Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Update

Good morning and Happy Monday!!! I am exceptionally chipper this morning for some reason...and I still managed to get up at my new early time even with Daylight Savings. 

I'm not someone who hates springing forward (maybe it's because I don't have kids yet? Because according to the numerous posts on FB yesterday it sounds like it's really tough on kids and their parents ;) Me...I'm just happy to have that extra hour of sunlight in the evening! However...

Courtesy of my favorite teacher blog :)

I wouldn't have hated if we had gained that hour on Friday ;) I didn't realize until Friday evening that it was a full moon...and it explained SOOOO much!

Running 'N' Reading

I used to be a regular over on Tara's blog. She is one of my absolute favorite bloggers...but for some reason I just haven't made time for her link-up lately. That is all about to change. I mean seriously...a weekend update link up? Who wouldn't want to join in on that?? I mean some weekends I am really embarrassed to let you all know how much nothing I really did....but's life :) 

However, this weekend was full of fun and I am super excited to share! 

Friday night we had dinner with AJ's brother and sister in law at Red Robin (my favorite) and then headed back to our place for an intense game of Scrabble. I would like to point out that I beat AJ ;)

Saturday we celebrated my favorite little person's 2nd birthday! 

I mean can she be two? It seems like only yesterday that she left us waiting in suspense (for like 15 hours) for her arrival. The day I met her I fell in love and couldn't imagine loving her any more than I did in that moment...well...I was wrong. This little spit-fire has added so much fun and joy to our lives!

I snapped a bunch of candid photos...because with this busy little bee posed shots NEVER happen! 

The weather was incredible on Saturday so they decided to move the party outdoors. It made for some crummy photos...but it was SO nice to enjoy the sunshine! 

Plus, it gave this little one lots of room to enjoy her new "jump-jump" When my brother and sister-in-law brought this out she ran straight for it yelling "my jump jump!" and she tore that ribbon off and got to jumping! 

Later we headed inside to sing happy birthday and enjoy some cupcakes! 

The weather was far too nice to stay indoors so we headed right back outside after and played with the new toys. Finley insisted on my mom and I getting in her house with her....and then she left us ;)

After the birthday party we just couldn't  justify being inside so we grabbed the pup and headed to the dog park. She was definitely worn out when we got home! 

Sunday morning was my 11 miler and I had every intention of getting up and making it to the "Sunday Runday" group run at 7AM. But, then I realized that it was Daylight Savings and that it would actually be 6AM and I just couldn't force myself to do that so I got up at 7:30 (new time) and ran a solo 11 miler. 

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I never begin a long run without my trustworthy friends Energy Bits! I haven't been running longer distances for the last few months and I forgot how much better I feel during and after my long runs when I take these :)

11 great miles! Although, the first few felt rough (as always)

but the last few were amazing! I even managed to run my last mile at my goal pace for Rock the Parkway! 

After my run I stretched, ate breakfast, and headed out to the patio to read my book. Seriously, if you haven't read Amy Poehler's "Yes Please" do later...but now! It's hilarious and honestly very inspiring.

Sunday evening I went to AJ's indoor soccer game. I'm not a huge fan of soccer (or the heat and humidity inside of the complex) but I am a good fiance and went anyway ;)

AJ bribing me with Johnny's afterwords might have swayed my decision slightly as well ;) After my 11 miler earlier in the day I demolished my turkey burger and sweet potato fries...what can I say...running makes me hungry :) 

Well there you have super exciting weekend! As a parting gift I thought I would leave you with a laugh...

Seriously...tell me I am not the only one that relates to this ;)

How are you coping with Daylight Savings?

What are you reading right now? I'm always up for suggestions!


  1. HEATHER! I'm so delighted to "see" you in the link up today; thank you so much for joining in and for the kind words. Love these pics with your precious friend; they grow up so fast, right? I mean, I don't even have any but my friends kids always seem way bigger every time I see them - ha! I'm with you; I don't get too messed up by the time change, but I did make a concerted effort to get some good sleep leading up to the change. I'm never a fan of losing an hour of sleep! Have you read The Girl on the Train? I did a review of it a few weeks ago and it's number 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. You should check it out...hope your Monday is off to a great start!

  2. Hi Heather, new reader here. Found you through Tara's Weekend Linkup, this is such a great way to find some awesome blogs! I'm with you on the time change, just glad to have that extra hour when I get off. I have tried the energy bits but only a couple times maybe I need to try them on a more regular basis to see any difference. Enjoyed reading your post and I hope you have a great week!

  3. I love DST but it takes me a couple days to adjust, both times during the time change. The cat had me up early so I'm tired today, but it's nice knowing the sun will last longer at night.