Saturday, October 11, 2014

Confessions from Taper Town

Before you go any further...I am in need of a favor...pretty please...with a cherry on top?

A few weeks back I applied to win a sponsorship from BioSkin for my upcoming marathon (if I win, they will reimburse me for race fees and provide me with some cool gear) and I was chosen as one of 4 finalists!
I am currently in first place and the competitive side of me would really like to keep it that way :) So...would you do me a favor? Would you click on this link find my picture and vote for me?

After you vote...feel free to share, I would really appreciate any and all the support I can get! Voting ends tomorrow night and you can vote once a day :) 

Confession time...I thought the "Taper Crazies" were a myth. I thought runners who complained about the taper were nuts...especially when I was knee-deep in a 40 mile week. I couldn't wait to taper...and I just KNEW I was not going to be one of those crazy, irrational, tapering runners.

I was wrong...and the this tapering thing is making me nuts

#1 Phantom Injuries? Yep...I've got them. My hip/glute has been doing fabulously thanks to Dr. Sindorf...but in the last week it's been flaring up again. knee...that hurts. My neck...yep, that too. I'm falling apart.

#2 My appetite? I can't even go there...I seriously want to eat EVERTHING! The more sugar the better of course. Seriously? All through this training cycle I have done great limiting my sugar, but as of late I can't get enough. Cake for lunch? Why not...7 million tootsies rolls....yes please :) 

#3 My pace? I've been purposely trying to keep my pace a little slower to fully embrace this taper...but maintaining my slow pace has been somewhat of a challenge. I am beginning to doubt myself and thinking that I need to re-assess my goals for my marathon.

#4 Sleeping? Oh my word...I AM SO TIRED! I even had a dream the other night where I was tired and couldn't wait to take a nap...tired while sleeping? Sounds about right :)

#5 Sick? Luckily that hasn't been an issue. I rarely get sick (I am currently knocking on wood) and I am hoping that I can keep it that way. My best friends have been Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer :)

#6 Marathon Nightmares? Not yet...thank goodness!

#7 Mood extremes? Yes, yes, and yes...I rarely cry, I rarely get upset...but this last week has been a totally different story. I cried the other day after school because I was tired...see Taper symptom #4, then last night we were babysitting Finley and my brother told me that when it's time for her to go to bed to just put her in her crib because she doesn't like being rocked anymore...yep, there went the waterworks (and I may or may not be tearing up now thinking about how fast she is growing up)

I need to add another to the list..

#8 Scatterbrained?'s a miracle I have been able to stay on topic for this entire post. My mind is like a pin-ball machine. It's on overdrive and I am making some completely ridiculous and mindless mistakes lately.

Like the time I took gound turkey for lunch instead of leftovers. That's when I knew I had hit rock bottom ;)


The good news is...I only have one week left...and while the taper crazies have completely taken over any sane part of me...I have to say I am getting really excited (see, I told you...all logical thoughts are gone...I can't wait to run 26.2 miles) In one week I will be running the race that I have worked so hard over the last 18 weeks to prepare for...and I keep imagining the feeling as I cross the finish line. It's going to be great (or so I keep telling myself...visualize it right?)

Seeing as the first part of my post was me whining about  complaining about explaining my misconception of the taper, I figured I better wrap this up on a positive note. 

I have some VERY exciting news to share with you all! After being given the awesome opportunity to review Energybits here on my blog...the nice people at Energybits read my review and liked it so much that they asked me to be a part of their ambassador team!! 

This is great news for me...and for you :) I got some awesome Energybits swag AND I now get 30% off all my orders. They also gave me a discount code that I can share with you! If you use the code: wthwhynot  you can receive 30% off your entire order as well!!

 If you are like me and you are still not ready to take the plunge and order a whole package (1,000 bits) I do have some sample sizes available. Just shoot me an e-mail and I can send you some more information on my sample program :)

Oh...and one last thing...I had completely forgotten that I didn't announce the winners of my Energy Bits giveaway (weeks ago) Can I blame that on my taper crazies too?? I apologize and I will be getting in contact with my winners asap!

Taper Crazies? Have you been there? I wanna hear all about it...please make me feel a little less insane :)


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