Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday's Things Pt. 3

It's that time again....Thursday's Things :)

Thing #1- Race Swag

I have about 1 billion race bibs and medals. I have been keeping my race bibs neatly stored in the closet and my medals are hanging ever so haphazardly over my full length mirror. I keep telling myself I am going to find a way to display them. I have scoured Pinterest looking for cute ideas, but nothing stuck out to me. That is until I found it...the PERFECT way to display my race bibs and medals and still have it look stylish and cute!!

Now all I have to do is find an old door...any ideas on where I should start looking?

Thing #2- Sports Massage

Thanks to my friend Lindsey and a very generous parent from my class last year I experienced one of the best massages in my life. I have had a couple of regular massages before and I have been impressed...but this massage and spa definitely take the cake. 

Yea...I take selfies in the locker room while wearing the wonderful robe they provided me...sorry I am not sorry :) 

After changing into a robe they sat me in the relaxation room with a glass of ice water and let me soak my feet in a bowl of rose petals...I'm pretty fancy :)

If you have never had a sport's massage before, you need to change that quickly. The masseus focused on areas that receive the biggest beating from my running (calves, hamstrings, IT band, etc) and it was definitely a heavenly experience. I went ahead and scheduled another sport's massage for next month...I figure if I am going to be asking so much of my body while training I might as well treat it to a little TLC every now and then :)

Thing #3 About Time

I have tried a million billion different types of protein shakes and protein bars and while I have liked many of them...I haven't always liked the ingredients. Our society sure loves their sugar and I just can't wrap my head around consuming a "protein bar" with 16 g of just seems counter-productive. Luckily, through a girl I follow on Instagram, Slimfitbean, I discovered a line of protein powder, protein bars, etc. that is 100% all natural and sugar free (sweetened with Stevia)
While visiting the site I found that you can order samples to try it before you invest in a 2lb container of protein. I ordered a few different flavors of protein powder, a protein bar, and a pre-workout supplement. (You can also receive a 25% off your order if you use the code: Bean at checkout)

I tried the protein bars and I can't say that I LOVED the taste...I didn't hate it...but it definitely wasn't as good as my sugar filled protein bars ;) However, there were like 5 ingredients and I could pronounce every single one of them....that beats the processed chocolate deliciousness every time.

The protein powder on the other hand was delicious. I tried the strawberry and I was very impressed. It mixed VERY easily (no clumps) and tasted very smooth. I have chocolate mint to try today...and I am sure I will be just as impressed! I will most likely be ordering some of the whey protein isolate in the very near future. I will have to think about the protein bars :)

Thing #4- School Clothes Shopping

As a teacher, school clothes shopping didn't end for me when I graduated. Every year I make a trip right before school starts to refresh my "teacher" wardrobe. This year was made especially fun because my friend Lindsey (and fellow teacher) joined me. I had lots of luck (too much according to my bank account) and I am all set for the school year. 

Shoes are always something I struggle with finding. As a teacher I am on my feet for the majority of my day and I need comfy shoes. Usually comfy and cute do not go hand in hand with shoes...but this year I hit the jackpot. Lucky Brand Emmie flats are both of those things...comfy AND cute!! They had several colors and I just couldn't I bought 3 pairs :) 

Thing #5- Runfies

Guilty...I have been known to take a runfie every now and then. I can't explain's not like I think I am looking my best during or after a run...but it just happens, I don't know what to tell you. All runners need to take runfies :)

Thing #6- Back to school

I start back to school....TOMORROW and then the kids start one week from today! I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone. I have been up at school off an on all summer trying to get myself organized and ready...but I still feel nowhere near ready!!

One thing I do feel really good about is my new writing center. Thanks to my amazing co-worker and teacher soul-mate I now have a cute and hopefully engaging new writing center!

Thing #7- Running Shoes

You can never have enough pairs of running shoes...that's my motto :) I have always worn Brooks and my current pair (Brooks Glycerin 12's) are nowhere near needing replaced...but with training for my marathon I am going to need to have a pair ready and broken in for the race, so I went ahead and bought another pair that I will run in once a week or so, so that on race day I will be ready!

I was going to go with another pair of Glycerin's but after trying the Mizuno Sayonara 2's I really wanted to give those a try. I will let you know how it goes :)

That's all for today...I am going to spend the rest of my day enjoying my last day of freedom before back to school chaos begins ;)

Do you still go back to school clothes shopping? Any teacher must-haves that I need to know about?
How do you display your race bibs and medals?


  1. Heather, I LOVE this creative idea you've found for displaying your race memorabilia - now, for a door...hmm. I will have to ask around about that! Also, I LOVE Emmie flats; I have a couple of pair myself and they are very easy & comfy. Good luck with the upcoming start of school! Freshly sharpened pencils... :)