Monday, October 13, 2014

Marathon Monday- My race is THIS week!

In 5 days I will be running my marathon...I will be running the race that I have spent the last 18 weeks preparing for. I should probably be panicking right? Wrong...I feel surprisingly calm and excited right now. I can't wait for Saturday...I am so ready for this race. I am ready to accomplish a goal that I NEVER thought was possible.
While I have been running for many years, I often looked at the marathon distance as something impossible, something I personally could never and would never do...and here I am about to do it :)

Don't get me wrong...I'm nervous...very nervous! I've done the training...I've given it my all...but there are so many factors that play into how a run/race goes. I have had days where I could run forever and it was easy...and I have had days where I laid on the park bench and cried. I've done the training...I'm capable of running 26.2 I just have to hope that my body is ready and willing to do it on Saturday. I have been taking my taper seriously (all the way down to the crazy, irrational mood swings) and I have been running less (which I haven't hated) and it's all out of my hands now. I am choosing to think positively and visualize the perfect race conditions...and I sure hope that it works :)

This past week was great training wise...I have to say I haven't hated the shorter mileage runs and carb-loading :)

Chocolate chip cookies and ice cream counts for carb-loading right?
Tuesday- 6 miles


I may or may not have grown accustomed to my early morning runs...and I may actually like them now. However, with winter fast approaching I am sure my opinion on them will change :)
Thursday- 5.31 miles
5.31 miles? Really RunKeeper? I love RunKeeper's interval options and used the workout that it suggested for this day...unfortunately the "end" of my workout didn't end on a nice round number and it is driving me crazy...still. I most likely have a problem :) 

Saturday- 5 miles

  Saturday was a GLORIOUS day! I didn't have to set an alarm...I only had to run 5 miles, and AJ was gone all day and night for a bachelor party. I had the house to myself for a full 24 hours!! While I love AJ and I love when we have time to spend together...I also love spending time with another one of my favorite people....ME :) It has been such a crazy hectic couple of months since school started a lazy day like that  was definitely overdue!
Sunday- 6miles

I didn't set an alarm for Sunday's run either....again, GLORIOUS! I am loving the cooler weather because I don't have to get up and out before 6AM to beat the heat. It felt weird...but a good weird to only run 6 miles. I know most people panic about not having a "long" run during the taper...but I am kind of loving it :)
I am absolutely LOVING fall...It's by far my favorite season. The weather is perfect and the leaves changing color makes for beautiful runs :)
Speaking of things I LOVE...This weekend we got to babysit my niece Finley. Friday night "EG" (AJ) and I babysat while my brother and sister-in-law went out to dinner for my brother's birthday. We took her to dinner (total amateur move on our part...we clearly have no clue what we are doing with an almost 2 year old at a restaurant lol!) and then went back to their house to watch the Royals game. Sadly, my sweet girl only wanted "EG" to play with her and when it came time for nighttime snuggles she insisted that EG give her, her bedtime bottle instead of me. I mean...I don't blame her...he is pretty great...but I was sure jealous of the Finley snuggles he got instead of me!
Food was everywhere...she was yelling "HI" to everyone that walked by...she was grabbing my plate, "EG's" drink, and the chairs all around us. It was definitely an experience :)
I mean, how can I even be mad when they are both so stinking cute?

This is basically my life right I will probably eat and sleep my way through the next 5 days anxiously awaiting my marathon!


 What's your favorite "carb-loading" snack?
What is your favorite part of fall?
P.S. I am also linking up for the first time with one of my personal favorite bloggers, Tara for her weekend update...She loves running and reading...basically we are soul-mates :) Check out her blog and link up if you have a post about your weekend!
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  1. Heather, I am SO GLAD to hear that I'm not the only one who appreciates a little "me" time! Good grief! You'd think I was trying to get rid of my husband, to hear some folks talk, but that's not it at all! I just want to be able to enjoy my slothiness (definitely not a word, but you get the picture) in privacy - ha! I'm so excited about your race; I can't believe that this is going to be me in a about 10 weeks; whoa! So thrilled you linked up this week, thank you for the shout-out, and I'm cheering for you already!!

  2. You got this!!! Enjoy your week, EAT, HYDRATE, SLEEP, and TRUST your training. I'm not yelling at you I promise=) You have worked hard and your body and mind will show up Saturday. Hoping for great weather and a great race!! Yay for taper!!!!

  3. Carboloading snack? Man - pasta with an interesting sauce. Like chicken marsala with orichette pasta - YUM!


  4. Everyone needs to appreciate a little "me time":)
    Good luck this weekend, your going to have a great time!!!

  5. Good luck on your marathon!!! You'll do amazing I just know it!! Being around all of the other runners always gets me more pumped and washes away the anxiety a little bit the morning of! :) My fav carb-loading dish is pasta of course haha. I just can't get enough of it!!