Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Injury Update: Nerve Flossing?

It's been over a week (8 days...but who's counting?) since I have been able to run pain free...and I have to say it's been pretty terrible.

I know it's only been 8 days...and I am being slightly dramatic, but I have been running 20+ miles a week since January, and my body (and mental stability) are in shock. I have lost my outlet to relieve stress. 

I miss the feeling that I always get after crushing a killer speed workout or running my long run. I am sad...I want to run. I NEED to run.

After my post on Monday morning, I tried to continue to think positive and convince myself that rest was the answer and that my body would take care of itself. Well...after yet another failed (and painful) attempt at a run, I decided it was time to call in the big guns. 

On Sunday, I posted a picture on Instagram and stated that I was missing my long run this week and my frustrations with my "pain in the ass" Well luckily, Instagram is the place to be for runners and great advice. A fellow KC runner (Kimberly) commented on my picture and suggested I visit a chiropractor that she goes to. I was immediately intrigued and checked out the website. Dr. Sindorf  impressed me immediately. Not only is he the staff doctor for Garry Gribbles, but he is also a runner. This was really important to me because I knew he would get it...and would be more sympathetic to my NEED to run again VERY SOON! 

I called Dr. Sindorf on Monday evening, and I was lucky enough to get an appointment for Tuesday evening. Everything was working out I knew hoped that meant the same would be true for my appointment. 
Tuesday morning I woke up virtually pain free...I decided not to tempt it and skipped running, but did my Piyo videos instead (Have you all done the Drench piyo video yet? Whoa...the only title better suited for this video would be "What the Hell") I also maybe definitely ran some laps around the living room and kitchen to test out my hips and butt. It didn't seem to give me any trouble...and I thought "of course...I am healed now that I called the doctor...isn't that how it always goes?" but I decided to go ahead and keep my appointment because I was sure it was a fluke (It's like when you have a great hair-day the morning before you get it's all a lie!)

I spent all day Tuesday going over various scenarios in my head (healthy right?) and my mind kept going back to "what if he says I have to stop running?" and honestly it made me want to cancel my appointment. I thought maybe I could just run in ignorance ;) 

I didn't end up cancelling my appointment and I am so glad I didn't. My experience with Dr. Sindorf was incredible...mostly because he told me that his goal is "active recovery" and he likes to keep his athletes (yep...he called me an athlete!) active while they are working on the pain and issues. 

After about 30-45 minutes of some tests and stretches Dr. Sindorf told me "Well, you definitely have some issues, but the good news is they are fixable" Who knew I was visiting a shrink instead of a chiropractor ;)

He then told me that he is confident that I will be able to run my half marathon in September and the KC marathon in October...pain free!!! I seriously wanted to hug him right there on the spot. (don't worry...I didn't...but I can't promise I won't after I am completely healed) 

I am going back for a follow up visit today. Dr. S said we would try some "nerve flossing" and "active release" ( I the only one that thinks this sounds incredibly painful?) and he is going to give me some exercises I can do at home to help deal with my "issues" He said that most patients are virtually pain free after 1 or 2 visits. I'm hoping I am the over-achiever in that statistic and I am pain free after 1 :) 

I am definitely relieved knowing that it is nothing more serious and that I can still run my races. I am however going to completely back off of speed work for a few weeks (since this is what seems to aggravate it the most) and this is going to be tough. I am so competitive and I was REALLY wanting to work towards a sub 4 hour finish...but I am thinking right now my focus needs to shift to finishing pain and injury free. A sub 4 hour finish would be great...but I am just not willing to risk it. Finishing will be good enough for me.... at least this time ;) 

Has your chiropractor ever told you that you had issues?
Have you ever had your nerves "flossed"? Is it as terrible as it sounds?

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  1. Glad you found a doctor whom you like. I had a knee injury and my chiro helped me by letting me know continuing to exercise my knee built up the muscles which helped it heal faster now I am running on it no problem. Listen to the doctor and you WILL be running your half and full like you want. Glad he gave you some good news. #wowlinkup

  2. Sorry to hear you are going through this. I KNOW how that feels, as an elite, I have had many experiences with injuries, and the worst ones are the ones where you have no idea when it will feel better. You end up not sleeping worrying about it, it is all you can think about, and you become moody....well I did anyway, but hang in there, these challenges are what make the good things happen. They put running in perspective; you realize it is only part of who you are, not defining you, and it makes you appreciate it so much more. If you need to talk, just give me an email, but sounds like you have found a good doctor who will have you running in no time :) #wowlinkup

  3. Finding the right doctor makes all the difference for athletes! Glad you are on the mend #wow

  4. I hate being injured and feeling like I'm missing out. Totally feel you there. But now I'm all hung up on "nerve flossing" I can't even begin to describe the colorful images that ran through my brain. I'm happy to hear though that you are taking care of yourself and will be as good as new soon! #wowlinkup

  5. Great news! It's good that you went - and now you know it's nothing too serious AND you will be able to still run your race. I think having a doctor who is a runner helps. #wowlinkup

  6. Such great news and I'm so glad you found a supportive doctor! Good luck with rehab and getting back out there for your race! #wowlinkup

  7. HOORAY! I'm so glad you went to a doctor.. and obviously an AMAZING doctor!

    I bet you're relieved! Can't wait for you to be pain free... and running like a MACHINE again!

  8. Heather, I've definitely heard of "active release," but the "nerve flossing" is new...please tell me that you've Googled this and that it is not as hilarious as it sounds. I'm going to have to Google it now. HA! I'm so relieved to hear that you have some good news and a plan...ahhh. Much better, right?!?

  9. Yay for a position Dr's visit and here's to hoping some pain free runs are in your immediate future! PS: Spidey up there had me rolling and all your thoughts before and after your appointments sounded very familiar to mine when I'm injured. Injuries totally screw with your mental ability to think logically about healing and all that stuff needed to stay healthy. #wowlinkup

  10. I've tried seeing a chiropractor and I found it to be a complete waste of time...unfortunately he was kind of a "quack". Your chiro sounds great though! I prefer physical therapy, it's all about making sure you do those exercises religiously! #wowlinkup

  11. That's wonderful that you found someone that identified your issues and can work with them. I've never gone to a chiropractor.

  12. You had me cracking up the whole time I read your post. I've had similar experiences when I've been injured. So happy you are getting the green light to run your races! And of course your doc is also a therapist, running is 90% mental ;) #wowlinkup