Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend Update

The last few weeks I seem to think that if I stay up really late on Sunday night...then Monday won't come. Spoiler alert...Monday still happens...and on top of it being a will be really tired from trying to prevent it ;)

Honestly though, I have to say I have actually been looking forward to THIS Monday. Today is my rest day and the first day of my 2 week taper leading up to Rock the Parkway. My workouts this weekend were tough...and my body is TIRED...but now we rest!

Saturday I had 3 miles and strength training on the schedule. I had been thinking about Reese's Puffs all week and decided that they would make the perfect pre-workout (whatever I have to do to justify the chocolatey delicousness!)

I didn't take a picture of my workout (did it even happen!?!) or much else for that matter this you will have to bare with me on my limited picture post.

I have been craving fruity, chewy candy all week...and since I have been really keeping an eye on what I am eating leading up to the race I haven't given in to this craving. Luckily, I found these magical protein gummies...I was really skeptical and figured they would taste like cardboard, but they were actually REALLY delicious! I know they still aren't necessarily "healthy" but they cured my craving for 1/3 of the calories and MUCH less sugar!

Plus...with as hard as I am pushing my body I can always use a little extra protein ;)

I'm sure you don't really care to see this graphic...but I was REALLY proud of myself for "almost" hitting my macros spot on. The last few weeks I have been logging my food and trying to make sure I hit my carb, fat, and protein goals...this is a close as I have gotten...EVER! 

Have I told you how much I love Timehop? This showed up on was last years final long run before Rock the cool is that??

 I overnight babysat Saturday and didn't get home until almost noon and getting geared up for my long run was nearly impossible...14 miles? No thanks...

After some self-bribery (with the promise of food of course) I finally got my butt in gear and headed out the door. I had no clue what route I wanted to take so I decided I would just wing it. Apparently, my inner GPS was slightly off because I ended up hitting 14 miles about a mile from home...sooooo...15 miles it is!

Since I wasn't able to run with the Sunday Runday group, I had to take my own water. I tried using an attachable water bottle handle (sorry that is the best description I have for you right now) and it was definitely not for me. The water sloshed around and made it tough for me to run with...that's when I got the brilliant idea to stash my water bottle in a tree and run 2 loops around the block so I didn't have to hold it for very long...hence the extra mile ;)

This was the bribery I was talking about. Sour gummy octopus...get in my belly...It's all I have been able to think about all week...this bag was empty before I even got home from the store...oops :) 

After my official post-long run laziness and AJ's soccer game we went to dinner (for more bribery food) and stopped at Orange Leaf to celebrate Ice Cream Sunday! We used to do this every week and we have been really bad about it lately...I think it definitely needs to make a comeback...permanently! Especially with this limited time flavor they are offering...OH-EM-GEE...if you like all things mint, this is the stuff for you. I was in absolute ice cream paradise!

With the craziness of the weekend grocery shopping was done really late on Sunday so I spent until 10:00PM prepping dinners last night. I contemplated just going to bed...but life is so much easier during the week when my food is ready. Plus...we made these honey-cinnamon sweet potatoes...and there was no way I was missing out on those for lunch! 
Running 'N' Reading

I know this wasn't much of a weekend was more of a hodge-podge of all the randomness in my brain and life, but I love this weekly link-up, so I couldn't let my less than exciting weekend and lack of photos keep me from participating!

Friday, March 27, 2015

I broke the law...and Thursday won

I just spent the last 10 minutes trying to come up with at title for this post. It was supposed to be "Thursday's Things" but clearly it's not Thursday. 

Thursday-1; Heather- 0

You see I had a post almost completely put together yesterday (when it was actually Thursday) and somehow (through some mistake of mine, I am sure) the whole post disappeared.

I assume it will show back once I complete this post...isn't that always the way it works? 

The good news is I got up early for a run this morning...and I only had to go 3 miles, so that left me with lots of extra time to compose a post as equally thrilling as the one I slaved over yesterday.

I wore this shirt to the gym this morning as a message to will be better than Thursday ;) Today's training called for 3 easy-miles...and I considered skipping because my darn hip/glute has been acting up a bit the last few days. I am usually really good about listening to my body and not pushing too before bed last night I iced my bum...

 with frozen peas of course...and told myself that if I was still feeling sore this morning I wouldn't run. Well...luckily I woke up with very little pain and was able to get in 3 pain free miles on the treadmill. I absolutely HATE running on the treadmill...but at 5AM it feels much safer :) To switch things I up I played with the incline settings. I increased my incline by 1% every half-mile until I got to 3% (which is ROUGH btw) and then went down by 1% until I got back to 0%...It made the time and the miles fly by! 

Another thing that has helped me hate the treadmill a little less lately is that I have been reading on my iPad. One of my goals this year is to read at least 2 books per month...and some nights (let's be real...all nights) I struggle to stay awake to read much more than a it's been a challenge to say the least. This strategy helps me kill 2 birds with one stone (I hate that saying...and technically it's 3 in this situation) 1-I get my training run out of the way first thing in the morning 2-I don't die of boredom on the treadmill and 3-I get in some extra reading, win situation if I do say so myself :)

So you know how I told you I got pulled over while running the other day? After my run-in with the law I spent the last few miles of my run stewing about it and convincing myself that it wasn't the law and that the police officer was just being a meanie. Turns out...

He wasn't...he was actually just doing his job. Running in the street when a sidewalk is available is prohibited. Who knew? I'm clearly a menace to society. It's safe to say that I won't be partaking in that activity anymore...$90?!?

Does anyone else subscribe to Stride Box? I have been a subscriber for the last year and I have built up an impressive (or hoarder status) collection of running fuel, hydration, etc. I've decided that I HAVE to start trying the awesome samples they have sent me. I am definitely a creature of habit and my ENERGYbits and Cocogo do me just fine...but it's starting to get out of hand and I am running out of room. If I don't start using these samples they will completely take over!

I'm definitely glad I gave Run Gum a chance...this stuff is AMAZING!! I had one piece before my run the other morning and there was a noticeable difference in my energy and it didn't make me feel jittery like other products that contain caffeine have in the past. It said to chew another piece after your I tried that... and whoa! It was a bit much for me. I felt like the Tazmanian Devil while I was getting ready for work...but I rarely have any caffeine so it would most likely be okay for other people. I will probably just go ahead and stick with one piece per day though :)

Another morning this week I tried out these Bolt energy chews. I couldn't really figure out from the package if they were a pre-workout or they were meant to be fuel during a longer run? I just ate a few before my 6 miler yesterday and a few more at mile 3. While they were VERY tasty, I didn't notice much of a difference energy-wise...I still have a half pack left and I might try them out on a long run sometime.

I haven't been this happy to see a Friday in awhile (or since the Friday before spring break?) It's been a tough week back after having a whole week off...hopefully, I will get back in to the groove soon and next week will be better! 

Do you break laws too? How often do you run on the street when a sidewalk is present?

Any big plans for the weekend?
Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Half-Marathon Training Has Me Like...

I cannot stop eating...when I am not eating I am thinking about the next time I will be eating. At breakfast I am planning my lunch and at lunch I am planning my dinner. I even go to bed at night and occasionally (and by occasionally, I mean always) dream about what I am will be having for breakfast. Running 35-40 miles per week has me eating like a teenage boy!

Running 6 days a week doesn't give my body much of a chance to rest. My legs, hips, knees, butt, etc are always tired and sore. Plus, I am trying to incorporate at least 2 days of strength training a my arms, shoulders, back...ouch! Add to that the planks I have added to the end of my run every other day...I can't breath...abs hurt so bad!

I'm so's a win for me if I can manage to stay awake much past 9pm...

...which leads to not having much of a social life. Sometimes I go to bed earlier on Saturday nights in preparation for Sunday's long run than I do doing the week. It's a good thing my friends and family are so supportive of my crazy training schedule...otherwise they would have ditched me a long time ago ;)

Speaking of missing my friends...I really miss booze. Generally, I don't drink much (or at all) during training..which after a long day at work is tough...It could all be in my head...but running is so much easier when I am sober ;)

The closer I get to race day...the more I start to think that I have made a huge mistake. 3 half marathons in 5 weeks? 2 of them back to back weekends...AND I want to PR by 2 minutes in ALL of them? Have I lost my mind? Don't answer that ;)

However, I have moments of insanity when I am so freaking excited!! I've never trained harder for a race or felt more ready!! Let's just hope that Rock the Parkway turns out better than it did last year :)

Here I am in peak week...39 miles on the schedule...The most I have ever run in a week and to tell you the truth minus the tiny annoyances mentioned above, I am feeling great! My body feels strong, nothing hurts (except sore muscles), and I still have my sanity...for now ;)

Let's hope that the taper for this race isn't nearly as emotional as it was for the KC Marathon...for my sake....and AJ's ;)

Today I am linking up with Workout Wednesday #WowLinkUp

Femme Fitale Fit Club

If you want to check it out you will find some awesome fitness tips and some pretty great bloggers :)
Sunday, March 22, 2015

When a sidewalk is must run on it

Some days I shouldn't leave the house...


Today was one of them

I talked myself into getting up early and joining KC Running Club's Sunday Runday group run this morning and this is what I get.

I mistakenly wore a light colored t-shirt with my 2 year-old (washed SEVERAL times) hot pink sports bra. This pink dye is relentless...It bled the first few times I wore it; and then I washed it 4 billion times hoping that we could be friends again. WRONG...

Now I can never show my face again at a group run. The worst part is that I didn't even notice until I got home and was getting ready to take a shower. I just pranced around like the cool chick that I think I am...

...all the while people are looking at me like I am nuts! Jokes on them though because they didn't even realize that my sports bra stained my skin as well. Being super sweaty is fun ;)

On top of looking like a total doofus out on my run today...I also got pulled over...while I was a a car.

So there I was minding my own business, running through a quiet little neighborhood and running against you're supposed to and all of a sudden a cop car drives up and motions me over to his car....WHAT? He tells me that when there is a sidewalk available I must run on it. 

I was horrified...I don't break the rules...let alone laws! It got me thinking that a law? I mean seriously...the cop car was the first car I had seen in wasn't a busy street? But being the rule follower that I am I spent the rest of my run dodging back and forth across the street when the sidewalk would end on one side and pick back up on the other? Who designed these sidewalks anyway? was quite the eventful morning...but luckily I am now home safe and sound (and no longer stained pink) and despite my shenanigans, I managed to get in a great 13 mile run. During training, some runs are great...and some are terrible. Luckily, today's was awesome! 

Post run I rewarded myself with my BioSkin compression shorts (my legs love me for it) and all the delicious foods!

I might have even gone a little overboard with the compression gear...what can I feels so good!

Other than my run I haven't been overly productive today (and don't really plan to be)...but I did get around to hanging some new decor that we bought at a craft show yesterday...

I got both of these items from my super talented co-worker/friend's booth! Isn't her stuff adorable?

Alright, that's all the productivity I can handle for today. Now I am off to the couch for some lazy afternoon television! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day! 

I'm prematurely linking up with Tara over at Running 'N' Reading for her weekend update. I saw what I was wearing...chances are I won't be doing anything else too exciting today...especially if it requires me to wear real pants ;)

Running 'N' Reading