Monday, September 1, 2014

Marathon Monday: Road Trip Edition

This is my view right now....the flat nothingness of North Dakota. I'm not a huge fan of road trips...and luckily for AJ I sleep most of the time. The rest of the time I am either singing loudly with the radio, eating, or complaining about riding in the car. He sure puts up with a lot ;-) 

I'm writing this post on my phone on the way home from a fun filled family reunion weekend...which was fun and this will be another short and sweet post. I've always got some sort of excuse right? ;-) 

Monday- Rest day! 

Tuesday- Every year my school hosts a "Back to School Night" where the parents come in and we give presentations about what they can expect in our classroom and from the school year. I personally LOVE this night...however, even after 7 years of teaching I still get a little nervous talking in front of a group. I'll talk in front of 23 third graders all day...but thanks :-) The good news is I usually have a great group of kiddos and an even better group of parents. This year was no exception. The only negative part is the long day and late night. I knew I needed to get 6 miles in and there was no way I going to be able to do it after (around 8:30PM) so I got up at 4:45 AM and got my run done first thing in the morning. I'm not going to was rough and made for an even rougher day. Needless to say when my head hit the pillow Tuesday night I was out....immediately :-)

Wednesday- I felt like I had a million things going on this week and Wednesday was probably the busiest. I taught all day, prepared for 2 days with a sub in my classroom, went to the chiropractor, took the pup to her "sitter" for the weekend and then barely mustered up enough energy for a "tempo" like run. I managed to keep 5 of the 7 miles at a tempo pace...but they were the wrong miles. I started out fast and then I may or may not have taken a short walking break at mile 5 and was hot, I was tired, and I just couldn't push through. At first I was really upset with myself...but then I happens...and it's not the end of the world. 

Thursday-Rest Day/Travel Day 

We left bright and early Thursday morning for Minnesota. We broke the trip up into two days and stopped at Minneapolis for the night. We used to do this every year when I was younger so I've been to the Mall of America several times, but AJ had never we decided to spend the evening exploring.

The Mall of America is massive! You could shop here for days and never hit every store! 

One of the coolest parts is the theme park. They have 3 roller coasters, a zip line, a log ride, and many other rides. 

Lego land is also another favorite of mine :-) 

Friday- Travel day #2 started with an early morning run on the treadmill in the hotel gym. 

I wouldn't mind having a continental breakfast every day...I mean seriously it would make early morning runs so much better! 

Travel day #2 was only about 4 hours and included one of our favorite "landmarks" in Pelican Rapids. This town definitely takes the Pelican to a whole other level. 

Saturday- Long Run (17 miles) 

I had been a little stressed about this run all week. Not only would I be running my longest distance yet...but I would be running it in an unfamiliar place. The lake roads are narrow and there wasn't really a 8 1/2 mile out and back run friendly instead, I took off from our campsite and ran out a mile and then ran back...and then...did it again....9 more times ;-) I thought it would be awful, but if was actually great! I'm not sure what was so different about this week's long run...but it was enjoyable! I'm sure the cooler weather helped, along with the flat roads and I have a sneaking suspicion the new product I tried (Energy Bits) played a big part in it as well! (Look for a full review later this week) Not only did my run feel easy...but I recovered much quicker and my legs weren't quite as sore as they usually are...which is amazing considering I didn't have my foam roller or stretch as well as I usually do post run! Spoiler alert...I love Energy Bits ;-)

The view of the lake was gorgeous at 6:00 AM. 

Exactly one mile from our campsite at my turn around point was this can of Coke...coincidence? I think not ;-) 

This was my very interesting scenery! I ran by campsites and the lodge 9 different times and may or may not have said good morning to the same people over and over again...they probably thought I was nuts! 

My post run "ice bath" in the lake was by far my favorite part of this week's run. The water was COLD but oh so perfect for my tired legs :-) 

After getting my long run out of the way early I was able to enjoy a great day with my family! 

My mom and I

When you are in Minnesota you never know if you will need a fire to keep you warm at 2pm ;-) 

This guy and I can't ever take a nice selfie...usually I am the one smiling nice while he makes stupid faces. This time I gave home a taste of his own medicine ;-) 

The kids still managed to have some fun in the sand and water...even with the cold! 

This little maniac is my favorite! She is so entertaining ;-) While playing ladder golf she put these on her head and told us she was listening to her "beats" 

These are some of my favorite people. My auntie Bev and Uncle Teddy are two of the best people I could have in my life :-) 

Our last night in Minnesota and the sun finally came out and it warmed up a bit. This is such a special place to me...and it seemed only appropriate that I say "see you next year" with a beautiful sunset! 

Have you ever been to the Mall of America? 
When was your last road trip? Where did you go?


  1. I have never even seen Mall of America, just heard about it, looks so cool! Would love to visit someday! I am traveling tomorrow, so taking a day off too. That is just smart I think as your body does not do well sitting after or before running. I know the feeling about worrying about long runs, I have been there, and it is pretty stressful!

  2. I have never been to the Mall of America -it looks awesome - and if I'm ever in that area - I'm totally going!

    Last road trip is when we went to the Train Vacation with Emry - Seems like it was so long ago! Man did the summer go by fast!

    I have to start doing more LONG runs - I have had a minor set back with my leg - It just started HURTING (not sore - actual pain) on Sunday - and I'm hoping stretching will help it subside. Thoughts?

  3. This is so great, Heather! I love your camping pics! I'm so glad you had a good time and actually ENJOYED your long run; sometimes a change of scenery is really nice, isn't it? Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend!