Monday, August 11, 2014

Marathon Monday 8/11

Hello! Happy Monday (or should I say Happy Sunday?) I am being proactive and writing this post a little early...because who knows what tomorrow (and the rest of the week for that matter) will hold?  Starting back to school is definitely going to be a juggling act...the first 6 weeks of school are exhausting. Getting back into a routine, helping the kids learn a new routine, and doing all of the things I should have done over the summer...but procrastinated on and told myself "I have ALL summer for that" ;) Now add to that marathon training, keeping up my blog, going to Minnesota for a family reunion, 3 fall weddings, and maintaining a social life...yep...I'm just tired thinking about it! The good news is I strive on being busy. I am so much more efficient when I am on a tight schedule. If I have all the time in the world to do something...I end up putting it off until the very last minute because I always tell myself "I have plenty of time for that"

This week wasn't too bad...Teachers didn't officially report back to school until Friday, so I made sure to enjoy every last second of my freedom and early morning runs! Once school starts it will be really difficult to be able to get out early and get my run in, shower, and get ready in time to make it to school. I want to try and make it work...because running after school, when I am exhausted takes all of the will-power I have in me! 

Monday- Piyo

 Since I did my long run on Sunday last week I took an active rest day. I did Piyo and got in some quality time with my foam roller :)

Tuesday 5 miles

 I had 4 miles + hills planned, but I was short on time so I just did a quick 5 mile loop around the neighborhood. 

Wednesday- Speed work

 My training schedule called for 6 easy paced miles, but I wanted to get in some speed-work so I changed things up a little. I still made sure to get in my 6 miles...but I decided to get there using intervals. I ran 1.5 miles to the nearest track and then did 4 x 800 M sprints with 400M recovery in between. I didn't really have any expectations for my time or speed, but I figured that if I could stay around 3:30/7 min miles I would be happy. Well I was pleasantly surprised that I finished my first 800M's in 3:14. Now, I had a goal...I wanted to be consistent and stay between 3:15 and 3:30. Well it's really too bad that I don't get extra cool points for being uber-consistent...because I ran the following 3-800M sprints at 3:14, 3:15, and 3:15. I only took a picture of my watch after the last 800Ms so I can't prove you will just have to trust me! This was definitely a TOUGH workout. 800M sprints are harder than they sound. During the last 200Ms of every one of them...I felt like puking...but that is the goal of I suppose I succeeded :)

Thursday-Rest Day

 100% rest day...and it was glorious, especially after Wednesday's tough speed workout.
Thursday night we went to the REO Speedwagon/Chicago concert at Starlight. This 8th or 9th Speedwagon concert. I suppose you could say I am a fan :)

This lady right here is responsible for my love of this band...She took me to my first Speedwagon concert at the ripe ol' age of 11 :)

Friday- 5miles

Oh boy...was Friday's run tough!! It was my first day back to school (teacher's only) and  after staying up until midnight the night before, there was no way I could get up to run before heading off to work. That meant I had to run after school...when it was hot and I had zero motivation! I got home and took my time getting ready for my run (thinking about skipping it the whole time) but then I told myself....just'll feel better when you are done. Well...I didn't...I just felt more tired ;) 

Saturday- Rest Day

I didn't plan on taking a complete rest day...I had planned on doing yoga or piyo after spending a few hours up at school. Well...the few hours turned into 9, and by the time I got home all I wanted were my comfy pants and the TV. The good news is a skipped workout never hurts AND my classroom is 100% ready to go...which means next week during our 3 days of in-service I don't have to worry (or stress about) getting things done.

Sunday- Long Run (15 miles)

When I woke up yesterday this morning to the sounds of lightening and thunder, my heart dropped. All I could think was "how in the world am I going to run 15 miles on the treadmill?" I ended up waiting the storm out, and the lightening and thunder eventually stopped (around 7) and I was luckily able to get outside for a run. I usually like rainy day runs...but all of my previous rainy day runs have started off dry and then it started raining a few miles in. Today, I had to get up the courage to walk out and start my run in the rain today. It wasn't so bad (minus the puddles, and wet feet) and it stopped raining around mile 4 or 5 AND it was so much better than 15 treadmill miles!

Alright, that's all for today! If you haven't already, don't forget to check out my Handana review and sign-up for a chance to win a gift certificate to

What was the first concert you ever attended? How old were you?


  1. Heather, you had some great workouts this week! I pinned the picture of your Speedwork Wednesday workout so that I can duplicate it - that's a great one! Thanks for sharing. I hope your back-to-school week goes smoothly; my mother and sister-in-law are both teachers, so I hear lots about this adventure - yikes! Your classroom looks fantastic, and I know your little people will be super excited. Great post!

  2. Hi Heather! Just found you via the Join the Gossip linkup, so glad I did! You're going to laugh... my first actual show (other than classical concerts) was Weird Al!

  3. Great job with speed work this weekend! Happy back to school! :)

  4. I really wanted you to make a Speedwagon reference and say you ended up riding the storm out. (Sunday long run)