don't worry...I didn't...but I can't promise I won't after I am completely healed) 

I am going back for a follow up visit today. Dr. S said we would try some "nerve flossing" and "active release" ( I the only one that thinks this sounds incredibly painful?) and he is going to give me some exercises I can do at home to help deal with my "issues" He said that most patients are virtually pain free after 1 or 2 visits. I'm hoping I am the over-achiever in that statistic and I am pain free after 1 :) 

I am definitely relieved knowing that it is nothing more serious and that I can still run my races. I am however going to completely back off of speed work for a few weeks (since this is what seems to aggravate it the most) and this is going to be tough. I am so competitive and I was REALLY wanting to work towards a sub 4 hour finish...but I am thinking right now my focus needs to shift to finishing pain and injury free. A sub 4 hour finish would be great...but I am just not willing to risk it. Finishing will be good enough for me.... at least this time ;) 

Has your chiropractor ever told you that you had issues?
Have you ever had your nerves "flossed"? Is it as terrible as it sounds?

Femme Fitale Fit Club
Monday, August 18, 2014

Marathon Monday- Whiny Injured Runner Edition

This week was training plan called for 30 miles for the week and I ran 9 1/2 thanks to a nagging pain in the ass (literally). I'm not 100% sure what's wrong or what happened, but after hours of researching the "gluteal pain"' I have been having it appears that I either have a muscle strain or Piriformis Syndrome. My gut tells me it is a muscle strain because I started feeling some pain after my 5k two weeks ago. Gluteal strains are often caused by a sudden contraction of the gluteal muscles which can happen with rapid acceleration when running. Well...during my 5k I took off fast from the starting line and ran a 6.5 minute mile for my first mile. I didn't feel any initial pain...but I was quite sore after. I attributed it to being sore from running so hard and did some yoga and spent some time with my foam roller. None of this seemed to help and I began to notice an increase in pain when I ran (especially speed work) which is what caused me to start looking up what could be wrong. This is always a bad idea by the way...after a few minutes of searching I had diagnosed myself with the worst conditions possible and began planning my funeral :)

I haven't been to the doctor and officially diagnosed with anything...but I figured I would try backing off of my training for a week or so and giving my body a chance to rest and heal. I skipped my long run (16 miles) this week and I am going to throw out all speed work until I am completely pain free. I am also experimenting with KT Tape for the first time. Let me tell you...applying KT tape to your rear all by yourself proves to be rather difficult...but I would say I was mostly successful ;)

I would like to say it's been terribly difficult not running this week...but it hasn't. I mean, if there ever was a silver lining to an injury...I've got one! I started back to school this week and I have been so tired and busy that I haven't really wanted to run and it hasn't been a huge deal to miss. However, my long run on Sunday was tough to skip...I always get up early on Saturday or Sunday and start my day with a long run. I felt lost all what do I do with my legs? 

I'm not sure what the plan for this upcoming week will be...I think a few more easy days are probably in order...but I am hoping to be back in the game to make my long run next weekend. I keep telling myself 1 week won't hurt anything...I won't lose my stamina and endurance in that short amount of time. I will be able to keep calm and believe this as long as I don't have to take 2 weeks off :) I also keep telling myself that worst case scenario I won't be able to finish my marathon at my goal pace/time...and that isn't the end of the world. I am super competitive...but I am also very realistic. So for now, I am going to up my weight training/cross training and take it easy with my running and cross my fingers that I will be back to 100% ASAP! 

Speed-work at 4:40 AM on the treadmill. I ran 7-1/2 miles intervals with 40 seconds of recovery in between. This was extremely painful and I should have stopped running right away...but it was 4:30 AM and my brain wasn't working correctly


Wednesday I did some Piyo, but I didn't do anything on Thursday or Friday...I was hoping that this would help me to be pain free for Saturday's run.

I went out for a 4 mile easy, flat-ish run and struggled through most of it. I was in pain (not unbearable) but enough that I knew my few days of rest didn't help :( I was still in denial at this point and thought I could still run my 16 miles on Sunday...which of course, didn't happen

While my week of running wasn't great, I did hit a big milestone in my mileage for the year. After Saturday's run I officially hit 700 miles in 2014!! I am almost to my goal of 1,000 miles AND it's time for a reward :)

Has running ever been a "pain in the ass" for you? Any advice?
What should my 700 mile reward to myself be?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday's Things- First Day of School Edition

Thing #1

My first day of school was's to hoping tomorrow goes better :) If not...the good news's Friday!

Are you a teacher? Have you started back to school yet? If not, when is your first day?
Raise your hand if you already miss summer vacation ;)
Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Running 101: Shoes

Hi all!! Real quick...before you do anything else...make sure you take a moment to enter my Handana Giveaway. Friday is the last day...and trust don't want to miss out on this!! :) onto business...Over the last few Wednesday's I have been linking up with The Femme Fitale Fit Club for their "Workout Wednesday" and I have been posting about different and often confusing running terms and I have been  attempting to define them in a simpler way. I have really had a lot of fun doing this and I have gotten a lot of positive feedback. It seems as if I wasn't the only one who was confused after hearing some of these terms for the first time. 

Because of this I have decided to take my 2 passions (running and teaching) and sort of combine them with my "limited expertise" and post each Wednesday about something running related. Like I have said before, I have been running for several years...but up until setting my 2014 New Year's Resolution and my half-marathon and marathon training, I knew very little about what I was actually doing ;) Since January I have been like a new mom...reading every book, article, blog, etc about running that I can get my hands on. I thought it might be fun to share some of the things I have learned along this journey...I am hoping that I can help you to learn a few new things for yourself.

Whether you are a veteran runner or brand new to the sport the most important thing (in my opinion) is getting the right shoes. When I first started running and for several years after I would just buy whatever shoes were on sale in the "running section" on the wall. Occasionally I even bought a pair of kids shoes if the price was right. I luckily never had an issues or injuries. However, when I started training for my half-marathon in January I decided I no longer wanted to tempt fate and I went to a local running store to get fitted for the perfect shoes for me. While I was there the salesperson began throwing around all sorts of terms that I had no idea what they meant. It was definitely a little if you have never been fitted for shoes (or you have and were utterly confused) I am here to help! I am going to go over a few of the terms you might hear when purchasing a new pair of shoes.

Foot Strike- This is the way in which your foot strikes and moves when it is in contact with the ground while walking or running. Your foot strike is used to determine what kind of shoe will work best for you and help to keep you injury free! At Garry Gribbles where I was fitted I brought in an old pair of running shoes for them to check the wear on the sole (to see how my foot hit the ground) and they had me walk across the room to see how my foot hit when I walked. It was determined that I have a neutral foot strike...which is probably why I was so lucky and avoided injury for all of those years. It seems (at least to me) that most shoes out there are geared toward neutral foot strikers (lucky me!)

There are 3 main types of "foot strikes" and I will do my best to explain them in a way that makes sense :)

Neutral foot strike- this is when your foot rolls slightly outward, slightly inward, and then slightly outward again during the time that your foot is in contact with the ground. This is the ideal foot strike because it keeps your body properly aligned while evenly absorbing the impact. In a neutral foot strike, fairly even pressure is placed on the front of the foot and toes during push off. This is ideal foot strike helps to prevent common running injuries.

Over-pronated foot strike- this is when your foot rolls too far inward after the foot strikes the ground. When this happens runners tend to put an uneven amount of pressure on the arch and ball of their foot during push-off. It also tends to put the body in poor alignment and increases the chance for injury.

Supinated foot strike- this is the opposite problem of over-pronated foot strike. This is a lack of inward roll, which results in an outward movement of the foot. This also causes a disproportionate amount of pressure towards the outside of the foot during push-off. A supinated foot strike does not absorb impact well and can often lead to injury. The good news with this one is there are very few people who truly have a supinated foot strike :)

Once you know what kind of foot striker you are it is pretty easy to find shoes. Most shoes will be classified in one of the 3 categories above. It it's important to be fitted for the right shoes for you and your foot strike. If you are neutral foot striker and you have a shoe with too much support it may cause you to change your running form, which could then lead to injury. If you over-pronate or supinate you will need shoes that will help to correct your foot strike and keep your body properly aligned.

This may all seem a little confusing, but the good news is, that when you go to a specialty running store the sales people are usually experts on this kind of stuff and they can help you determine your foot strike and lead in the right direction when you are buying shoes.

As far as my running shoes go...I started as Nike girl...then fell in love with Brooks Ghosts...then upgraded to the Brooks Glycerin 12's (which I adore!)...and then I just got of control and bought several pairs to use for different kinds of runs and workouts. I have my "long run shoes" "speed shoes" "weight training shoes" etc. I can easily convince myself...and others, that it is all necessary...I  think it is very clear that I have a problem :)

This is definitely not ALL of the info I could share with you about running shoes or even foot strikes for that matter...but I think I will save the rest for next time! If you have any specific questions about running that you would like to have me address next Wednesday, please let me know by leaving a comment on this post! I am by no means an expert...but I have definitely done my fair share of research and I am always willing to do more research if I don't already know the answer :)

1) What kind of foot-striker are you?
2) What shoes do you wear?

Femme Fitale Fit Club

The Hump Day Blog Hop
Monday, August 11, 2014

Marathon Monday 8/11

Hello! Happy Monday (or should I say Happy Sunday?) I am being proactive and writing this post a little early...because who knows what tomorrow (and the rest of the week for that matter) will hold?  Starting back to school is definitely going to be a juggling act...the first 6 weeks of school are exhausting. Getting back into a routine, helping the kids learn a new routine, and doing all of the things I should have done over the summer...but procrastinated on and told myself "I have ALL summer for that" ;) Now add to that marathon training, keeping up my blog, going to Minnesota for a family reunion, 3 fall weddings, and maintaining a social life...yep...I'm just tired thinking about it! The good news is I strive on being busy. I am so much more efficient when I am on a tight schedule. If I have all the time in the world to do something...I end up putting it off until the very last minute because I always tell myself "I have plenty of time for that"

This week wasn't too bad...Teachers didn't officially report back to school until Friday, so I made sure to enjoy every last second of my freedom and early morning runs! Once school starts it will be really difficult to be able to get out early and get my run in, shower, and get ready in time to make it to school. I want to try and make it work...because running after school, when I am exhausted takes all of the will-power I have in me! 

Monday- Piyo

 Since I did my long run on Sunday last week I took an active rest day. I did Piyo and got in some quality time with my foam roller :)

Tuesday 5 miles

 I had 4 miles + hills planned, but I was short on time so I just did a quick 5 mile loop around the neighborhood. 

Wednesday- Speed work

 My training schedule called for 6 easy paced miles, but I wanted to get in some speed-work so I changed things up a little. I still made sure to get in my 6 miles...but I decided to get there using intervals. I ran 1.5 miles to the nearest track and then did 4 x 800 M sprints with 400M recovery in between. I didn't really have any expectations for my time or speed, but I figured that if I could stay around 3:30/7 min miles I would be happy. Well I was pleasantly surprised that I finished my first 800M's in 3:14. Now, I had a goal...I wanted to be consistent and stay between 3:15 and 3:30. Well it's really too bad that I don't get extra cool points for being uber-consistent...because I ran the following 3-800M sprints at 3:14, 3:15, and 3:15. I only took a picture of my watch after the last 800Ms so I can't prove you will just have to trust me! This was definitely a TOUGH workout. 800M sprints are harder than they sound. During the last 200Ms of every one of them...I felt like puking...but that is the goal of I suppose I succeeded :)

Thursday-Rest Day

 100% rest day...and it was glorious, especially after Wednesday's tough speed workout.
Thursday night we went to the REO Speedwagon/Chicago concert at Starlight. This 8th or 9th Speedwagon concert. I suppose you could say I am a fan :)

This lady right here is responsible for my love of this band...She took me to my first Speedwagon concert at the ripe ol' age of 11 :)

Friday- 5miles

Oh boy...was Friday's run tough!! It was my first day back to school (teacher's only) and  after staying up until midnight the night before, there was no way I could get up to run before heading off to work. That meant I had to run after school...when it was hot and I had zero motivation! I got home and took my time getting ready for my run (thinking about skipping it the whole time) but then I told myself....just'll feel better when you are done. Well...I didn't...I just felt more tired ;) 

Saturday- Rest Day

I didn't plan on taking a complete rest day...I had planned on doing yoga or piyo after spending a few hours up at school. Well...the few hours turned into 9, and by the time I got home all I wanted were my comfy pants and the TV. The good news is a skipped workout never hurts AND my classroom is 100% ready to go...which means next week during our 3 days of in-service I don't have to worry (or stress about) getting things done.

Sunday- Long Run (15 miles)

When I woke up yesterday this morning to the sounds of lightening and thunder, my heart dropped. All I could think was "how in the world am I going to run 15 miles on the treadmill?" I ended up waiting the storm out, and the lightening and thunder eventually stopped (around 7) and I was luckily able to get outside for a run. I usually like rainy day runs...but all of my previous rainy day runs have started off dry and then it started raining a few miles in. Today, I had to get up the courage to walk out and start my run in the rain today. It wasn't so bad (minus the puddles, and wet feet) and it stopped raining around mile 4 or 5 AND it was so much better than 15 treadmill miles!

Alright, that's all for today! If you haven't already, don't forget to check out my Handana review and sign-up for a chance to win a gift certificate to

What was the first concert you ever attended? How old were you?
Friday, August 8, 2014

"FAN" dana Friday {GIVEAWAY}

Have you ever come across a product that you never knew you needed, but then once you started using wonder how you ever lived without it?

 For me, that product is Handana. If you know what I am talking about chances are you already have one...or you are very close to purchasing one...because you are like me, and you realize that this a genius product and it would be silly not to have one....or five :)

If you don't know what a Handana is I am here to fill you in on the running accessory you never knew you needed...I know you have been looking for more ways to spend more money on your "cheap hobby" so you're welcome in advance ;)

I have been running for several years...and I have always been especially sweaty...I mean seriously hair even sweats!! This has always been a pain...the sweat drips down into my eyes and BURNS...and forget being able to wipe the sweat out of my eyes with my shirt. That sweat filled thing just ends up making things worse!

So it comes as no surprise that when I came across Handana for the first time I immediately clicked purchase and made one of those babies all mine!!

I have used my Handana on EVERY run since I have received it a few weeks ago and I have to say I am more than impressed. Not only does it solve the issue of my sweaty eye-balls...but it is extremely comfortable, (I hardly notice that it's there) it is easy to clean, and is extremely durable. I am so impressed by the high quality of the material it is made of. It has gone through the washer (and some tough runs) and is still in tip-top shape! 

Not only are Handanas incredible useful...but they are adorable!! They come in so many colors (I spent hours trying to decide which one I needed) and they have several different sizes, and patterns to choose from. Since I use mine so often I have already ordered a few more :)
Another thing that I really love about Handana is the story behind it. You can read all about it here and here. Not only is Katie, the creator of Handana, an incredibly strong and inspirational woman, but she is amazingly sweet and has been a dream to work with. I am lucky enough to be a part of Handana's ambassadors program. It's been a really fun experience to be a part of a product that I truly love so much!

If you want a chance to have your very own, life-changing are in luck! I am giving away a gift certificate for 1 free Handana in the size and color of your choosing! ($20.99 value) All you have to do is enter using Rafflecopter below! The giveaway will be open until next Friday, and the winner will be announced either Friday night or Saturday. (School starts next I can't promise I will be awake long enough after school on Friday to announce the winner!)


If you don't want to wait until next Friday, and you want need one can head on over to their website and get your very own Handana. Use the coupon code: wthwhynot2011 to receive 10% off your order :-) 

Even if you win the can never have too many Handanas :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday's Things Pt. 3

It's that time again....Thursday's Things :)

Thing #1- Race Swag

I have about 1 billion race bibs and medals. I have been keeping my race bibs neatly stored in the closet and my medals are hanging ever so haphazardly over my full length mirror. I keep telling myself I am going to find a way to display them. I have scoured Pinterest looking for cute ideas, but nothing stuck out to me. That is until I found it...the PERFECT way to display my race bibs and medals and still have it look stylish and cute!!

Now all I have to do is find an old door...any ideas on where I should start looking?

Thing #2- Sports Massage

Thanks to my friend Lindsey and a very generous parent from my class last year I experienced one of the best massages in my life. I have had a couple of regular massages before and I have been impressed...but this massage and spa definitely take the cake. 

Yea...I take selfies in the locker room while wearing the wonderful robe they provided me...sorry I am not sorry :) 

After changing into a robe they sat me in the relaxation room with a glass of ice water and let me soak my feet in a bowl of rose petals...I'm pretty fancy :)

If you have never had a sport's massage before, you need to change that quickly. The masseus focused on areas that receive the biggest beating from my running (calves, hamstrings, IT band, etc) and it was definitely a heavenly experience. I went ahead and scheduled another sport's massage for next month...I figure if I am going to be asking so much of my body while training I might as well treat it to a little TLC every now and then :)

Thing #3 About Time

I have tried a million billion different types of protein shakes and protein bars and while I have liked many of them...I haven't always liked the ingredients. Our society sure loves their sugar and I just can't wrap my head around consuming a "protein bar" with 16 g of just seems counter-productive. Luckily, through a girl I follow on Instagram, Slimfitbean, I discovered a line of protein powder, protein bars, etc. that is 100% all natural and sugar free (sweetened with Stevia)
While visiting the site I found that you can order samples to try it before you invest in a 2lb container of protein. I ordered a few different flavors of protein powder, a protein bar, and a pre-workout supplement. (You can also receive a 25% off your order if you use the code: Bean at checkout)

I tried the protein bars and I can't say that I LOVED the taste...I didn't hate it...but it definitely wasn't as good as my sugar filled protein bars ;) However, there were like 5 ingredients and I could pronounce every single one of them....that beats the processed chocolate deliciousness every time.

The protein powder on the other hand was delicious. I tried the strawberry and I was very impressed. It mixed VERY easily (no clumps) and tasted very smooth. I have chocolate mint to try today...and I am sure I will be just as impressed! I will most likely be ordering some of the whey protein isolate in the very near future. I will have to think about the protein bars :)

Thing #4- School Clothes Shopping

As a teacher, school clothes shopping didn't end for me when I graduated. Every year I make a trip right before school starts to refresh my "teacher" wardrobe. This year was made especially fun because my friend Lindsey (and fellow teacher) joined me. I had lots of luck (too much according to my bank account) and I am all set for the school year. 

Shoes are always something I struggle with finding. As a teacher I am on my feet for the majority of my day and I need comfy shoes. Usually comfy and cute do not go hand in hand with shoes...but this year I hit the jackpot. Lucky Brand Emmie flats are both of those things...comfy AND cute!! They had several colors and I just couldn't I bought 3 pairs :) 

Thing #5- Runfies

Guilty...I have been known to take a runfie every now and then. I can't explain's not like I think I am looking my best during or after a run...but it just happens, I don't know what to tell you. All runners need to take runfies :)

Thing #6- Back to school

I start back to school....TOMORROW and then the kids start one week from today! I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone. I have been up at school off an on all summer trying to get myself organized and ready...but I still feel nowhere near ready!!

One thing I do feel really good about is my new writing center. Thanks to my amazing co-worker and teacher soul-mate I now have a cute and hopefully engaging new writing center!

Thing #7- Running Shoes

You can never have enough pairs of running shoes...that's my motto :) I have always worn Brooks and my current pair (Brooks Glycerin 12's) are nowhere near needing replaced...but with training for my marathon I am going to need to have a pair ready and broken in for the race, so I went ahead and bought another pair that I will run in once a week or so, so that on race day I will be ready!

I was going to go with another pair of Glycerin's but after trying the Mizuno Sayonara 2's I really wanted to give those a try. I will let you know how it goes :)

That's all for today...I am going to spend the rest of my day enjoying my last day of freedom before back to school chaos begins ;)

Do you still go back to school clothes shopping? Any teacher must-haves that I need to know about?
How do you display your race bibs and medals?