Monday, January 19, 2015

All the feels....

Saturday morning I got this text.....

It immediately put a smile on my face because my mission in life is to make everyone love running as much as I do ;)

Then as we continued to chat my friend told me she had plans to run a race every month like I did last year...and this made me smile even bigger :)

Then she said an inspiration? Really? Couldn't be...I'm just a normal person who spent her life savings on race entries last year ;)

And then this...she tells me that I am the reason she is doing this...I am the reason she decided to take a chance and push herself to do things she never thought possible...and I can't even begin to tell you how incredible that feels.

Cue all the tears....

I'm not sure this friend of mine knew exactly how much I needed to hear that, but I did. Sometimes in life you forget that you could be inspiring someone by setting a goal and doing whatever it takes to accomplish it. Last year was physically (and sometimes emotionally) tough...but knowing that I inspired even just one person made it all worth it. So to my friend....a RUNNER....thank you for sharing this with me...and just remember YOU are an inspiration and I can't wait to cheer you on every step of the way :)


  1. You're too sweet! I miss you! You can't ever forget that you're an inspiration to people. I'm just one person that came out and said it. Think about the people (possibly the stranger next to you in a race) that haven't said it. You're kinda awesome. ;-)