Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Break...Chicago style

After a much too fast long weekend in Chicago visiting AJ's sister; we are now home and nursing a pretty rough vacation hangover...and maybe a little bit of a real hangover? 

I rarely drink; but St. Patrick's Day is the holiday of my people (my ginger people) so I had to make an exception ;) Yesterday and today, along with my 2nd day hangover, reminded me as to why I don't drink very ability to recover as I have gotten older is non-existent!! But...we had a blast; so I suppose it was worth it :)

Because I was running the Big 12, 12k we didn't get into Chicago until about 11:00 Saturday night (race recap soon!)

We got up early Sunday morning, had breakfast, and then hopped on the train into the city! I have to say...I love Chicago's public transportation. Taking a train > driving

We were in awe as we walked around downtown. The buildings are huge and seem to go on forever. Chicago makes downtown KC look VERY small!

They dyed the river green on Saturday...and by the time we saw it on Sunday it really didn't seem all that green. Bummer!

For lunch we had the BEST pizza I have ever had. Lou Malnati's...OMG! 

After lunch we decided we wanted to go to the Willis' Tower (Sear's tower) This was definitely a bucket list item of mine.

The views were incredible!!

I can't believe how big this city is!! I'm already asking AJ when we can move ;)

Monday we went to a town nearby to explore. We found this adorable little street with these incredible houses. They were only about one room wide...but they were really deep! 

This street of houses definitely seemed out of place...I wanted to badly to go for a tour and see the insides!

Monday evening we went bowling...this sign in the arcade area made me giggle :)

I'm a terrible bowler...luckily we were the only people in the bowling alley :)

After bowling we went to dinner at "Firken" and it looked like SPD had thrown up in there!! Of course, I loved it!

Tuesday morning we were up bright and early to take the train into the city. With it being SPD, we thought it was only appropriate to have a beer on the train :)

We stopped in the little French Market under the train station and I found the souvenir I just had to have...

Then we went to Millennium Park to see the bean! 

When we were planning this trip I told AJ the only thing we HAD to do was go see the bean...mission accomplished! 

I'm so lucky I get to marry this cool guy ;)

Two peas in a pod I suppose :)

Group shot!

We took close to 4 million photos of the bean, in the bean, and of our reflections in the bean. :)

Love a good photo-op!

After the bean we hopped on The L and headed for Wrigleyville. We found these really cool houses right outside the stadium. They basically had Wrigley Field in their front yard. Talk about good seats for the game! 

 Then it was time for random pubs and green beer...

And that's when things got weird ;)

We had such a fun weekend thanks to this lady!!

Luckily, I am off the rest of this week because of Spring now we recover properly, by doing a whole lot of nothing!