Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Marathon Monday: Is it over yet?

Yep, it's Wednesday. That right there tells you all you need to know. Life has been a little busy insanity...between teaching full time, chiropractor appointments twice a week, running 30+ miles a week, and trying to hold on to the last bit of my social life and sanity...saying I am short on time to blog is an understatement :)

To say that this last week of training was my least favorite might be an understatement. I knew I was bound to have a week or so where my runs weren't as great or a week where I would feel tired of running but my "over it" hit me like a brick wall last week. I had to force myself out the door...I had to force myself to keep running, and I had to force myself not to throw my running shoes in the wood-chipper. (That last one is a lie...I don't have a wood-chipper)

I didn't want to go run, be running, or be sweaty post run. I had a bad attitude. I was angry that I had to spend my free time running in the miserable heat, I was upset that I had to miss out on doing things with friends and family...I was just plain mad at running in general.

 Can you tell I was a little very whiny about it all? ;) The good news is my slump didn't last long. Last week's long run was incredible and left me on cloud 9 and feeling good about my training...and running again.

Monday- Rest day/travel day
After spending 11+ hours in the car driving home from Minnesota it would have probably been good to get out and stretch my legs with a good run...but like I said "I just didn't want to"

Tuesday- 4.25 miles
This was the first of my "I hate running" runs of the week. It was hot...It has been a LOOOONG day back to work after vacation and I was supposed to do sprints at the end of my run. By the time I reached my 4 miles and it was time to do my sprints all I could muster up was one short burst...I quit early...judge away ;)

Wednesday- 7 miles
Thinking about it now...this swim run was flat out comical...but at the time I wasn't laughing. The heat and humidity had me sweating by .25 miles and it felt as if I were running through quicksand. I almost got hit by a car (a woman who made eye-contact with me at an intersection, seemingly saying "go ahead")  turned right, when I thought she was letting me cross and almost hit me in the process. I seriously started run crying...yes, that's a thing...and unfortunately not a first for me. A few miles later I came up behind what looked like a very intoxicated man...who I saw turn to the side and start digging in his pants. I am sure if I had been any closer I would have seen something I could have never unseen....a few miles later I was sure I was going to die of dehydration and stopped at a gas station for a Gatorade. The only kind I wanted (yep, I was being bratty) was in a big bottle...well, try running with a giant bottle of's uncomfortable. Luckily I was only about 3/4 of a mile from home and I managed to get home without looking too ridiculous. After this run I was pretty sure I was never going to run again :) 

Friday- 5miles
Surprise, "never running again" lasted a whole day ;) I got up early Friday morning trying to beat the heat. I got outside and went to start my watch and realized it was on upside down...this was also the day that I didn't realize until I got to work that my underwear were on inside out...yep, I have got this thing called life completely figured out.

Sunday- 18 glorious miles

Seriously...if it weren't for Sunday's run I might still be in my funk. After running 18 miles on Sunday morning (and living to tell about it) I realized that this is what it is all about. This is the goal I am working toward. I am asking my body to prepare to run 26.2 miles...I can't expect it to be easy. I can't expect to completely love every run or every week of training. I am going to have those down moments...but I will also have these up moments that make me realize that it is all worth it :) 
I also reminded myself of the feeling I had 6 weeks ago when I thought I might have a marathon ending injury...I need to be grateful that I can run and that I can continue to train for this amazing goal I have. Sunday's run got me excited to run this race (in 37 days!!!) and it made me realize that I CAN do this. I WILL be running 26.2 miles and the feeling I will get as I cross the finish line will be worth all of the pain and stress that came with the training. Okay...sentimental runner moment over ;)

Also, on Saturday I hit 800 miles...this was definitely a morale booster :)

I ended my tough week with snuggles with my favorite little maniac. Whenever I am with her I am reminded that all is right in the world. I am so lucky to be her aunt and I am even luckier that her parents trust me to babysit ;) 

Have you ever been in a running funk? What helped you to get out of it?

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  1. 1000 Miles? year? You go! I wish I made a year-long resolution like that. #WOWlinkup

  2. Are you running the Chicago marathon? Maybe after the marathon, you should take a few weeks off and do other workouts. Visiting from the #wowlinkup

  3. I had a terrible running week last week as well! Luckily a speed workout yesterday fixed all that. I hope :)

  4. Ouchie! You were definitely in an I hate running mode! But I have been there, and I think you made it through! I had many of those a few weeks ago, and I am an elite athlete!!! It is my job, and I still have those weeks sometimes. Over christmas last year I came back from one run and said I wanted to what does that tell you? :) Hang in there, and trust that all those days you pushed through when you didnt want to, will pay off :)

  5. Glad you got out of your running funk!

    And I go in and out of running funks all the time - with no rhyme or reason... Usually exhaustion gets the better of me ;)

  6. Way to get through a tough training week, Heather! Whew!