Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December's Intentions

 I came across a random blog post a few weeks back about New Year's Resolutions vs Daily Intentions. (I've searched everywhere trying to find the blog post again, and I can't find it anywhere!!) I have been thinking about it just about everyday since I read it. In it the writer talked about people failing to keep their New Year's Resolutions, and she talked about how it was better to make daily intentions every day instead. She spoke about the guilt or stress people feel with resolutions and how daily intentions are smaller goals that are in turn easier to keep...and leave you feeling less guilty if you don't end up fulfilling them :)

As an avid New Year's Resolution maker and keeper I struggled a bit to understand where she was coming from.

I have always made resolutions that I know I can do and that I WANT to do. They aren't your typical lose weight, eat healthy, be nicer, etc. Because we all know I would fail within the first month (or week)

Over the last few weeks this blog post kept popping into my head and I wondered how I could made "Daily Intentions" a part of my life...how could I make it work for me? While I love New Year's Resolutions (and I am already scheming for 2015!!) I also love smaller goals/intentions along the way. So I thought...why not make "Monthly Intentions" and work on little things each month (along with my New Year's Resolution, of course!) This will allow me to reflect back on the month prior and make changes...and work on being the best me I can be! Maybe I can make one of my intentions to be less cliche or cheesy :)

Here we are two days into December and I have broken my first intention...I wanted to post my intentions here on the first day of the month, every month. Well...that clearly didn't happen.

In my defense I did I start this post yesterday, but I wasn't able to finish. This week I am babysitting for a family at my school  and I am getting a first hand glimpse at what single-mom life feels like, and let me tell you, it ain't easy :)

Yesterday the girls met me in my classroom right after school and we headed home from there. We got home, did homework, ate dinner, and then headed out for Taekwondo (did you know that this was one word? I had no clue...if Google says it...it must be true) and then Target for new dresses for their band concert Thursday night. We didn't get home until close to 8:30...then it was PJ's, brushing teeth, and reading a bed time story. By the time the lights were out and the girls were settled in for bed it was 9:00 and I was beat. I wanted (SO BADLY) to fire up my computer and finish up my blog post but my droopy eyes wouldn't let me...

PLUS, I had to figure out a cute and fun way to set up Ellie the Elf :)

Okay, enough with the whining and the excuses...without further ado...here are my December intentions!

Read a book

Yes, this seems silly...a book? Yes, I mean one singular book...pathetic, yes? My reality? Yes :) I try so hard to read before bed...but my eyes won't stay open. I also have to admit, that I spend about 20 minutes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin before I even think about picking up my book. So this month I am going to social media less (is that a term?) and read more! I want to finish one complete book!!

Less Social Media-ing

I am going to piggy back off of my previous intention. I will be putting my phone and all social media away by 8:00 each night. I would like to put my phone away I earlier...but baby steps okay?
Get my running mojo back
Confession...I haven't ran or worked out since Thanksgiving day...and quite honestly I haven't really wanted to. I am 100% aware that once I get started again I will remember how much I once loved it...but right now I am perfectly content sleeping in and not having to shower twice a day :)
To help aid in this I am going to start my half-marathon training for the Heartland 39.3, I am going to try out the Hanson's half-marathon method and it is 18 weeks long, which puts me starting this Thursday. I am hoping that having a set schedule will keep me motivated and accountable! 
Post on my blog at least once a week
I think I have pretty much posted at least once a week for quite awhile now (except this week...it's been one week and one day...GASP!) but, with things getting busier and busier with the holidays, I am having a harder time finding the time (or energy) to put together a post...honestly, it's more work than people realize...especially for a perfectionist like me :) My intention will be to post something at least once a week...maybe more if you're lucky ;)  
Alright...for this first month I am going to keep is simple and stick with just these 4 intentions. The goal is to succeed and not overwhelm myself with things I can't possibly do. Maybe as the months go by I will become a little more ambitious...

What are your December intentions?

Do you make New Year's Resolutions?


  1. I think the resolution to be more awesome than last year is always MINE!

    And I love your intentions - I would really have to think about what my intentions would be.
    You should make this a link up - hmmmm there is something in that!

  2. I am thinking about signing up for the Heartland 39.3 as well. My intentions for this month are to work on strength and conditioning while it is cold out. I'm a wuss and hate running in the cold!

  3. I had a lot of New Year's resolutions (that I broke and will be making again in 2015) but I make weekly goals too. I try to post them on the blog to keep myself focused.

  4. I'm so excited you are going to try Hanson's!!! I really think you'll love it. I'm going to use their general philosophy in 2015 for the half. I'm planning to only do half's in 2015 to give my body a break from the distance and hopefully get faster. You'll rock it girly!!!