Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday's Musings

Hello....I would love to say that I have a million awesome interesting things to tell you about my weekend for Tara's Weekend Update...but, then I would be lying and I don't want to do that to you ;)

Because I had a miraculously lazy weekend...prepare yourself for a case of Monday Randomness.....

I seriously CANNOT get enough The Blacklist. If you haven't watched this show you are definitely missing out! We spent most of our weekend partaking in a Netflix binge-fest. I would say we watched close to 11 wonder I had such weird dreams last night :)

After my marathon I took a much needed break to let my body heal and recover properly. I had initially planned on 2 weeks of "easy" mileage and then getting back into 20-25 mile weeks to get me through winter and prepare for my spring half-marathons. Unfortunately, my body (and mind) had other ideas :) It has taken me a few more weeks than I planned...but I think I am finally back in the swing of things. I had originally made a goal to run 100 miles in November....but as you can see above, I will most likely not reach that....unless I run 50 miles this week...and that is NOT going to happen :)

Me weekend "long" run was amazing! Not only was it close to 60 degrees, but I felt great the whole time and could have kept going...I am trying to build back up my mileage slowly to avoid I made myself stop at 8 :)

This morning I got up bright and early and ran a practice 5k. I am running my final race of 2014 in 2 weeks and I wanted to see where I was at speed wise so I could decide if I was going to run the Santa Dash 5k for fun or to "race" Even after this morning's run I am still undecided on what I will do. Marathon training and my weeks of "recovery" sure have done a number on my speed. This morning's run was a little less than 2 minutes away from a PR which seems close and isn't terrible...but it was brutal. The fact that I didn't throw up was a win. I guess what I am saying is that it will be a game time decision :)

While I was recovering hardly running at all, I took it upon myself to eat as terribly as possible. I justified it by saying "I earned" it....but truth is...I'm not a dog and fast food isn't a "treat" or something that I earn. About 2 weeks ago I decided to get my act together and I started logging my calories in My Fitness Pal. I also decided to pay less attention to calories and more to my macros. 

Let me tell you...I think after 2 weeks I have a little bit better of an idea of how to get all my required protein/fat/carbs...but it's definitely not easy. I struggle with getting enough the end of the day I am usually short 15-20 grams and I am struggling to find low-carb, low-fat options to increase my protein intake. Any suggestions are definitely welcome!!

As my New Year's Resolution to run a race each month comes to a close I find myself wanting to sign up for ALLTHERACES in 2015. I almost want to do this resolution again...but I know that's silly...and my bank account will have none of it, so I am going to have to find other options :) 

Since I have been counting my macros meal-planning has become a necessary evil. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I LOOOOVE having everything ready to go during the week....but I hate making a grocery list, shopping, and preparing. I need a personal chef! Turkey burgers are definitely my new favorite...not only are the loaded with protein, but they are delicious and SO easy to prepare!

I hate...I repeat HATE deer. I have what some would call an irrational fear of deer...I however, think it's perfectly rational. These dangerous creatures are unpredictable. If they will run into the side of a car who is to say they won't run into me??? I am seeing them everywhere on my go-to trail. I'm thinking I might have to relocate for the fall/winter.

I am officially registered for the Heartland 39.3 series this spring! I will be running 3 half-marathons in 5 weeks! I ran it last year and had a blast! This year my goal is to be more consistent with my finish times and obviously to be faster :) I am reading Hanson's Half Marathon Method right now and deciding if it is the right training plan for my lofty goals. It looks pretty intense...but I am thinking it might be my best approach :)

Alright, I am imagining you are more than done with my randomness...there are a million other things bouncing around in my brain this morning (I blame my pre-workout) but I will spare you....for today :) 


  1. :) I love reading your posts. I love hearing about your runs - and seeing you turning it around from your big races....

    I can't get back with the running love... and it's frustrating the life out of me. :(

  2. Heather, I haven't watched Blacklist; I may need to add this to my list of Netflix addictions, after your recommendation. :) I'm glad I'm not the only one who Netflix-binged this weekend. I think it's great that you have given your body and mind some time to rest and recover after your marathon; you don't want to suffer from burnout and not be excited about running anymore, right? It's fun to enjoy those "treats" and then get back on track. You've accomplished so much this year! When I win the lottery ("somebody's gotta win!") I will pay for us both to have chefs; I am totally in the same boat on this one. All of that planning, shopping, preparing is exhausting; can we just have pizza? :) Thanks so much for linking up again this week; I look forward to it, and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. For high protein I like low fat cottage cheese, black beans, Greek yogurt, deli turkey meat (lean) I make them let me read the labels. And even though a lot of people don't like it tuna has like 25 grams of protein per can!!

  4. Girl!! We started The Blacklist last night!!! My hubby fell asleep and I watched 3 episodes and then peeled myself away to go to sleep. So good!!!!

  5. I'm getting ready for 2015 by running a race on New Year Eve night.