Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Adios 2014!

In the 2014 I...

1) Ran 1,120 miles (my goal was 1,000)
2) Ran a race (sometimes two) every month
3) Completed 6 half-marathons
4) Ran a full-marathon
5) Did things I never thought I would do

My goal last year was to run one race a month every month in 2014. Last year when I decided to do this I had NO idea how far this goal/resolution would take me. I accomplished things this year that I never thought I would. I pushed my body to the limits...and  best of all I didn't die ;)

I have to say that this New Year's Resolution was one of my favorites by far. I laughed, I cried, I celebrated, I ached, I pained, I bragged, I whined, I felt confident, I felt beat down...but best of all...I did it! I succeeded in completing my 2014 New Year's Resolution...and it definitely feels good :) 

 Tonight I will ring in the New Year with some great friends and my fiance ( read that right!) and tomorrow, if I am feeling up to it (i.e. if I don't let the booze get the best of me) I will be posting about 2015's New Year's Resolution. I am going back and forth between a few I have what, 8 1/2 hours left to decide? Hopefully, while I am thinking very clearly tonight I will make a decision :) 

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful night! 



  1. Happy New Year!!!

    WOW 6 HALF MARATHONS? You are amazing.

    I signed up really late in the year to MapMyRun - -- but, between June and November I ran 322.2 miles, which is AMAZING to me. This year, I would love to see how many I accomplish!

    How was your New years eve? Did you have fun?

  2. CONGRATS on the engagement and an amazing 2014! Married life is the best. You'll love it!