Monday, August 18, 2014

Marathon Monday- Whiny Injured Runner Edition

This week was training plan called for 30 miles for the week and I ran 9 1/2 thanks to a nagging pain in the ass (literally). I'm not 100% sure what's wrong or what happened, but after hours of researching the "gluteal pain"' I have been having it appears that I either have a muscle strain or Piriformis Syndrome. My gut tells me it is a muscle strain because I started feeling some pain after my 5k two weeks ago. Gluteal strains are often caused by a sudden contraction of the gluteal muscles which can happen with rapid acceleration when running. Well...during my 5k I took off fast from the starting line and ran a 6.5 minute mile for my first mile. I didn't feel any initial pain...but I was quite sore after. I attributed it to being sore from running so hard and did some yoga and spent some time with my foam roller. None of this seemed to help and I began to notice an increase in pain when I ran (especially speed work) which is what caused me to start looking up what could be wrong. This is always a bad idea by the way...after a few minutes of searching I had diagnosed myself with the worst conditions possible and began planning my funeral :)

I haven't been to the doctor and officially diagnosed with anything...but I figured I would try backing off of my training for a week or so and giving my body a chance to rest and heal. I skipped my long run (16 miles) this week and I am going to throw out all speed work until I am completely pain free. I am also experimenting with KT Tape for the first time. Let me tell you...applying KT tape to your rear all by yourself proves to be rather difficult...but I would say I was mostly successful ;)

I would like to say it's been terribly difficult not running this week...but it hasn't. I mean, if there ever was a silver lining to an injury...I've got one! I started back to school this week and I have been so tired and busy that I haven't really wanted to run and it hasn't been a huge deal to miss. However, my long run on Sunday was tough to skip...I always get up early on Saturday or Sunday and start my day with a long run. I felt lost all what do I do with my legs? 

I'm not sure what the plan for this upcoming week will be...I think a few more easy days are probably in order...but I am hoping to be back in the game to make my long run next weekend. I keep telling myself 1 week won't hurt anything...I won't lose my stamina and endurance in that short amount of time. I will be able to keep calm and believe this as long as I don't have to take 2 weeks off :) I also keep telling myself that worst case scenario I won't be able to finish my marathon at my goal pace/time...and that isn't the end of the world. I am super competitive...but I am also very realistic. So for now, I am going to up my weight training/cross training and take it easy with my running and cross my fingers that I will be back to 100% ASAP! 

Speed-work at 4:40 AM on the treadmill. I ran 7-1/2 miles intervals with 40 seconds of recovery in between. This was extremely painful and I should have stopped running right away...but it was 4:30 AM and my brain wasn't working correctly


Wednesday I did some Piyo, but I didn't do anything on Thursday or Friday...I was hoping that this would help me to be pain free for Saturday's run.

I went out for a 4 mile easy, flat-ish run and struggled through most of it. I was in pain (not unbearable) but enough that I knew my few days of rest didn't help :( I was still in denial at this point and thought I could still run my 16 miles on Sunday...which of course, didn't happen

While my week of running wasn't great, I did hit a big milestone in my mileage for the year. After Saturday's run I officially hit 700 miles in 2014!! I am almost to my goal of 1,000 miles AND it's time for a reward :)

Has running ever been a "pain in the ass" for you? Any advice?
What should my 700 mile reward to myself be?


  1. It does sound like a gluteal strain - and that's coming from my Massage Therapy background. And rest and stretching will be your friends this week.

    And I totally agree about WebMD... I am always dying after an innocent search of my symptoms.

    However, if this still hurts, the same way, with no relief... go to a doctor? Puh-lease?

    And you're reward for 700 miles of running? New padded running socks... I love Expedia!

  2. 700 mile reward?!? Sheesh, that's a tough one! What about something pampering, like a pedicure or a massage? You're going to need it after this first week back at school - ha! Great idea to back off and let your body rest/repair; I know it's tough, but it's the only way. Sounds like you are being very smart about it! Hope you get to feeling better soon!