Monday, January 19, 2015

All the feels....

Saturday morning I got this text.....

It immediately put a smile on my face because my mission in life is to make everyone love running as much as I do ;)

Then as we continued to chat my friend told me she had plans to run a race every month like I did last year...and this made me smile even bigger :)

Then she said an inspiration? Really? Couldn't be...I'm just a normal person who spent her life savings on race entries last year ;)

And then this...she tells me that I am the reason she is doing this...I am the reason she decided to take a chance and push herself to do things she never thought possible...and I can't even begin to tell you how incredible that feels.

Cue all the tears....

I'm not sure this friend of mine knew exactly how much I needed to hear that, but I did. Sometimes in life you forget that you could be inspiring someone by setting a goal and doing whatever it takes to accomplish it. Last year was physically (and sometimes emotionally) tough...but knowing that I inspired even just one person made it all worth it. So to my friend....a RUNNER....thank you for sharing this with me...and just remember YOU are an inspiration and I can't wait to cheer you on every step of the way :)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

So....apparently I forgot I have a blog :) has been over 2 weeks since I have posted...and I would like to say I feel bad...but honestly I really haven't had the time to feel guilty ;)

The only reason I have time to post today is because I can't sleep. I have already been up for over an hour and any hope of falling back asleep is gone. I figured that I should use this time to update you all on the happenings of life....

Christmas Day was hands down my favorite day so far...This handsome guy asked me to marry him and I of course said yes :) It was the perfect day...after getting engaged we got to spend the rest of the day with family celebrating!

New Year's Eve was  a blast as always. These ladies always make things extra fun...Having a selfie stick was an added bonus :)

I'm not sure what was going on here...but I think this is great material for our save the dates, don't you?

The weekend after Christmas we got right to work on hunting down a wedding venue...apparently you have to book a year and a half out for most places? That seemed insane...but come to find out we are the insane ones trying to plan a wedding in less than 7 months. Good news is we found a venue and things are coming together. We may just pull this wedding off in time ;-)

My New Year's Resolution wasn't decided until Jan. 2nd (gasp!) I know, I know...I just couldn't figure it out this year for some reason. I had a million ideas in my head and none seemed just right. However, after lunch with some of my favorite ladies I decided to keep a journal. Instead of writing a long passage occasionally I decided to record my thoughts every day. Just a sentence or two highlighting the best parts of my day. I figured with getting married this year it might be a fun keepsake to look back on :)

It's been going really well so far, I usually write 1-2 sentences each day (sometimes more) and I add pictures or mementos as I see fit. I am definitely excited about choosing this for my resolution.

I've also decided to add another "mini-resolution" to 2015....Yes, I can do that...I can do whatever I want :) I've decided that I want to aim to read at least 2 books a month. This is a lofty goal because I don't think I have read more than 2 books in the last 6 months...but it's something I feel very strongly about. I LOVE to read...but I "never have time" which is a lame excuse. The real problem is I get in bed at night and spend an hour on my phone looking at social media and then by the time I finally grab my book it's late and I am too tired to read, so I don't. I want to kick my social media addiction and I have started trying to put my phone away by 8:00 each night. This means when I get in bed at 8:15 (don't judge me) I have a full 45 minutes (or less) to devote to reading.
I've already finished 1 book and I am half way through my second. It's amazing and I am loving it!

Running? What about running you ask...well....I haven't been running nearly as much as I was in 2014. So far in 2015 I have only logged about 20 miles. This is due to a couple of factors

1) It has been ridiculously cold outside and while I consider myself a "tough it out" runner I just couldn't bring myself to get out and run in the negative temps and the -20 windchill
2) I prefer to run in the mornings before work- see #1
3) I have been focusing a lot on lifting and cross-training. I have severely neglected my upper body and it hit me that I am going to be wearing a wedding dress in 6 months, so I better get to work on my arms :)

So many excuses? Yes...but don't worry I haven't completely thrown my running goals out the window. I am signed up for the Heartland 39.3 in April/May and I still have hopes of a 1:45 half (or maybe 3 of them) and I will be back at running next week when my training plan starts.

What happened to Hanson's you ask? be honest with you the holidays and my lack of motivation happened. Hanson's method wants you to run with the exception of one rest day, and I honestly couldn't force myself to do, who wants to have to wash their hair everyday? I don't....

I am still looking at a few different training plans and I haven't decided which one I want to go with...but hey, I have until Monday to decide :)

That's all the excitement I have for today...I need to get moving. Today we are meeting with a caterer and tasting their food (SO EXCITING) and then I have an appointment to try on dresses (according to's check list I should have bought my dress ages ago...but hey...I like to live on the wild side) so wish me luck!!