Thursday, March 5, 2015

And just like that...

**Fun fact...I wrote this yesterday and hit save instead of publish. I'm a train wreck 99.9% of the time :-P

It's March...and I couldn't be happier

It's not that I don't love January and February...alright, yes it is. Sorry January and's nothing personal but you tend to bring lots of cold, snow, ice, indoor recess and treadmill runs. I can't help but get a little agitated ;)

No matter the month though...I always love the feeling I get at the beginning of a new month. It feels like a fresh start. A chance to make new goals. A chance to clean that slate and make plans for great things!! Can you tell a new month makes me crazy? I'm not usually one to throw around all these motivational quotes and such...but for some reason the month of March has me excited!! I have lots and lots of big things coming up and I can't help it (insert crazed eye emoji)

One of my goals for the month of March is to procrastinate less. I wouldn't say I am the VERY worst procrastinator...but if it were an Olympic sport I would probably walk away with the bronze medal ;)

My procrastination seems to get worse in the winter...I swear I suffer from the winter blues. I just can't seem to get motivated and all I want to do is snuggle up on the couch and read a book or watch TV. So I decided that in March I will have to earn my time on the couch. I am not allowed to sit down and read/watch TV until everything is done....things like folding that last load of laundry that I usually let sit in the dryer until the next weekend when I do laundry again, unloading the dishwasher or putting dishes from the sink away, putting away all of my running accessories, etc. The list could go on and on...but I have made it a goal to not settle down for the evening until everything is picked up and taken care of. It's been 4 days and I would say it's been going well. 
Everyone always says  organization is the key to success...which is oh so true...but what is proving to be even more true is that "organization is the key to happiness" I swear I am sleeping better at night knowing I don't have a to-do list a mile long. Yes, I know that when I wake up the next morning that to-do list will magically reappear seems as if it's never ending...but hey that's life. But knowing that everything that HAS to be done for the day is done is such a great feeling :-)

Another goal I have for myself is to blog more often. I have been in such a rut it a case of "writer's block" perhaps? I just don't know what to write about. I am such a perfectionist that I think I have to have this legendary (see above) post filled with thrilling content to be able to create a post worthy of reading...and honestly that isn't true. This is my blog...I should write about whatever pops into my random brain. I enjoy reading and writing blog posts and stressing about having the perfect post has kept me from doing that as much. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself...I'm sure none of you realized that little fun fact about me until now ;) 

My future posts may be random...they may be short...and they may be of no interest of you...but they will be more frequent. I want to find my love of blogging again...and I want to find the time. Seriously, if vampires were real things I would volunteer to be turned. Think about how much I would get done if I didn't have to sleep!!! (See...this is what happens when I let my random thoughts take over!)

My running goals are pretty lofty this spring and that mental struggle of "can I do it?" has started a lot sooner than normal. Last year I ran the Heartland 39.3 and finished all 3 of the half marathons in that series in under 2 hours (1:54, 1:48, and 1:58) and I finished 42nd overall out of 513 women. This year I want to break 1:45 for AT LEAST one of my races and finish  in the top 15. Now this goal of mine is BIG...especially since Rock The Parkway and Garmin (the first 2 races) are in back to back weekends. I am asking a lot of my body. Deep down I know it's possible...but it's still scary to think about. I am asking my legs to run 8 minute miles for 13.1 miles 3 times in the span of 5 weeks. 

My time at the Garmin half was SOOO close to my goal time so I know I can do it...but the trick is I have to do it 3 times! So when I chose my training plan I decided to up the intensity. I am following the "Greatist- Elite half marathon" plan on RunKeeper. The training plan was free with my RunKeeper elite subscription and let me tell is kicking my butt! Last year my longest run during the week was around 4-5 miles. This time around I am running 6-8 miles on weekdays. It includes a lot of speedwork and it reminds me to incorporate strength training. I am running 5 days a week and I feel as if I am always showering. This is something I hate...I wish I was a guy because washing and drying my hair is my nightmare.

On top of my March goals I will continue to work on my New Year's Resolution for 2015...which I haven't broken yet! I have been writing in my journal every day...some days I have to go back and write an entry for a few of the days before because I haven't yet been able to make it a habit to write before bed (maybe this can be a goal for April?) but as of this morning I am all caught up and I will do better...promise :)

My other resolution was to read at least 2 books a month. I was a real champ in January and read 4! read that right...4 books! Granted one was a kids book that my librarian at school gave me and one was a pretty short easy read, but the other 2 were longer. 

February was a different story...I blame it on being a short month. I finished my second book on February 28th at 10:30 P.M. Talk about cutting it close :) 

Putting my phone away at 8:00 P.M. has been kind of an on and off success for me. Some nights I am really good about it...and others I just can't seem to fight off my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter addiction :) I think I will add that to my April goals as well :) 

Alright, that's all for today! I got to school early today so I can fit in some time to put together a post. Hoping to make this a habit so I can meet my goal of posting more :)

Hope you all have a wonderful's snowing here again (and supposed to be in the 60's Saturday?) so I am looking at indoor recess AGAIN today. If you don't hear from me again soon...please send help ;)


  1. I am running 39.3 too! Maybe I will see you there. Best of luck in training!